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Our Teams are creative, technical, smart, and focused email specialists. They work towards creating appealing emails and deploying them effectively, ensuring improved customer experience. They provide end-to-end email solutions and full-service email marketing including custom email templates, email campaign management, email automation, email program audit, ESP integrations, ESP migration, and much more. They are proficient at developing pixel perfect emails and setting it up in your email service provider or marketing automation platforms. From development to deliverability and deployment, they’ve got you covered with everything.

The Teams will complement your in-house team remotely and act as per your project and business requirements. They will be the key to faster and smoother execution of email marketing campaigns for you.

Dedicated Email Teams - Ways They Benefit

Enhanced Email Design

Enhanced Email Design

The Teams for email are specialists at coding and designing amazing email templates that look great and drive higher ROI. The Dedicated Teams take this on themselves to execute the emails flawlessly and increase the performance of your email campaigns.

Improve Email Rendering

Improved Email Rendering

The Teams understand the importance of providing a smooth experience to the clients. The Teams do an awesome job when it comes to rendering emails across all devices, screen sizes, operating systems, and across 40+ email clients.

Better Email Execution

Better Email Execution

Email execution is a cumbersome job and we all will agree to that. A flawless email campaign requires hours of investment. The Dedicated Teams take all the responsibility of successfully implementing and executing your email campaigns thereby giving you more time to focus on strategy and planning.

Personal and Customizable Approach

Personal and Customizable Approach

Email is transactional by nature and can be used to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales. Teams can strategize campaigns that help you in building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers because emails give a chance to speak directly to the prospects, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

Get A Reliable Team For Your Business

Dedicated Email Teams for
Startups, Agencies & Companies

Dedicated Teams are proving to be marketers’ first-choice when it comes to outsourcing a business’s needs. See how Dedicated Teams are a viable solution for the needs of startups agencies and companies.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
Email Startups Team Support


Startups and new businesses are continuously looking for ways to increase their business awareness and visibility amongst customers. The Dedicated Email Marketing Teams understand how crucial it is for new businesses to reach their target audience. The Email Teams help you build effective email templates that help you communicate with your early subscribers and turn them into loyal customers.



Agencies are at a constant lookout for enterprise-level solutions like powerful designs and customizations in email templates along with automation programs but at a lower cost. The Dedicated Email Teams are a perfect solution for this. The teams are qualified to deliver extensive email templates without having to spend anything extra over it.



Developing advanced email templates and applying integrations to them is not something that can be performed by anyone. Companies need someone who they can rely on for this. The Dedicated Email Marketing Teams have the deep technical knowledge and are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies to develop responsive email templates that are ROI-focused.

The Dedicated Email Teams - Area of Expertise

Email Coding

One of the most important parts of coding is consistency, which means coding in a uniform style across all emails. The teams develop a solid code foundation, which will help your email display correctly on different devices and email clients. It will enable teams to debug errors in the code efficiently. Through our well-managed email marketing services, Teams can conceptualize email designs and deliver result-driven email templates. We offer targeted email marketing services according to your preferences.

Email Template Design

The right design of email templates helps businesses to evoke a sense of interest within their target audience. It’s critical for the professional outlook as well as the value proposition of the company. The teams understand the importance of an engaging email template design and try to bring in a unique and creative approach in their email designs. They deliver email designs based on extensive market research and after analyzing the current trends in email marketing.

Email Template Production

The Dedicated Email Teams are coding freaks and are passionate about the development of each and every email template. The Teams strive to create and code conversion-driven email templates that help you reach your potential audience quickly. They deliver impeccable email templates supported by all major ESPs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and code emails compatible with 40+ email clients.

Email Operations Support

Looking after all the aspects of your email at once is not possible. The Dedicated Email Teams take the responsibility of all your email campaign management needs and work towards optimizing each and every element of your campaign. The Teams have years of experience and can take care of email automation, email program audit, data integration, and management.

Development of Digital Assets

Digital assets work like a charm for your email marketing campaigns. The Dedicated Email Teams are excellent at creating action-driven digital assets like landing pages and digital banners for you. They stay on top of all the latest trends. The Dedicated Teams also promise the fastest delivery time for email template production. You can count on them for excellence, innovation, competency, and timely delivery.

Resources We Provide in Email Marketing Teams


Email Designer
  • Campaign ideation
  • Design Eye-Catching Email Templates
  • Creative Suggestions
  • Multi-Channel Media Planning
Email Developer
  • Code & Develop Executed Email Creative
  • Develop Interactive Email Experiences
  • Responsiveness Optimization
  • Test & Resolve Coding Issues
  • Setup email templates in ESP & Marketing automation platform
  • Rendering Email Templates across all Email Clients
  • Testing for Functionality & Performance
Campaign Manager
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Compilation of Email Lists
  • Creating and Monitoring Email Campaigns
  • Tracking and Analysing Email Campaign Results
  • Securing Email Databases for Future Campaigns
Automation Expert (Salesforce/Marketo)
  • Setup & Execute Email & Marketing Automation Programs
  • Look into Data Hygiene & Data Validation
  • Set up & Manage Scheduling, Testing & Deployment
  • Set up A/B & Multivariate Testing of campaigns

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

DescriptionSkilledExperiencedExperienced (Framework)Expert
Experience in basic Email HTML/CSS
Ability to build responsive Email HTML
Error-free commented code build, with best email practices
Experience in using EOA & Litmus for Rendering test
Understanding of DIY ESP - MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, etc. to set up the templates & Host images on ESP
Ability to build editable templates (re-usable) in DIY ESP (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.)
Ability to build CAN-SPAM compliant email templates in the ESP
Ability to build 1-2 email templates on a daily basis
Hands-on experience to build email templates in both DIY (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, etc.) and Enterprise ESP (SFMC, Marketo, Responsys, etc.)
Experience in building 500 + email templates for different clients
Ability to build Master Templates (Modular templates) in DIY & Enterprise ESP
Awareness to implement Tracking parameters to links (UTM - Tracking/Google Analytics Tracking)
Experience in building dynamic transactional email templates (E-Commerce templates) both in ESP & E-Commerce store (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento)
Ability to identify & provide out of box solution to make complex design render well across the majority of email clients
Ability to build 1 to 3 email templates on a daily basis
Ability to debug self-created & other templates & provide recommendations on the best approach
Create and test emails for various audiences
Participate in quality assurance testing and monitor tools to maintain and improve quality standards
Ability to manage multiple priorities while managing urgent deadlines
Partner and collaborate with other members of the production/operations team to ensure knowledge sharing and process efficiencies
Hands-on experience to build email templates using frameworks (MJML, Zurb)
Ability to learn new framework & implement the same within a short time frame
Experience in extensive QA of email templates on EOA, Litmus & manual testing on devices (Email clients)
Capability to build conditional content blocks/email sections (If & else conditioning) in DIY ESP
Experience in building email templates for 100+ clients across different industry and multiple regions
Experience to build email templates in multiple languages (localization)
Experience in leading a team of experienced email developers
Awareness of scripting languages like AMPScript, Velocity Scripting, etc
Hands-on experience to build to 1000+ email templates on both DIY & Enterprise ESP
Ability to create landing pages using existing blocks or modules
Experience in making updates or changes to already built landing pages
Ability to review the existing template code & run an audit on all the existing templates & provides suggestions & best practices to follow
Awareness on using Landing page builders like Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages, etc. (Would be able to built landing pages using existing blocks or already created modules and not custom HTML)
Ability to debug & provide solutions to technical challenges in a short frame of time
Knowledge on providing suggestions regarding new content blocks/email modules for future campaigns
Create and deploy emails and email campaigns for various audiences
Track and report on email campaigns to optimize delivery
Provide ad-hoc reports and analysis as required

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Reasons to Choose Uplers for Dedicated Email Marketing Teams

  • Technical Expertise

    Applying integrations and getting everything configured correctly requires a certain set of skills and technical knowledge. The Email Teams are certified specialists in all leading ESPs and possess technical expertise for coding, developing, testing, reviewing, tracking, and optimizations.

    The Email Teams at Uplers have 150+ email experts with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

  • Error-Free Execution

    The Dedicated Email Teams are super-efficient at what they do. Having a keen eye for bugs, they are specialists at problem-solving and can be easily relied upon. They follow a process-oriented approach to check and test your campaign for maximum compatibility.

    The Email Teams at Uplers successfully code 3000+ templates each month with an accuracy rate of 99.8%.

  • Innovations & Insights

    The Dedicated Email Marketing Teams bring onboard innovations in design and development to facilitate greater engagement with your audience and to help you capture leads that will benefit your overall digital strategy. The teams are a pro at developing interactive and promotional emails, writing AMP scripts with dynamic content, bespoke design, flexible templates, and personalization.

    The Email Teams at Uplers code test across 40+ email clients to guarantee cross-device compatibility.