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Building the Right Marketing Automation Teams

As per the stats, Marketing Automation reduces marketing overhead by 12.2% and leads to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. With no doubt, automation helps lead to better marketing and sales alignment, resulting in more conversions and a higher ROI. Our Teams have the technical knowledge of the complex configurations of the platforms and know the tricks of building solutions that give higher quality sales-ready leads. So join hands with our Dedicated Teams and bring in the DNA of technology solutions into your business.

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Our Dedicated Marketing Automation Teams

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Teams

The Teams are perfectly skilled and expert in handling the complex ecosystem of the Salesforce Automation platform and execute campaigns tactfully in order to ensure that they work for you and generate the desired leads.

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Marketo Teams

The Teams work on digital campaigns, optimize it based on the analytics data, and ensure that they reach the desired target audience, leading to better outcomes for the Sales Teams.

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Benefits of Setting-Up Dedicated
Marketing Automation Teams

Focused Monitoring of Digital Campaigns

Focused Monitoring of Digital

When it’s about running digital campaigns, an extra level of focus and dedication is needed to be given to marketing automation. It helps optimize the campaigns as per data and customer-behavior, reach the right target audience, nurture the potential leads, and obtain the desired outcome. The Teams put-in 100% focused efforts in making the digital campaigns well-optimized for the desired target audience and monitor their performance from time-to-time for better results.

Rightful Skill Mapping

Rightful Skill Mapping

Marketing Automation is a very complex domain. Many agencies, as well as companies, find it hard to get an expert local talent in this domain. The Dedicated Teams model helps find the right talent with the needed skills and capabilities, ensuring the right work matches the right skill.

Scalable Operations

Scalable Operations

With Dedicated Teams, you have the scope and flexibility to have support from the expert Teams as per your time and requirement. You can anytime scale up and down, without any major hamper to the workflow and business.

Refines Marketing Processes

Refines Marketing Processes

Teams help to refine the existing marketing processes and make it more streamlined and productive. As per the stats, good and effective marketing automation processes can boost conversions by 6x times and can higher sales win rates.

Industries Served

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverages
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare

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What works will be performed by the Dedicated Marketing Automation Teams?

The Teams will work mainly on the automation tasks that include auditing the content, analyzing the data, optimizing the campaigns as per the data, monitoring the performance of the digital campaigns, etc. They will be doing everything that is a part of the execution. They will not be strategizing or planning the campaigns, instead, they will be optimizing it as per their expert understanding and data analysis report.

Can the Dedicated Marketing Automation Teams work for other digital campaign creation and optimization tasks?

No. The Teams will be mainly responsible for handling the tasks involved related to the automation platform. They are not meant to set-up digital campaigns or strategize for it. Also, they are the technical people who work more based on data and insights from the tools and technologies they use and may not be the right people for campaign creation or any other paid marketing task. You may hire Dedicated SEM Teams in that case.