Data Analyst

Job Description

If analyzing data is your hustle and if you call yourself a “statistics detective,” Uplers Talent Network is the platform for you!

Uplers is inviting Data analysts with 3+ years of experience in utilizing technical expertise to ensure data is accurate and high-quality.

Uplers Talent Network seeks professionals to join the Network who can adapt to challenges and work for global companies to gain exposure and opportunities.

So, if you think you have the skills and the drive to work with international companies, get ready to join Uplers Talent Network!

  • location
    Location : Permanently remote
  • experience
    Experience : 3+ years
  • working hours
    Working Hours : 8 hours per day (5 days/week)
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Uplift with Uplers

We are proud to say that each day at Uplers is about its people.

Being a People First organization, our culture believes in looking at our team as the foundation of Uplers’ success. We believe that a happy working environment enhances innovation which is why we have strived to create a people-focused culture over the years. We also provide equal opportunities to all because our people are the real heroes of Uplers.

Let’s talk about Uplers Talent Solutions

Uplers Talent Solutions is a catalyst to every candidate looking out for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for global companies.

Perks of joining Uplers Talent Solutions:
  • Payout : Take a long stride and earn 1.5x more than industry standards.
  • Talent Success Coach : A dedicated coach will connect you with opportunities and guide you before as well as after hiring.
  • Projects : You will be ensured global exposure and learnings with our exciting global projects.
  • Flexibility : You can work from the comfort of your living room’s couch or from a breezy beach.
  • Opportunity : You can set aside the uncertainty of job security and rely on us for a full-time opportunity.

How to become a part of our Talent Network?

Fill the application form
Clear the 3 stage assessment process
Become a Uplers Certified Talent
About the profile
  • If you are a Data Analyst with 3+ years of experience and believe you can be in India’s top 3.5% of developers, we invite you to go through the requirements below and take at least 3 skills assessments to get into our Talent Network.
  • More the successful assessments you add to your profile, the better would be your chances of being a part of our Talent Network.
  • Proven experience as a Data Analyst
  • Experience in fetching raw data from a prominent query instance
  • Use raw data to build relational database tables & Data structures
  • Knowledge of programming languages like SQL, Oracle, and Python
  • SQL (Ability to work with nested tables e.g., arrays & structs)
  • Google Cloud Experience (mainly BigQuery)
  • Visualization tools like Tableau, Datorama, Power BI
  • Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction
  • Analytical mind and business acumen
  • Proficiency in statistics and statistical packages like Excel, SPSS, and SAS to be used for data set analyzing
  • Experience with data visualization tools
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field
  • Adept at using data processing platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark