About Us

Uplers was formed in October 2019 as a result of the merger
between 3 independent and successful marketing and technology
companies, EmailMonks, WebbyMonks and Octos.

The drastic shift in recent years proved the outsourcing industry is far more than just a cost-cutting executional service provider. Our relationship with our clients claimed the expectations have evolved. Uplers aims at adding value to the clients, not just through expertise, but through innovation, processes & people.

Individually growing in the niche market empowered each brand to flourish, now is the time to deliver best-of-breed services to our clients under one umbrella.

Our Journey


ENSIGHT August 2012

We started with the hunger of growing, without a certain path. But with a strong management background and an open field to explore we began our journey in the B2B industry.

EmailMonks January 2013

We never imagined email templates as an individual service, until we saw the potential and the dire need of cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround. Today, we produce 3,000+ email templates every month and more than 5000 clients love us in this domain.

Octos August 2013

This was the time when we were in the mode of finding a problem and solving it. We saw a major gap between quality and cost in search marketing and felt that we have the potential to fill these spaces, which resulted in the launch of Octos. Within two years we were recognised by Google as one of the top 16 agencies across AU & NZ.

WebbyMonks October 2013

WebbyMonks was the only venture, that started
with a very niche industry, yet widely
popular - WordPress. Though its' been a while
since we have started offering all CMS services, it
gave us a good starting point to stand-out and
build our expertise.

Sydney December 2013

We opened our very first Australian office. This is also our first international physical address.

Las Vegas April 2014

The first international exhibition where we participated.


Spread across 30,000 square feet, we move to a bigger and better space. This was a significant move as the team was on a growing point and more space was required to accommodate them, thus the shift happened.

San Diego February 2019

We have opened our new USA branch in San Diego.

Amsterdam August 2019

Within six months of the San Diego office, we expanded our operations in northwest Europe, with our brand office in Amsterdam, the world's most loved city.


October 2019

Today, we are Uplers. A team of over 500 passionate professionals, thriving to deliver great results and experience in each projects.