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The more you refer, the more you earn!

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The Best People Bring in
the Best People!

Our employee referral program is all about lead by example. Being a part of the Uplers family, you are a first-hand witness to the work culture and the philosophy that drives us.

We trust you the most for helping us find individuals with the utmost passion for working and will be the right-fit for Uplers.

Best People
turn goals into reality

Turn Goals into Reality

There is no one that understands our goals better than you. At the same, you are well aware of the goals and requirements of a candidate in your network. Turn someone’s goals into reality by helping them join hands with us.

Every Resume Matters

Every Resume Matters

In case you refer a candidate for a position for which we are no longer hiring, we reserve the candidate’s resume for future hirings or forward the candidate’s resume to other managers in different departments.

Value-Driven Organization

Value-Driven Organization

There is no doubt about the fact that you understand our values like no one else. For this reason, we believe that you can best evaluate if the candidate has the ability to fit in our company culture and embrace our values.

The Decision Makers

Our People - The Decision Makers

We trust our people to get like-minded individuals into the organization who they believe will understand our work philosophy and be the right fit for our team.

A Shared Workplace is the Best Workplace!

Have a look at the experience of the referrals and referees at Uplers.

We’re Honored to Share How the Uplers Family Has Helped Us Grow!

The Uplers family is growing every day and how! With the support of our people, we have achieved remarkable growth over the years. We thank you for bringing the best talent into the Uplers family.

Here’s a glimpse of the growth of the successfully converted referrals at Uplers.







How It Works

  • 1. Ready to refer? Browse through all the open positions on our career page and the internal mailers sent to you.
  • 2. Fill up the referral form or send an email to referrals@uplers.in.
  • 3. Say hello to our member from the Talent Acquisition team, who will get in touch with you regarding the referral and also contact the candidate referred by you.
  • 4. Members from the Talent Acquisition team go ahead with the interview process and keep you in the loop about all the developments with the referral.
  • 5. We are grateful to have your contribution in helping us grow by referring great talent. For every successful referral, you will receive a payout within a timeframe of 45 days.

Who Can Refer?

Employees   |   Ex-Employees

Designation Level
Trainee to Middle Level
Senior to Lead Level
Manager Level & Above
Referral Amount - INR

We also have special referral bonuses for certain elite positions. Check out the open positions, refer the right network for the right positions, and redeem your reward.

How to Become Pro at Referrals

Employee referrals work as a win-win for each party involved. You get the chance to bring your network to work and also earn some added remuneration along the way, while we get the opportunity to onboard talent you trust.

You can leverage the employee referral program in the following ways:-


Check out the open positions on our website and find people in your network who you think would be the right fit for the role.


A little creativity always pays off. Design a simple yet powerful creative on Canva with the required open position and post it on your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.


The good old word-of-mouth chain never disappoints. Create a buzz around the open positions required amongst your peers and family and help us onboard talent by making referrals.

P.S - Here’s a secret that we’d like to share. At Uplers, we give first priority and preference to submissions made via referrals than direct applicants. We trust in the power of our people and believe they will bring in individuals who will be the best fit for our organization.

We trust you more than anyone else.
Make an impact by referring great talent at Uplers!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment policy?

You will receive the payout amount in 45 days from the day of the referred candidate’s joining.

I know a potential candidate. How do I refer?

You can make your referral by getting in touch with any member of the Talent Acquisition team and fill out the referral form as per their instructions.

How will I know if the candidate I referred to has been selected or not?

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