How Team Uplers Helped
Zoe Kratzmann Achieve a 115.43%
Increase in Website Purchases
in Just 6 Months.

Zoe Kratzmann

About Zoe Kratzmann

Zoe Kratzmann launched her namesake label in 2006 carving her niche in Australian footwear with stylish, contemporary, and well-crafted designs.

Based out of Queensland, the Zoe Kratzmann brand has become renowned for its unique design aesthetic; flattering silhouettes across a neutral color palette that work their way timelessly into every woman's wardrobe.

The signature Zoe Kratzmann looks reflects the use of luxury leathers that showcase different textural elements.

Their Objective

Zoe Kratzmann is the house of opulence, and the grandeur is clearly visible through their products. They wanted to generate visibility for their brand amongst a niche audience. They were expecting a good ROAS through Facebook ads by increasing awareness of their products and its luxurious quality. Increasing sales at low cost as well as increasing the email database of customers to engage with the brand were the basic target Uplers had to achieve.

Zoe Kratzmann Case Study


The client wanted to increase the ROAS of the campaigns. There were several challenges we encountered along the way.

  • Build the brand value and goodwill among the cold (fresh) audience.

  • Increase the ROAS from the ad campaigns.

  • Increase sales volume.

  • Increase the email database of customers to engage them with our brand.

Zoe Case Study Design
Zoe Case Study Design

Our Solution

Zoe Kratzmann aimed at achieving ROAS along with customer engagement. Uplers readily implemented various strategies and plans to
connect with the cold audience as well as keeping them engaged by enticing new messages and offers.

The action steps were as follows:

  • Tested various audiences
    to analyze the
    best-performing ones at a
    low cost.

  • Targeted audiences
    engaged with shopping
    and interested in online

  • Engaged cold audience through
    sign up campaign with an offer of 10%
    off on their first order to encourage
    them to be a part of our membership.

  • Created more value to our
    existing / VIP customers
    with an early entry for all

  • Targeted high
    value-based audience to
    increase ROAS.

  • Engaged audience with
    new images, messages,
    and ad formats from
    time to time.

  • Zoe Kratzmann Casestudy Results

Purchase VS ROAS (Jan’19-Dec’19)

Zoe Kratzmann Results

The stated graph indicates the performance of Zoe Kratzmann, which increased in the second half of the year after applying several tactics and strategies.

Website purchase of the account significantly increased by 115.43%, from 311 in the first half of the year (Jan’19-Jun’19) to 670 in the second half (Jul’19-Dec’19).
ROAS of the account drastically improved by 51.49%, from $4.59 in the first half of the year (Jan’19-Jun’19) to $6.95 in the second half (Jul’19-Dec’19).


Uplers aimed to achieve the desired objectives for the brand. The entire process was carefully executed by understanding the requirements precisely and implementing them with the utmost care and attention. The resulting graph has observed a constant rate of increase with amazing ROAS even today.

Uplers has successfully achieved the ROAS of $39.39 in the month of April 2020, which happens to be the best till date.
Increase in
Interaction Rate
Increase in Product
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Zoe Kratzmann Result Graph