About Dedicated Front-End Teams

Dedicated Front-End Teams Focused Approach Creates the Best Possible Outcome

Among 1.5 million websites available online, developing uniquely-built and UI customized websites that are optimized for excellent user experiences is quite a challenge. It requires market research, creative design ideas, and a lot of technical knowledge to come up with a really admiring website.

The Dedicated Front-end Development Teams stand for quality and satisfactory customer experiences. They customize your website's look feel, and function to provide users the best experience. Blending creativity with technology, our teams are adept to cater to all your front-end requirements. Be it PSD to HTML conversions, web pages, or landing pages, when it comes to front-end everything is their forte.

Dedicated Front-End Teams - Ways They Benefit

Creative & User-Friendly Representation

Creative & User-Friendly Representation

The Teams narrate your brand story in the most engaging manner with their visual designs. They understand and analyze your brand vision as well as your audience set and code creative and user-friendly websites accordingly.

Aligning to UI Components

Aligning to UI Components

They are committed to delivering conversion-focused designs. They design the structure, navigation, as well as the look and feel keeping in mind the buyer personas. We strive to deliver websites that align with UI component customizations and create memorable web experiences.

Content-Driven Navigations

Content-Driven Navigations

The Teams ensure the designs have the content-driven navigations, smart CTA’s as well as effective visuals leading to a good user experience.

User-Centric Development

User-Centric Development

Teams create designs that speak your users’ language. We want your users to feel homely and relate to the visuals of the website, leading to long-term business partnerships and success.

Dedicated Front-End Teams for
Startups, Agencies & Companies

Be it a start-up, agency or companies, the teams can cater to all of your needs with ease.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
Fornt-End Development Startups Team Support


Every start-up is juggling between expanding its reach and generating ROI. They are in need of the right talents with adequate skills, understanding, technical know-how, adaptability, etc. Teams ease their workload by eliminating the task of retention and hiring.



Agencies are in the constant look-out for feature-rich websites that too with a quick TAT. The Dedicated Teams of web experts are the right match for them delivering user-centric web experiences with the most bespoken features while keeping up with the deadlines.



Every large enterprise is expanding its presence at multiple locations. Teams work as an extension to their in-house teams helping them achieve their goals.

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Explore the Area of Expertise of Our Front-End Teams

Architecture and Design

Design and navigation lay the foundation of every website. Teams provide the utmost care and attention to organize the navigations and design the website with a user-centric approach.

Custom Web App Development

Our Teams do not limit themselves to one vertical. Ranging from landing pages to templates to web pages, they have a knack in all-round custom web development practices.

Updates and Enhancements

Our Dedicated Teams are constant learners. They are adept with the latest trends, tools, and technologies, and implement them well in all their projects. Delivering projects which turn out to be industry trendsetters is their motto.

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

Basic to intermediate level understanding of HTML/CSS/CSS3
Able to develop small websites (8-10 pages) with basic design complexity
Basic knowledge of JQuery and JS
Have worked on 10 to 15 small scale HubSpot projects and landing pages
Have basic understanding of SEO
Good understanding and hands on experience with HTML/CSS/CSS3/CSS frameworks
Able to develop medium scale websites including custom JS functionalities
Have worked on more than 25 websites
Ability to handle moderately complex animation & UI based websites
Can integrate 3rd party form like Mailchimp, Pardot, etc
Strong understanding and hands-on experience of working on multiple web application Front-end
Able to develop medium to large scale websites including custom JS functionalities
Have worked on more than 40 websites
Good understanding of WP and Shopify CMS, able to handle basic UI operations directly into CMS framework
Strong understanding of HTML, CSS/CSS3, JS, JQuery and any of the advance JS framework like Angular/Vue/React

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Hiring a Front-End Team from Uplers is the Right Choice

  • Integrate

    Quality is our top-notch priority. We start by analyzing and understanding your requirements and developing quality-rich code around it.

  • Cutting-edge Technologies

    We always keep up with the trends. Teams adopt and implement the latest technologies for your projects.

  • Pixel Perfection

    Inconsistency will swiftly lose a user's interest. Websites with pixel perfect coding along with optimization are the priority of our teams.

  • Responsive Design

    With over 25,000 devices getting launched every six months, our teams ensure to deliver websites with responsive designs compatible with every browser and device.