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Front-end Developers for
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We have deciphered the hiring process making it more transparent and convenient. Through our Hand-picked and Pre-vetted processes, we provide talent to meet your business’s exclusive needs.

Our hiring process is not just easy but a value-for-
money too. We match you with the right-fits.

  • Zero Hiring Cost
  • No Interview Procedures
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Australia’s Leading Digital Marketing Service Provider

Our Remote Teams helped JXT build 500+ Websites in 5 years

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A Finance app for sole traders to add their customers and take automated follow-ups

Our Remote Teams Turned a Business Idea into Reality

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One of the largest UK distributors of telecommunication products and services

Our Remote Teams helped Elite Mobile in Expanding their Business

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Our Customers think we are an Excellent
Outsourcing Partner

We are rated 4.9 out of 5

Based on 67 Reviews

AUG 28, 2020

"They provided great communication and regular updates. They were helpful and has a professional style of management."

Jane Seymour
AUG 26, 2020

"Everyone works really hard and always does their best to deliver on tasks."

Maxime Mauelshagen
AUG 25, 2020

"I was impressed by the very high standard of communication and customer care."

Cian Feehan
AUG 28, 2020

"They provided great communication and regular updates. They were helpful and has a professional style of management."

Uplers Hiring Process of Remote Front-end Developers

  • 1

    Understand your business requirements, end goal and technology stack.

  • 2

    Screen our talent pool of resources to find a perfect match within 24 hours.

  • 3

    NDAs and Legal documents are exchanged and signed.

  • 4

    Your new team member/s starts working for you.

Why Choose Uplers?

  • Strict NDA

    We follow well-documented and strict NDA norms to protect your data confidentiality and intellectual project.

    Best of Both Worlds

    We help clients leverage international standard work at affordable rates.

    Favourable, Affordable and Versatile

    Well-facilitated with the latest development resources, we ensure a productive working environment.

  • 100+ Remote Developers

    We hold the accountability of our team of remote developers and allow you to scale on demand.

    Zero Hiring Costs

    There are no hidden charges for the hiring. You pay only for the resources you hire.

    Quick Turnaround Time

    Our team meets urgent delivery requirements with our quick deliverables and minimum TAT without compromising quality.

  • Quick Response

    Each client gets a single point of contact who makes up for quick response on call, chat and email platforms.

    Global Client Base

    We have a huge experience of serving over 7000+ clients across the globe including B2B and B2C clients.

    Seamless Project Management

    We offer web developers with a project manager to help you make management seamless. One can also opt for self-managed teams.

Get Started

Talk with our experts about your needs and get an exclusive consultation - ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Pricing Package

Hire talents & skills as per your needs. We have defined our Front-end Developers under 3 categories


Technically sound, quick, task-driven.

$2,500 monthly
  • When is this the right fit?
  • When you know what you need, and how you need it.


Deeply technical, suggestive, problem solver, process-driven.

$3,000 monthly
  • When is this the right fit?
  • When you know what you need.


Technical strategist, solution finder, results-driven.

$4,500 monthly
  • When is this the right fit?
  • When you only know that you need a Remote Front-end Developer/s.
You can also hire Remote Front-end Developers on an hourly basis. It starts from $25/hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you must have many questions in mind, however, here listing some common questions
we encounter quite often.

Why should I choose Uplers?

What you look for in an operational partner are reliability and expertise. That’s exactly what Uplers gives you. With over 7 years of experience, a team of over 500 marketers and developers, and 7000 global clients, we have helped various organizations achieve their goals, scale their operations and provide their business with an edge over the others in the market.

How is Uplers different?

What makes us unique is our army of in-house talent who when together can help you with any of your business needs. Uplers is the one-stop-shop for anything that you may ever require. From Digital Marketing to Development or Design, our in-house specialists are capable of providing all the solutions under one roof. We work with a sense of clarity & transparency. We know what we can do best and say no to everything else.

What is the biggest benefit of working with Uplers dedicated teams?

Our talent has bountiful knowledge and brings on board years of experience and understanding. They are problem solvers and go-getters. Working with our dedicated teams helps you focus on growing your business. We help you save time from the hassles of recruitment, retention, and training, by taking the responsibility of the day-to-day tasks off your shoulder. Uplers teams will work as an extension to your in-house team.