Convert your Blog into A Lead Magnet

Get evolved with the latest technology or just let
the opportunities slip away to your competitors!

A well-crafted, compelling and credible content will always attract visitors on a blog. It gives you conversion only when users can easily have it through a good and accessible user interface (UI).

Strategize and build your blog navigation structure creatively to provide better user experience (UX) to boost conversion.


Mantras to Chant for More Leads from Your Blog

  1. BlogStructure
  2. CTAs/Banners Placement
  3. EmpowerEngagement
  4. Enable Optin Forms
  5. LoadSpeed
  1. 1

    Blog Structure

First impression lasts long- design your blog structure beautifully to hold viewer’s attention. Provide them with an easy, intuitive and effective user interface to go through the different sections of your blog.

Important Blog Homepage Elements

  • Homepage needs to be created strategically so that users can have good experience while reading your posts.
  • Sticky Header is the crucial element, lets visitors know about your business/ brand on the top of your blog homepage.
  • Blog Categories need to be placed in a horizontal strap just below the sticky header.
  • Subscription Option should be given at the right side column of your blog for easy subscription.
  • Search Bar should be placed at the top just below the category section for easy navigation.
  • Social Connect Buttons to let users connect with your social channels and place it next to search bar and category option.
  • Two column post structure is best suitable for creating BIG IMPACT on your visitors. Showcase your posts on the left side column and use the right side column for recent posts, subscription box and downloadable content.
  • Time To Read functionality will give an idea to your readers about the time it will take to go through the post.
More than 83 percent of Internet users are likely to leave a Webpage
if they feel they have to make too many clicks to find what they’re looking for.

Moz has implemented various homepage elements on their blog. Want to know more of such home page elements that have boosted conversion immensely for famous influencers?

Tip: Creating a customized theme for your WordPress blog is Monk’s recommendation for setting up your blog structure as per your need or desire.

  1. 2

    CTAs/Banners Placement

Use CTA banners to help readers with guides and other gated information by placing it in three
different ways to collect emails.

  • Inline CTA

    Use CTA in between the post content to direct users to the main landing page.

  • Bottom CTA

    Bottom Sidebar are the ones which
    readers click after reading the complete
    post to access the other downloadable
    digital assets.

  • Sidebar CTA

    Place CTA to your digital assets on the
    sidebar of your blog to collect more
    contact details by giving your users an
    easy way to access useful information.

Static Sidebar Signup Form is one of the most appealing ways to
drive activations from your BLOG

Neil Patel has executed three different kinds of CTAs in his blog. Want to know more of such surefire CTA placements?

Tip: Hotjar, the effective heatmap tool will help you in examining users on the given content.

  1. 3

    Empower Engagement

Social channels are the best platforms to make your content viral through which people will also share their opinion and recommendation on the topic which would eventually boost conversion.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins (Social Warfare, Add This, and Share This) can be used to enable sharing from your blog. Using Sticky Social Sharing buttons at the top, sidebar and at the end of the post would make the users share the post wherever they would be, without having to scroll all the way up or down to share your post.
  • Commenting

    Commenting is one of the best
    ways to increase the engagement
    level of people.

  • Click To Tweet

    Click to Tweet WordPress plugin is an easy way to enable tweeting of a particular statement on your blog and that could easily be a statistic or a fact.

  • Disqus

    Disqus is a tool that helps in
    increasing engagement through

Offer an incentive for a user to connect via Facebook, Twitter, etc...

WPBeginner has placed Social Sharing Buttons on the sidebar as well below the post. Want to know more about foolproof placement of Social Sharing Buttons?

Tip: Download and install Disqus plugin in your WordPress dashboard and make commenting easier yet interactive while
connecting blogs and community through.

  1. 4

    Enable Optin Forms

Enable Optin forms on your blog and start collecting more subscribers.

Pop-up tools are great to present options to the users on different sections of the blog.

Top 4 ways to integrate pop-ups forms within your blog on different sections

  • Exit Overlay: Show your users an option to browse through different sections of your blog when they are about
    to leave.
  • Time Intent: Give visitors another suitable option to look into other digital assets placed on your blog after
    they’ve spent a certain time on your post.
  • Scroll Intent: Give your visitors an option to check other sections and content after they have scrolled through a
    particular section on the blog.
  • Sticky header & footer: These are great to share your digital assets for user’s help on the top of your blog and in
    the bottom using sticky banners.
Putting Placeholder Text in Each Field is a Great Way to Shrink up Your Forms

CoSchedule has implemented various homepage elements on their blog. Want to know more of such home page elements that have boosted conversion immensely for famous influencers?

Tip: Offer some freebies when users are about to switch to some other sites. Download and install the Optin Forms plugin to start
collecting emails on your blog. You can pick your email solution by simply customizing it in accordance to your blog.

  1. 5

    Load Speed

The loading speed of a web page is very important and users are known to be looking forward
to a web page that loads within 3 seconds.

More than 40% people abandon a website if it takes
more than 3 seconds to load.

Websites like The New York Times use AMP to enhance the load speed. View more of such websites that load fast and yet manage to keep the quality intact.

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Tip: Accelerate your blog speed with AMP for WordPress plugin on the mobile web. Also, it will showcase your website content in an optimized style.