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This is no ordinary brain.

This is hubSPOT COS

This brain has the capacity of multi-tasking and could handle the work of up to 10 brains simultaneously. It could go to the core of your marketing initiatives and bring out the best lead generation tools for your online marketing endeavours, namely website, blog, landing page, and email. It could adapt to the behaviour of various people and talk to them on the basis of their knowledge, location, and more.

This Brain Is A

Revenue Hypnotizer

The brain takes signals from you and creates the most comprehensive lead generation assets to hypnotize your prospects and make them a part of your conversion funnel. In the process, it single-handedly factors in almost all the methodologies of contemporary marketing.

What Is The Hubspot COS?

We know you are in a rush to know this holistic web-marketing platform. So, here it is…

Hubspot Content Optimization System (COS) provides the most advanced tools to create
website, blog, landing page, and emails.

  • COS is several eons ahead of the traditional content management system (CMS) as it brings in marketing with CMS.
  • The COS factors responsive design and automatically optimizes for mobile.
  • The advanced tools help you in giving a personalized experience to your prospects.

It gives user the convenience to customize and structure the layout of templates.

Is It Wise To Compare Hubspot COS

& Traditional CMS?

Both these Tools are different in their own ways. They don’t underperform from their promise. However, COS earns a lot of brownie points in terms of advanced features.


Advantage Of the Hubspot COS

You will find that the COS is a convenient tool to work with to create templates and publish them with
personalized content.

  • Smart Content

    When it comes to giving marketers an edge over other content management systems, COS is upright. Smart Content is an in-built feature in the COS that facilitates dynamic changing of content on the basis of the geographic location, language, or the lifecycle stage of the visitor. Lead segmentation is now by gone as you are able to target individual visitors with specific messages.

    Smart Content

    Analytics Tracking

    Working with the Hubspot COS will also give you valuable insights into what is effective and what isn’t. With the help of analytics, you will come to know which area needs improvement. These analytics are a part of the inbound marketing software; however you come to know how each lead generation asset is performing so that you could eliminate or improve them. You could also track organic traffic, CTA performance, page performance, lead acquisition, and more.

  • Modular Design

    With the design manager, you could either create your own unique template or modify an existing template that you have downloaded. Simply drag and drop the elements and customize them to get a tailored template based on your needs.

    Progressive Profiling on Forms

    You could create a queue of questions on the single form. If the visitor has already answered some questions in the previous visit, only those questions that are now answered will be given in the form.


  • Preview

    The style manager of the new COS provides an option to get instant preview for all the modifications that you have made to the template. Coders on other platforms often face the annoying problem of fixing errors only after the website is live. With COS you could utilize the instant preview feature, so that you could check for the errors before making it live.

    Hubspot’s Own CDN

    Hubspot’s new COS helps your websites get access to Hubspot’s own content distribution network (CDN). This CDN has multiple data centers around the globe, which means that users now could get fast access to the webpages on their devices. Decreased load time will directly enhance the engagement rate.

  • Lightning Speed

    The module based customization and structuring of the templates on Hubspot COS is quick and convenient for creating high-converting inbound marketing assets. There are less errors and lesser creation time when you work with this enhanced version of the CMS.

    Reduced Errors

    When you have a drag-and-drop feature to customize templates, there are hardly any possibilities of errors. You could simply modify the width of the modules and determine where to place each one of them to ensure that you are able to present the message in the best possible manner.

  • Responsive Design

    In the current digital marketing age, you simply couldn’t afford to miss out mobile marketing strategy. Hubspot COS will automatically make all your marketing assets responsive across all major devices. You are not required to code the pages manually to enable basic responsiveness.

    Easy Wordpress Integration

    Some businesses and marketers still find WordPress a better platform. However, if they still want to leverage the benefits of the Hubspot COS excluding some advanced features like the Smart Content and Smart Forms, they could integrated both to enhance the performance of the website or blog.

Are you ready to take on the

Hubspot intelligence?

If you ever had a dream in the subconscious brain about the most advanced content management system, then HubSpot COS is the answer. It helps in building a customized experience for the visitors so that they would feel at home. Use the Hubspot COS brain to lure your prospects into your communication system to convert them.