1. Will the employer be providing laptops to work on?

      The Talent is expected to have their own systems to work on, unless the global company has some safety and privacy concerns, in which case, they will provide you with a laptop.
    2. Can I say “no” to a company if i feel that it is unsuitable for me?

      We will connect you with various employers if your skill matches their requirements. You will have the flexibility to decide whether to work with a particular client or not. After you give an interview with a client you will have 24 hrs to decide if you want to move forward or not.
    3. What is the difference between a freelance platform and Uplers Talent Network?

      The main difference between Uplers Talent Network and other freelance or gig platforms is our focus on providing long-term, full-time remote job opportunities to India's top talent. Unlike other platforms that prioritize short-term, project-based opportunities, we exclusively work with clients and global companies that seek stable, long-term talent solutions. This means you can expect access to employment-like opportunities with a minimum contract duration of three months. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on vetting our clients and talent, which sets us apart from other freelance platforms that may not have the same level of quality control. Finally, we do not work on an hourly basis, which provides further stability and security for our talent.
    4. How can I know about the status of my assessments and the jobs I’ve applied for?

      If you have applied for jobs and assessments through our Talent Network Portal, there are a few ways you can check on the status of your applications. Firstly, you can log in to the Portal and go to the ""My Opportunity"" tab to view the status of your job applications. To check the status of your assessments, simply go to the ""Assessments"" tab within the job opportunity you applied for. By using these methods, you can stay informed about the status of your applications and assessments. Additionally, you will receive updates about your applications via your registered email address. Furthermore, a dedicated recruiter will be assigned to you when you join our network and they can also update you on the status of your applications.
    5. How long after I attempt for the assessments will i get the results?

      The time it takes to receive assessment results varies depending on the assessment. Generally, for Versant assessments, it takes 24-48 hours to receive the results. However, for other assessments, the duration may differ.
    6. What is the process to apply to an opportunity?

      The process to apply for an opportunity is straightforward and consists of three steps. The first step is the Technical Assessment. Once you have completed the Technical Assessment, the Communication Assessment will become available. If screening is necessary, a quick 30-minute screening will be scheduled. The third and final step is the Screening. Overall, the application process is simple and designed to ensure that candidates are evaluated fairly and thoroughly.
    7. What is the Uplers Talent Network?

      Uplers Talent Network is network of India's top remote working Tech and Marketing talent who are deployed to clients in global companies. There are several reasons why Indian talent should choose Uplers to further their career, not the least of which is a 100% remote working opportunity with a chance to work for global brands and earn alot more than the Indian standards.
    8. What are the benefits of joining the Uplers Talent Network?

      Joining the Uplers Talent Network offers lucrative benefits, including remote work opportunities in a global company, saving time and money on commuting. It allows for a better standard of living with the potential to earn in dollars while working from home. Additionally, the network offers long-term job opportunities with flexible work timings and our career coaches give you valuable feedback to improve performance and make a greater impact in the global market.
    9. What are the benefits for hired developers?

      Some of the benefits provided include a Medical Insurance Stipend, Quarterly Bonuses based on performance, Paid Vacations, Stipends for Programming Certifications and Courses, and Discounts on Software Tools.
    10. What kind of opportunities can I apply for at Uplers Talent Network?

      We provide a range of job opportunities in the tech and marketing fields. You can register to be a part of the Talent Network and we will match you to the one that suits you best!
    11. How does the overall process work?

      Here is an overview of the process:

      • Submit your application as a talent by filling out the form on the Uplers Talent Network
      • Successfully complete any required assessments
      • You will be onboarded to the Uplers Talent Network and your profile will be created
      • We will match you with relevant opportunities based on your skills and experience
      • You will begin working directly with the global client.
    12. How can I join the Uplers Talent Network?

      You can register to be a part of the Uplers Talent Network here [https://ats.uplers.com/talent/joinus ] and after successfully completing 3 basic tests you will become part of our exclusive Network of talents, ready to be deployed to global clients as soon as we find the perfect match for you!
    13. Why do I need to pass assessments to be part of the Network?

      Uplers Talent Network comprises of the top 3.5% of India's Tech and Marketing talent. We need to ensure that your skills and expertise matches the requirement of our global clients, which is why passing these tests is a pre-requisite for you to be a part of our exclusive Network, in order to swiftly deploy you to a client you match with.
    14. What happens if I fail any of the assessments?

      If you are unsuccessful in passing any of the assessments to join us, you can prepare for the same and reapply to become a part of the Uplers Talent Network after 2 months.
    15. Do you charge a fee for registering with Uplers Talent Network?

      No, there are no charges incurred to you for registering with us.
    16. Will I get paid for working overtime?

      Your engagement with the client will be full-time, requiring you to work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with productivity expectations akin to any other full-time member. As such, we do not provide compensation for overtime work. However, if we notice that you consistently exceed your allotted hours, we will consult with the client to address the issue.
    17. Will my profile be publicly visible?

      Your profile will remain private and won't be visible to the public unless we get your explicit approval to market it.
    18. Will my data remain safe?

      Rest assured that we take the safety and security of your data seriously. We only share your essential information with companies that align with your skills and expertise. Furthermore, we will only disclose additional details about you to a company if you are also enthusiastic about potentially working with them.
    19. Where would my employers be located?

      While the employers we work with are located globally, the majority of them are based in the USA, UK, and Australia.
    20. What will be my working hours (shift timings) considering I will be working for a global company?

      The shifts you will be working will be determined by the company, based on their location. However, it is mandatory to have 3-4 standard working hours that overlap with the company's regular working hours.
    21. Will I be getting any shift allowance?

      The employer will determine the shift timings. You will be eligible for a shift allowance in accordance with the allowance policy.
    22. What if I have to leave a project in between?

      Before leaving a project, you will be required to serve the necessary notice period. Failure to do so without proper notice may result in legal action being taken against the talent.
    23. Will I be directly co-ordinating with the company?

      Certainly, once the employer brings you onboard, you will communicate directly with the company.
    24. How can I join the Uplers in-house team?

      You can know all about joining the Uplers in-house team, by clicking on "careers" at the footer of our website. Alternatively, you could visit https://www.uplers.com/careers/ and apply to the open positions mentioned there.