How we got 105,944 people to request driving directions in 360 days

the goals

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Increase sales in all 16 Australian locations

the approach

  • Develop a local SEO strategy in collaboration with the Ribs & Burgers team, designed to achieve their goals of brand awareness and increased sales
  • Conduct a content audit of their local restaurant listings, and find geographically relevant keywords to optimise these pages
  • List the brand on all reputable local online restaurant directories in Australia
  • Link all branded location pages within Google analytics to track traffic and activity
  • Manage and optimise the campaign over the course of a 10-month period

the results

  • 1,188

    customers picked up orders from in stores

  • 1,414

    users subscribed to the newsletter

  • 30,100

    people contacted the business

  • 3,527

    orders placed from local online directories such as Yelp, True local, Hotfrog and Start local

  • 28%

    increase in unique website visitors

  • 105,944

    people requested driving directions to Ribs & Burgers venues across all Australian locations

Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers wanted to promote and increase sales in all of their 16 locations spread across Australia.

The main problem was that Ribs & Burgers had become a well-known brand but when it came to the sales they were falling short of their monthly targets. After digging a little deeper into the issue, it became obvious that whilst brand recognition was strong for this restaurant brand, there was a lack of its geographically-specific awareness amongst consumers. In simple words, people weren't aware of their nearby Ribs & Burgers restaurant layouts.

To tackle this gap between brand recognition and sales, we chose to focus on the Ribs & Burgers’ local online presence. The reason we took this approach, was to make more people aware of the Ribs & Burgers restaurants in their local areas.

Campaign Results

Thanks to the close working relationship between Ribs & Burgers and Uplers, the partnership produced above average results and exceeded the brand’s expectations.

The local SEO campaign we ran for Ribs & Burgers attracted over 2 million unique visitors to their website, which is a significant increase of 28% in just 10 months.

30,100 people enquired with “Calls” and “Contact Us” form

The power of a local SEO strategy is that it targets geographically-specific customers who live near a venue, and are actively seeking what a restaurant has to offer.

By using a targeted keyword-strategy that was focused on locally driven search intent, we were able to generate over 30,000+ direct calls and contact form submissions for Ribs & Burgers on their website during this campaign.

Over 100,000 people requested directions to store locations via Google Maps

During this 10-month campaign, a whopping 105,000+ people requested driving directions to Ribs & Burgers venues across all 16 Australian locations, via Google Maps.

Google rankings before and after this campaign

On top of an impressive number of contact form enquiries, our targeted keyword research and local SEO optimisation helped Ribs & Burgers significantly improve their Google search rankings for a number of very important search phrases.

Here is an overview of some of the most notable before and after rankings:

Google Ranking
Ribs restaurant201
Burgers neutral bay181
Burgers chatswood181
Burgers perthNot ranking1
Burgers sydneyNot ranking2
Ribs sydneyNot ranking1
Takeaway ribsNot ranking2

What’s next for Ribs & Burgers?

Based on the success of this SEO campaign, the Uplers team is working together with Ribs & Burgers on the second phase of delivery that is focused on driving significant traffic to their website, and measuring the direct impact of that traffic on sales.

Through open communication and a truly collaborative partnership, as well as important expertise in local SEO optimisation for restaurants, we have been able to deliver outstanding business outcomes for Ribs & Burgers.

Adam Issa

Ribs & Burgers

Our main objective at Ribs & Burgers was to enhance our organic search visibility and Uplers truly delivered great results. They worked diligently on our campaigns and strategically optimised our web listings, which ultimately increased our user engagement. They took the time to understand our objectives and put dynamic strategies in place, which became fruitful for the brand. Above all Uplers kept us up-to-date with everything that was happening throughout the entire process. There is no doubt that Uplers is a leading agency for SEO in Australia, and I truly recommend them.