Please have a look at the holiday calendar of Uplers for the year of 2021.
Makar SankrantiThursday14th January 2021
DhuletiMonday29th March 2021
DiwaliThursday04th November 2021
Indian New YearFriday05th November 2021
Yearend*Monday27th December 2021
Yearend*Tuesday28th December 2021
Yearend*Wednesday29th December 2021
Yearend*Thursday30th December 2021
Yearend*Friday31th December 2021
New YearSaturday01th January 2022

*Holidays are subject to change for the Dedicated Team members. We are open to making changes for the listed holidays as per the prior informed business needs of the client and needs to be communicated to the respective account manager and talent availability.

Uplers Leave Policy

In addition to the above listed holidays, the following are the available leaves for the people of Uplers for the duration of April 2021- March 2022.

    Privileged Leave(PL)

  • 15 days of Privileged Leave
  • PL for 5 days or more should be applied and approved at least one month before; PL for 2 to 4 days should be applied and approved at least 2 weeks before; while PL for 1 day should be applied and approved at least 1 week before.

    Casual Leave(CL)

  • 3 days of Casual Leave

    Sick Leave(SL)

  • 6 days of Sick Leave

    Compensatory Off(CO)

  • Compensatory Off is provided against working on holidays (Week off/Public holidays).

Points To Be Noted:

  • The approval of the above-stated leaves for the Dedicated Team members is subject to the Dedicated Teams’ terms and conditions.
  • In case of any doubts/queries, feel free to write to us at hello@uplers.com or get in touch with the respective Account Managers.