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Access to India’s largest Talent Network
of Designers

100s of clients hired

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Skilled Designers who have
worked for Google, Facebook,
Amazon and more

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Top Profiles

profile 1

Rahul Dhangar

  • He is passionate about data-driven marketing approaches and Web Analytics. He has 6+ years of experience.

Why is he looking for a change?

  • Better pay
  • Looking for career enhancement

*He loves gardening and spends his weekends in growing herbs and vegetables

profile 2

Harmandeep Singh

  • Through innovative techniques, he is skilled in providing strategic leadership of short-term and long-term goals. He has 8+ years of experience.

Why is he looking for a change?

  • Looking for better pay.
  • Desire to work in a diverse culture Globally/ in USA based organization

*Love cooking and baking new dishes.

profile 3

Nabil Ahmad

  • He specializes in HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and semantic coding practices. He has 8+ years of experience.

Why is he looking for a change?

  • Wish to work for an innovative company that allows its employees to thrive.
  • Looking for a higher pay

*Love playing musical instruments like guitar and piano.

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The Decision-makers that trust
us when it comes to hiring from India

and more.

Industries who have recently hired

IT/Tech companies
Financial Services
Real Estate

What to expect when you hire
from Uplers?


5-day hiring process


Only the top 3.5% Designers


No recruitment fees or any commission whatsoever


2 weeks no risk trial


No obligation interviews


30-days replacement


Easy cancellation


2x Retention Rate


Available in US timezone


Remote-ready talents

Exclusive support through
Uplers talent success coach

  • Assistance to manage designers
  • Guidance on how to keep Indians motivated, encouraged and driven
  • Ongoing tips to build relationship with Indian designers
  • Regular reminders of Indian festivals, important dates to wish and celebrate cultural inclusivity in your team


What is Uplers?

Uplers is a tech hiring platform that allows companies around the world to hire the top remote Indian talents.

What is Uplers Talent Network?

We have built India’s largest talent network of top professionals, who are vetted and available to be hired by international brands across the globe.

Who can use this platform?

Our majority of the clients are based out of the United States, United Kingdom & Australia. These are tech-giants, start-ups from various industries.

Perhaps, this platform is for everyone who is looking to hire top Indian talents remotely.

Which talents are available on this platform?

Web developers, Digital marketers, designers, Software engineers, App developers and all the other roles that tech-industry requires and hires.

What’s different about these talents from Uplers?

They are pre-vetted. It means that every candidate that you interview has excellent communication skills and are technically the best that you can get from India.

They get certified through our talent network, which has a rigorous vetting process and only the top 3.5% make it to our platform. So you only interview the best.

How can I hire faster?

You raise a hiring request on our platform, we’ll match the top profiles with your job description within hours and will share the available profiles in the next couple of days. Then it's totally upto you, how quickly you want to interview, draw an offer and onboard the talent. We have an average time to fill a position of 7 days, against the benchmark of 42 days through traditional recruitment methods within the United States.

How can I save on hirings?

When you hire from Uplers platform, there’s no recruitment fees or any commission whatsoever for recruitment.

On top of it, you by-default save on an average 40% when you hire from India against the local salaries in the United States.

How can I hire more efficiently?

Every talent is pre-vetted and matched against the Job description that you provide. This reduces down the guesswork / intuitions and increases the chances of right-hire drastically, without the needs of a technical recruiter.

How can I hire multiple talents in a short period?

Uplers platform has 50,000+ talents, hence when you raise 50 hiring requests all at once, each and every request is matched at the same time, without waiting for the first one to be closed.

Will the talent work in the US time zone?

Our talent network has talents who are flexible to work in multiple time zones, hence based on your preference only those talents would be matched which would be available to work in your timezone.

Can I assess the talent on my own?

Absolutely, you can share the test link or the way you would like to assess the talent. Our team would get your shortlisted talent to take the assessment accordingly.

What if I am unhappy with my talent’s performance?

Uplers will help you with the replacement or you can cancel the agreement with a 30-days notice period, just like any other employee of yours.

What if I don’t want my team members anymore?

You can cancel the agreement with a 30-days notice period at any given time. Giving your team member enough time to find another job opportunity.

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