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Job Description

Are you an experienced IOS Developer who loves IOS programming? Uplers Talent Network has something for you!

Uplers is inviting IOS Developers with extensive experience of 5+ years to join our Talent Network. With career changing opportunities, we desire IOS Developers who can design,develop and maintain web applications for the IOS platform.

Uplers constantly strives to bring ample opportunities through its network for professionals. We believe remarkable talent, enthusiasm, and creative thinking add up to great work.

If you think you’re the one with a strong desire to become an expert in your industry and work internationally, Uplers Talent Network is the platform for you!

  • location
    Location : Permanently remote, India
  • experience
    Experience : 3 - 5 years
  • working hours
    Working Hours : 8 hours per day (5 days/week)
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Uplift with Uplers

We are proud to say that each day at Uplers is about its people.

As an individual, It's up to you to take control of your career and look for chances to grow professionally. Helping you find what's next is what we're all about. We are aware of what's happening in the changing workplace and hence, we are here to help you.

Uplers is passionate about connecting India's top talents with best companies globally through our Talent Network. We are a platform for people who want an opportunity to showcase their talent and be recognised for it.

Let's talk about Uplers Talent Solutions

Uplers Talent Network is a place where great talents meet the right opportunities. Our talent network is a large ecosystem of top Indian talents who can benefit from one another and gain access to many contractual global opportunities.

With us, you will get the support, guidance, and opportunities you need to take your career to the next level. So, get ready to get the best ride of your career growth with Uplers Talent Network!

Perks of joining Uplers Talent Network:
  • Payout: Take a long stride, get paid in global currencies, and earn more than industry standards.
  • Opportunity: Work with international companies and clients, and get your next career growth opportunity to build your future.
  • Projects: You will be ensured global exposure and learnings with our exciting global projects.
  • Talent Success Coach: Get connected with a dedicated coach to guide you before, during as well as after your assignment with our clients.
  • Projects: Get ensured global exposure and learnings with our exciting international projects.
  • Mobility: Work from the comfort of your living room couch or a breezy beach.

How to become a part of our Talent Network?

Fill the application form
Clear the 3 stage assessment process
Become a Uplers Certified Talent
About the profile
  • If you are an IOS Developer with 5+ years of experience and believe you can be in India’s top 3.5% of IOS Developers, we invite you to go through the requirements below and take at least 3 skills assessments to get into our Talent Network.
  • The more successful assessments you add to your profile, the better would be your chances of being a part of our Talent Network.
  • 5+ Years of Total Experience in iOS Programming
  • Strong knowledge of iOS frameworks and proficiency in Objective-C
  • Understanding of Mobile programming languages such as Swift 4.0, Objective-C or Cocoa Touch
  • Experience working with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation
  • Experience working with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Animation In-depth knowledge of native iOS development frameworks (API, testing, deployment, etc)
  • Familiarity with push notifications and cloud message APIs. Ability to evaluate new technology to optimise application development
  • Ability to connect iOS apps to back-end service
  • Strong understanding of UX UI standards. Strong knowledge of Apple Design and Interface principles
  • Strong understanding of the iOS mobile app development cycle
  • Need to have proficiency in iOS app designer with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Should have adequate knowledge of iOS patterns and practices Responsibilities Design and create high-level iOS applications for mobile devices. Use core data core animation for the iOS framework
  • Monitor the performance of apps and make improvements as required
  • Identify and fix bugs. Write and maintain codes
  • Research continuously and acquire the latest technologies for maximum efficiency
  • Xamarin framework and forms experience is a plus