How we increased Airtasker’s traffic by 7,251% in 10 months

Who is Airtasker?

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Airtasker is a trusted community platform which works to connect the people who want to outsource their day-to-day chores and the people who are willing to do it. A great range of tasks as well as workers for all these tasks are available here.

Airtasker was founded in 2012 and since then it has been transformed into a very large company expanded over a greater part of Australia. This start-up has brought together a community of over 600,000 users ready to complete everyday chores and errands, including cleaning, deliveries, office admin and IT help. It has created more than $40 million worth of tasks from individuals and businesses alike. It is expected that Airtasker will soon be seeking for international expansion starting from New York in near future.

Very recently they raised a $22 million Series B investment led by Seven West Media, which makes it $32 million in total raised by the start-up since they’ve founded.

Their Objectives

Airtasker approached Uplers for SEO support with two tiers of digital objectives, they hoped to achieve.

Above all, they wanted to obtain as many authority links as possible, which is simply a link from reputable website to yours and Uplers helped Airtasker to secure more than 30 authority links (Trust me, it’s a big deal). They not only direct traffic towards your website; but also helps determining how well your page will rank in search engine results. The more authority links, the more likely your site is to be ranked well for relevant keywords.

Airtasker also outlined two secondary objectives: drive relevant traffic to website and boost brand awareness.

In ten short months, Airtasker’s online traffic increased. When we started working, organic traffic to their ‘home cleaning Melbourne’ page was close to nothing. By February 2016, the page gained astonishing visits per day, an increase of more than 7000 %.

For boosting brand awareness, we ran an integrated content syndication campaign, raising the client’s profile by having their content featured on more than 50 reputable blogs & online publications.

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Our Solution

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Airtasker came to us with a business problem and we tailored a solution to fit their unique needs and budget.

After reviewing Airtasker’s website performance and analysing their various strengths and weaknesses in search engine rankings, we developed a well-rounded link-building strategy. Targeting a relevant selection of high authority Australian websites, we secured an extensive range of valuable links for the client.

Under our guidance, traffic to the Airtasker website increased by more than 7,251 %. With a far-reaching content syndication campaign, we propelled the client’s brand awareness to unprecedented heights.

Why Link Building?

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. It is one of the many tactics used in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why Link building is Important?

Links have been an important part of the internet. It’s how a user move from one information to another. Whether it is Trivial, Factual, Scientifical, Opinionated or any other. Links are also a big factor for your ranking in Google.

Link building can help your business by:

  • Building relationship with other businesses
  • Sending referral traffic to your site
  • Brand building / awareness

Our Undertaking

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tag
  • Link Building
  • Refined Targeted Keywords
  • Organic Position Tracking
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Acquired Links


Organic Traffic

Simon Airtasker

Simon Reynolds
VP Marketing at Airtasker

We initially approached Uplers to do an extensive link building campaign to help with our rankings and grow our organic traffic. We wanted to specifically achieve high rankings for key categories.

They developed a strategic link building plan and set up monthly KPIs to ensure we were achieving the desired quantity and quality of links to our website.

I am very pleased to say they’ve delivered results and consequently saw marked improvements with overall traffic performance. Our rankings shot up, where most of our key terms moved from beyond page 3 of Google to the top five positions. Due to the success of rankings, organic traffic to the targeted category pages also grew a considerable amount, and continue to grow month on month.

We were attracted to Uplers because their combination of on-shore and off-shore resourcing, making it an efficient use of our overall marketing investment. The level of professionalism and transparency displayed by Uplers has been impressive and we highly recommend them.