A Remarkable Merger, for Remarkable Services

It’s time to bring our family of digital brands together under one roof. Experience the magic of new beginnings, with Uplers.

Welcome to Uplers - The coming together of delightful digital talent, dedicated to delivering.

We are thrilled to announce that we have merged all our digital brands under one roof, to ensure we can continue to offer you leading-edge, truly agile expertise with powerful synergies, enhanced experiences, expanded digital services and an even stronger determination to deliver delight on every single project.

You may not have known that EmailMonks, WebbyMonks and Octos were owned by the same group but you will notice the big benefits of this merger.

In particular, we believe that the coming together of these brands onto a single scaffold will redefine the strength of marketing strategy we’re able to deliver and take our easily accessible, truly end-to-end integrated services to a whole new level.

Why we merged

Above all else, this merger aligns the strengths of each brand and enables us to provide enhanced support to our clients, with a progressively holistic approach and a truly comprehensive portfolio of services.

So it doesn’t matter what time zone or where in the world your business sits, there’s no barrier to stop Uplers delivering reliable real-time support, round the clock.

Meet the marvellous brands behind this amazing merger.

EmailMonks specializes in email production services, including end-to-end campaign management and email automation. With 150+ email experts creating 3000+ templates each month, you know you can rely on impeccable emails designed, coded and delivered. EmailMonks specializes in 50+ ESPs and has certified “gurus” in Mailchimp, Salesforce and Marketo to name just a few. More than 5000 clients implicitly trust our experts with their email production, automation and campaign management.

WebbyMonks specializes in web development - with 120+ web experts delivering over 150 websites every month, supporting 500+ clients and digital agencies. To ensure we can provide our clients with truly leading-edge services, our client success team resides in San Diego, California – the beating heart of digital.

Octos has massive expertise in digital marketing that includes SEO, SEM, social media, web development and analytics. We’re a “premier” Google partner with a team of 100+ digital marketing experts who manage a spend of around $15m. Our expertise spans the world, including an on-site team in Australia to ensure firm focus on our clients’ strategies and delivering campaign success “down under”.

Driven by continual enhancement to our clients’ experience.

The striking feature of the Uplers merger is the enhancement to the strength of our client services team. You will now have just one single point of contact across the entire suite of our digital services, which itself has grown significantly as a direct result of the merger. Uplers' core focus on delivering the very best to our clients with non-negotiable service excellence remains the same.

The merger that delivers a dramatic boost to expertise & global presence.


Dedicated professionals under one roof


Clients across 52 countries


International offices in Australia, USA, and The Netherlands


Domestic offices at Ahmedabad and Pune in India