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Mohit Navhal

Having worked as a freelancer for the major part of his career, Mohit loved the freedom and flexibility it offered but yearned for something more long-term where he could take complete ownership and contribute to the bigger picture.

Rohit Saluja

Rohit felt that long commutes were a drain on the time and energy and wished for a role that allowed him the freedom from tiring commutes as well as offered him the time and energy to spend time with his loved ones.

Om Bharti

An SEO professional from Delhi, Om was sick and tired of long daily commutes to office that sucked his life and energy. Check out how Uplers acted as a catalyst in transforming his professional life and made his remote work dream a reality.

Hear from the hundreds of tech professionals who found their dream jobs. If they can do it, so can you!

Charu Sharma
Paid Search Analyst

Tired of working long hours in the advertising field, Charu yearned for some respite from her super busy and hectic schedule.

Jyotirmoy Saha
Paid Search Analyst

Passionate about helping businesses grow, Jyotirmoy has received his client's Marketer of the Month award twice in 7 months.

Oliver Joshua Jacob
Google Ads Engineer

Working as a Google Ads Engineer, every day at work brings a new challenge that helps him grow and learn.

Om Bharti
SEO Analyst

Tired of daily commutes, he found his dream remote job at Uplers with one of the leading advertising agencies in the world.

Jyoti Singh
Angular Developer

Jyoti always wanted a healthy work environment that helped her to learn and grow, and she couldn't have been happier!

Swati Kapoor
Flutter Developer

With the ability to work from home, global exposure, job security, and timely payments, Swati couldn't have asked for more in her career!

Kunal Kanti Ghosh
SEO Analyst

From being deployed as an SEO specialist to landing a full-time job with the same client, need we say more?

Amaresh Parida
Full Stack Developer

Work-from-home benefits, global learning and exposure, and a decent pay package work for Amaresh!

Rohit Saluja
Full Stack Developer

Looking primarily for a remote opportunity, Rohit found his dream job with a global client that allows him to work on exciting projects with a competitive package.

Abhiraj Das Ghosh
Paid Marketing Analyst

Abhiraj’s career took a turn for the better with Uplers as he found a thriving global career. The fact that his contract has been renewed for the 2nd consecutive year just says it all!

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