Kevin Oskow

Father, Hiker, Guitarist, and a
True San Diegan

About Me

A consummate marketer and a confident leader, I have over dozen years of experience in search, design, development and digital marketing. I have helped hundreds of businesses and agencies grow their business while enabling them to meet the needs of their stakeholders and clients.

Fields of Expertise

With 20 years experience in SEO and PPC implementation, I understand the tools and methods that really work.
Being a designer for over 25 years, my creative direction and design strategies focus on user experience and the “wow” factor.
Having managed hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks, I take pride in keeping projects on track and in budget.
Digital Marketing
I am a marketer at heart, and my approach towards marketing is researched, human focused and result-oriented.

From a Client To VP, Client Success

Challenges Faced as an Agency Owner
Before coming on board with Uplers, I as an agency owner faced challenges like project overflow, unachievable deadlines, and resource allocation concerns.
Hiring Uplers
When I started outsourcing I faced challenges with reliability, poor attention to detail, and sub-par communication. Then I hired Uplers, and instantly those outsourcing challenges disappeared.
3 Years of Partnership
Uplers, as a one-stop outsourcing partner, impressed me with their project ownership, high quality results and seemingly unlimited resources.
Onboard with Uplers
My perception of outsourcing changed completely with Uplers and my interest in helping other agency owners leverage the true power of outsourcing motivated me to join Uplers.
Rising as an Agency Growth Partner
I started working with Uplers in 2018, with an aim to become your distinguished, one-stop Agency Growth Partner.

How I Can Help Your Agency?

  • Meeting Scalability Requirements

    Let me help you scale your business by identifying opportunities where you can take advantage of our resources and increase your margins.

  • Analysing the Outsourcing Requirements

    Let me analyze your outsourcing requirements so we can build a team of experts to handle the execution, while you focus on strategy.

  • Choosing the Right Experts

    Let me help you choose the right processes which easily fold into your workflow, making management of your outsourcing team a breeze.

  • Making a Custom Budget

    Standard packages are old school. Let me help you organize a custom budget, with margins that actually help you grow your agency.

  • Let’s work together

Way to Meet Me

Grow your Agency with a Team of Awesome Resources.