1. How can I apply?

      You have to fill an application form, and we will assign a dedicated recruiter who will guide you throughout the application process.
    2. What are the tests that I need to pass?

      You will have to take a preliminary test, which comprises five rounds. It includes a Communication test, Aptitude test, Technical MCQ test, Live Coding test, and a final Technical Interview round.
    3. How much can I earn? What’s the salary structure?

      We have a well-researched global pay scale, and our talent gets paid according to our predefined standards. Our pay scale starts at $1500 and goes up to $3000. Each specific role has a predefined pay scale. Also, on top of this, there is a shift allowance that you can earn.
    4. Do you charge a fee for registering with Uplers Talent Solutions?

      No, there are no charges for the registration process.
    5. How do you curate talent?

      The process of talent curation starts with filling an application form. Soon after, the talents will go through a series of assessments, and once they clear all rounds, they will be onboarded to the Uplers talent pool. A dedicated Talent Success coach is then assigned to the talents to connect them with the right opportunities.
    6. How is Uplers different from other freelance platforms?

      - By engaging with Uplers, you open doors to long-term and full-time global opportunities

      - You can earn 1.5X compared to your local market salary.

      - We will provide you with a chance of working on exciting projects for global companies.

      - Flexibility of choosing your clients to select your space of work.

      - We provide dedicated Talent Success Coaches to ensure that everything from your well-being to career growth and development is taken care of.
    7. How do I follow the job that I have applied to?

      Once you fill the application form, we assign you a dedicated recruiter. You will be in touch with them and they will keep you updated about the job you have applied for.
    8. Will I get feedback after the test?

      Yes, we will provide you with feedback after every round.
    9. What if I clear some tests and not all? Can I apply again?

      You can definitely apply again. However, there will be a wait time before you become eligible to reapply. If you fail to clear the Communication or Aptitude Test, the wait-time will be one month and if you do not clear the Technical MCQ Test, Technical Practical Test or the Final Technical Interview, the wait time will be 3 months for reapplication.
    10. What kind of work is available?

      We are always in search of the best tech talent from India. If you have a technology background, skills and experience, and wish to join Uplers, let us know by registering your interest. We will get in touch with you immediately if your profile matches any of the openings at global companies registered with us. If there is no opening for your skillset currently, we shall undoubtedly approach you as soon as there is one.
    11. How different is this from upwork / freelance.com/ toptal / Guru?

      Uplers Talent Solutions is not at all like freelancing or gig platforms which mostly focus on short-term, project-based opportunities and expect freelancers to bid for projects; we know this often becomes a race towards the bottom price. At Talent Solutions, our objective is to connect India’s top talent with full-time, global remote job opportunities. Here you'll get long-term, employment-like opportunities. We make sure to attract and onboard only those clients/ global companies that are looking to hire talent for the long term.
    12. When and How do I get paid?

      As per the agreed USD amount in your contract, you will receive the payout on a monthly basis, by 7th of every month. Payout will be credited to your bank account directly after deducting 10% TDS. You can claim your TDS refund at the time of final taxation.
    13. Will I get a project estimation before the start?

      With Uplers Talent Solutions, it will be like joining a global company full time; we do not entertain short-term project to project engagement. When we present you the global opportunity, we'll provide you clarity about the engagement - the contract period, details about the client, the POC at the client’s end, your work profile, client’s key expectations, and more.
    14. Will I get paid for working overtime?

      Your engagement with the client will be full time. You need to put in 8 hours / day and 5 days / week, and the expected productivity will be like any other full-time member. Hence, there is no provision of pay for working overtime. But if we notice that you are exceeding your hours consistently, we shall certainly consult the client to ensure the issue is sorted out.
    15. Can I create my own profile on your website?

      Yes, you will be able to create your profile once you onboard Uplers Talent Pool. We will assign a dedicated Talent Success Coach and a professional Resume Writer who will assist you with creating an impressive profile.
    16. Do I need to prepare anything for the interview?

      The core objective of the Final interview by Uplers is to assess your technical capabilities based on the various assessments you have already gone through by then. So you need not be too worried about it; just bring your best to the interview. Be YOU :)
    17. When will I know if I have cleared the final round?

      A Talent Acquisition POC shall reach out to you with a final update within 48 hours of completion of the final round.
    18. Will my profile be publicly visible?

      No, your profile will not be publicly visible unless we decide to market your profile. In case we decide to make your profile public, we'll definitely take your approval.
    19. Will my data remain safe?

      Yes, your data is safe with us. We share your necessary information with the companies we feel are a perfect match for your talent. And as far as the other details are concerned, we share them with a company only after you too are optimistic about working with them.
    20. Are there any documents required for registering with the company?

      Your identification documents like Aadhar Card & Pan Card as well as your work experience documents should be good to start with.
    21. What would be the approximate time duration between my registration and onboarding with an employer?

      Once you clear all our assessments and create your profile, it might take a few days to connect you with the right opportunity. However, once you clear the interview process of the employer, you will be onboarded with them right away.
    22. Is there any fixed long-term contract?

      No, there isn’t any long-term contract. But talents are required to serve the notice period as per the exit policy if they decide to end the contract.
    23. Do I need to sign any agreements?

      Yes, there are a few agreements which Uplers needs to process - an NDA, a Contract, etc. Also, when you get onboard a client’s team, there will be a client-specific agreement that needs to be signed.
    24. How can I find clients to work with?

      Uplers will bring clients to you; you don’t need to search for them. Once we encounter a suitable opportunity that matches your calibre, interest, and availability, we will approach you. We will set up an interview with the client, and if you crack it, you can start working with them right away.
    25. Will I have a say in choosing the employer?

      We will connect you with various employers if your skill matches their requirements. You will have the flexibility to decide whether to work with a particular client or not.
    26. Where would my employers be located?

      The employers will be located globally, but the majority of them are based out of the USA, UK and Australia.
    27. How does the overall process work?

      The process goes as follows:

      - Apply on Uplers website as a talent by filling an application form

      - Clear required assessments

      - Onboard to Uplers talent pool and create your profile

      - We will connect you with the right opportunities based upon your skill and experience

      - Start working directly with the client
    28. Will the employer also interview me? Or will they employ me directly as I am a part of your resource pool?

      Yes, you will be interviewed by the employer too. However, we have already shared your details with the company by the time they set up an interview with you; it won’t take more than a couple of rounds before they make a decision.
    29. How will I get shortlisted by the clients?

      We will connect you with clients if your skillset matches their requirements.
    30. Will the employer be providing laptops to work on?

      Talents are expected to work on their own device as per the standard specifications defined by Uplers. However, if the client wants the talent to use their device, Uplers will deliver the specified device to the talent as per the device policy.
    31. What if I have to leave a project in between?

      You will have to serve the required notice period before leaving a project. In case of abandonment without notice, a legal action might be taken against the talent.
    32. What will be my working hours (shift timings) considering I will be working for a global company?

      The company you will be working with will decide your shifts, depending on their location. However, it is mandatory to have 3-4 standard working hours common with the company’s regular working hours.
    33. Will I be getting any shift allowance?

      The shift timings will be decided by the employer. You will be entitled to shift allowance as per the allowance policy.
    34. Can I apply for leaves between a project?

      Uplers talent gets 20 paid leaves, including National holidays. However, all leaves need to be pre-approved by clients as per the leave policy.
    35. Can I apply for a position even when you do not have an opening for the same?

      While filling the application form, you can register your interest with us. We will make sure you hear back from us once we have openings for the same.
    36. Will I be directly coordinating with the company?

      Yes, once the employer onboards you, you will be communicating directly with the company.
    37. What are the benefits for hired developers?

      Medical Insurance Stipend, Quarterly Bonus Based On Performance, Paid Vacations, Programming Certifications and Courses Stipend, Discounts on Software Tools to name a few.