Warm-up To Gain Knowledge

Don’t count on a single source for all of your PPC insights. For the best results, consume a balanced diet of information and advice – take instructions from Google, introductory books, blogs and qualified PPC mentors.


Follow the teachings of mentors and thought-leaders, such as..

Set Realistic Goals

Before you kick start your ad campaign, determine the specific outcomes that you hope to achieve and using the lessons that you learned during your warm-up, think about the best ways to realise your objectives.

Networking Strategy: Think Big

To succeed in PPC industry,
you have to participate in industry
conversations and stay actively informed
of emerging trends and developments.

PPC Updates

Pay close attention to your actual site’s PPC updates. The industry is changing all the time – stay one step ahead of new developments.

LinkedIn Groups

Participate in dynamic PPC and AdWords oriented discussion groups to develop your understanding of industry happenings. Share your doubts and observations, seek clarification of ambiguous topics, and find out how to make PPC work best for your brand.

Online Forums

Follow the online conversation about industry trends and events. Observe various views on the topics that affect your campaign. For optimum PPC fitness, implement tried and tested best practices.

Commit To A Consistent Exercise Schedule

Monday arrow

Devise Campaign Structure


Organise your campaign to mirror your website. The following table is an ideal structure.

  • Account
  • Furniture Store
  • Campaign
  • Tables
  • Campaign
  • Beds
  • Ad group
  • Coffee tables
  • Ad group
  • Dining tables
  • Ad group
  • Sofa beds
  • Ad group
  • King size beds
  • Ads
  • Ad1
  • Ad2
  • Ads
  • Ad1
  • Ad2
  • Ads
  • Ad1
  • Ad2
  • Ads
  • Ad1
  • Ad2

Create separate campaigns for multi-region advertising.


Use AdWords Editor to manage your campaigns. With this approach, you can:

  • Monitor changes easily.
  • Have better control over budgets and costs.
  • Locate specific keywords quickly.
  • Manage and edit your campaigns easily.
  • Determine which ads create optimal conversions and traffic.
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    Research > Write > Extend

    Before implementing any campaign, keyword research is a best practice. Spend some time researching keywords to identify effective brand keywords, generic keywords, competitor keywords and related keywords. Google Keyword Planner is a handy research tool.

    Be creative when writing PPC ads – keep it sharp, snappy and compelling. Implement different keywords and familiarise yourself with reviews and analytics of clicks to ensure that your PPC copy is top notch.

    These days, Google provides so many AdWords extensions to boost ad copy with richer information about your business. Use these extensions creatively to get more clicks.

  • wednesday arrow

    Conversion tracking set-up

    With AdWords conversion tracking, you can get a clear impression of how your ad clicks lead to valuable customer activity, such as purchases, phone calls, app downloads, and newsletter subscriptions. The setup process varies, depending on what type of conversion you’re tracking. Once you know which conversion source is of most interest to you, check Google support for step-by-step set-up instructions.

  • thursday arrow

    Campaign Optimisation

    Don’t take any unnecessary chances with your PPC campaign – make sure that it is optimised and tailored to achieve your desired workout goals. At this stage, you might wish to revisit your ‘Keep-it-Real’ checklist to ensure that your campaign is built to perform. Make sure that it check all the boxes and is capable of doing the heavy lifting that you need for PPC success.

  • Friday arrow


    Re-marketing helps you reconnect with people who visited your website or used your app in the past. Previous visitors and users are shown your ads as they search for terms related to your products or services on Google, or as they browse websites that belong to the Google Display Network.

    To get things moving with re-marketing, add the re-marketing tag to your website or app, create remarketing lists and build remarketing campaigns that refer to your lists. If used strategically, re-marketing will help to build your brand’s visibility.

  • saturday arrow

    Light exercise

    Saturday is the ‘yoga day’ of your weekly workout schedule. After doing the heavier endurance building and cardio groundwork through the week, spend time monitoring your social updates and getting in touch with your professional networks to stay across industry news. Make Saturday your maintenance day – after a week of intense exercise, today is the day to reflect on what has passed and plan for what is to come.

  • Sunday arrow

    Switch Off

    Every training schedule needs some scheduled downtime, so set aside Sunday as your day of rest. Think of Sunday as a digital Sabbath – a chance to give those hardworking PPC muscles a break.

PPC Workout Dos & Don’ts

The Decent Dos
The Dirty Don’ts

Raising The Bar

Continued learning, self-assessment and self-improvement is the best way to ensure that your workout stays fresh and your PPC fitness doesn’t plateau. Ongoing self-evaluation helps you stay on the right path towards PPC success. Google exams offer a convenient SWAT analysis to test your knowledge and measure your PPC expertise.

AdWords Certifications

To become AdWords certified, you must pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the following: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising. Once you obtain AdWords certification, your company is one step closer to earning the coveted Google Partners badge.

Extra Activities to Compliment Your PPC Workout


Any reputable PPC trainer will advise you to do regular laps of the annual AdWords Conferences and Award Ceremonies. Swimming is a low-impact activity but, as you swim about the various industry events, it will have a big positive impact on your career.


Go for a spin in some AdWords competitions – the experience and industry exposure will strengthen your legs, build confidence and boost your credibility (if you win).

Walking and Running

Walk straight into one of many nearby industry meet-ups and flex your PPC knowhow with like-minded people. Or run along to local PPC industry events to expand your network and improve your PPC fitness.

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Once you incorporate all of these tips and exercise into your daily routine, you will beef up your expertise to become an Australian PPC heavyweight in no time.