Endurance Treadmills Observed a Huge Upliftment
of 185% in Conversions With the Help of Team Uplers.
Discover How.

About Endurance Treadmills

Founded in 2014, Endurance Treadmills has proved to be a boon for all the fitness freaks. They specialize in the sale and distribution of home and commercial treadmills.

Every person who needs to workout from home and save expensive gym fees, Endurance Treadmills has been their savior. It gives people encouragement to be in their best shape and achieve a healthy lifestyle at home. After a couple of decades in running and triathlons, Endurance Treadmills was born and sells high-quality bikes and treadmills. All of the products are designed and tested in Australia to the highest standards. They ship their exclusive products for free to all states on the eastern seaboard in Australia.

About Endurance Treadmills


Endurance Treadmills approached Team Uplers with a primary objective to increase online sales of treadmills and generate more revenue and ROAS. They wanted to improve these statistics through strategic paid marketing campaigns.

The Initial Problem

To achieve the targets of Endurance Treadmills, it was important to understand the basic foundation.

Initially, for 6 months (Apr’18 to Oct’18),
the following data was received from the
The Initial Problem

It was derived that due to the wrong tracking set up in the account, there were issues in recording the exact conversions, CPA, revenue, etc. The problems included:

  • Duplicate transactions were captured through the website conversion code inserted. Also, they were tracking transactions from both websites and Google Analytics. It was important to derive quality results over quantity ones.
  • Call duration was kept of 10 seconds, which is ideally not relevant to the business.
  • Location targeting was kept too broad and vague.
  • Keyword theming was also not properly set up and there were 80+ keywords added in one ad group, which affects the Quality Score of the keywords and fewer conversions in the account.

Endurance wanted to increase sales and generate more revenue for Treadmill products. Thus, Uplers proposed ROI-focused paid marketing service to fulfill its objective. Following were the challenges:

Mom Icon
To get unique transactions through Paid Search with an increase in the sales MoM.
Roas Icon
To generate more
revenue and ROAS.
CPA Icon
To improve the CPA
of the account.

The Solution

After precisely understanding the requirements of Endurance, Uplers was all set to work towards achieving their goals. To generate more conversions at low CPA and higher revenue and ROAS, the team recommended and applied the following actions:

  • Budget Icon

    Identifying the ways to invest the budget in a proper way, like allocating budget as per the performance of the campaign can actually make a difference, resulting in the cut down of unnecessary spending and increase on the performing ones to increase conversions and generate more revenue.

  • Target Icon

    Niche Targeting is very important, selecting specific locations for the business has helped us to reach relevant audiences. This helped to showcase the ads to relevant people and it increased the quality of leads.

  • Camp Icon

    Converted Shopping campaigns into following Smart Shopping campaigns, as there was enough historical data to test. This helped to maximize the conversion value and expand the reach of the account:

    Treadmills: As this is the main product, it was running in a separate campaign, and other products excluded.

    Exercise Bikes & Accessories: Another campaign created with the rest of the products on the website and Treadmills products excluded.

  • Ad Group Icon

    The categorization of products in different ad groups of particular campaigns is very important and helped to get better results.

  • Bidding Icon

    Correct use of bidding strategies like “Maximize Conversions” and “Maximize Clicks” once we have enough historical data helped to achieve the marketing goals.

  • Revenue Icon

    At the start phase of campaigns, the bid strategy used was “Maximize Clicks” to get maximum users to the website. Then, Uplers optimized the campaigns with regular search term analysis and bid adjustments wherever required. Furthermore, once enough data was received on the account, it was switched to “Maximize Conversions” to focus more on results and maximize the revenue of the account.

  • Earth Icon

    Optimization of campaigns at different levels like keyword, demographics, locations, ad copies, devices, and audiences on a weekly/monthly basis played a vital role in generating maximum results and more revenue at a given budget.

  • Key Icon

    Keyword theming done to improve the quality score of the keywords, thereby increasing the relevancy of the ads running resulting in minimum CPCs and generating maximum results.

  • Pin Icon

    Better tracking setup helped to look at things at a more granular level and make data-driven decisions to further enhance the performance of the campaigns.

Endurance Case Study Design
Endurance Case Study Design
Endurance Case Study Design

The Results

Once the duplicate transactions are removed from the initial period of the account, the difference in the number of conversions achieved in the last 6 months will have a higher impact on readers. Below are the results achieved in the last 6 months (Oct’19 to Mar’20):

Endurance Case Study Results
Due to the above solutions implemented in the account, a significant change was observed in the results of the account. Below are the changes observed (Last 6 months data vs Initial 6 months data):

Conversions have seen a huge upliftment of


CPA has significantly improved by


Revenue increased exceptionally by


ROAS of the account has increased significantly by

Below is the graphical representation of the metrics which have significantly improved in the last 6 months:
Endurance Case Study Graph
Endurance Case Study Metrics
Uplers have helped the brand to achieve the desired objective and continue to increase the online sales of Treadmills.

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