The iOS operating system was launched on June 29, 2007. The iOS now has the 15.3.1 version out in the market.

iOS developers in the U.S. receive an average salary of $113,539 in a year with the highest number being $187K.

When you pay someone that much, you must make sure they’re worth the investment. What is the right process for that? Here is your answer.

The next section will discuss what questions to ask before you hire an iOS developer to recruit the right candidate:

  • 5 technical questions to ask

  • 5 exploratory questions to ask

5 technical questions to ask to hire iOS developers (And possible answers to expect)

When you hire an iOS developer, you must first figure out whether the candidate is technically fit or not. Here are 5 top iOs developers technical questions to judge the interviewees’ technical expertise.

  • 1

    Tell me the difference between synchronous and asynchronous tasks with iOS?

    A good iOS developers would not focus on specific methods while answering the question of iOS development. That is a great way to differentiate between hiring iPhone app developers and an average one.

    Competent iOS engineers would explain synchronous tasks depend on the previous tasks being finished before proceeding. Furthermore, asynchronous tasks function at the same time in the background.

  • 3

    Mention the essential features of Swift.

    A skilled iOS developer would know Swift programming language in iOS apps helps designers write and maintain correct programs with ease. Furthermore, the freelance iOS developers or regular developer would know the following essential features of Swift:

    • Security: A good iOS developer would emphasise more on the importance of checking codes before deploying them. Furthermore, the best iOS developers would know how Apple Swift removes unsafe codes before production.

    • Readability: A high level iOS developer would know how writing Swift codes is similar to writing in plain English. Thus, the developers would have to spend less time finding problematic codes in the mobile operating system.

    • Cross-platform support: An experienced iOS developer, who has experience working in iOS would tell you how Swift supports multiple platforms including macOS, Linux, and tvOS, among others.

  • 3

    What is a lazy property in iOS?

    A talented iOS developers would tell you the properties whose initial value isn’t compounded until they are in use for the first time are called lazy properties. Furthermore, the developer would know when a lazy keyword or modifier is included before the declaration of store property, the process indicates that the property is lazy.

    If you are satisfied with the answer, hire that iOS app developer.

  • 4

    Which JSON framework does iOS support?

    A competent iOS developer would know that iOS supports the SBJson framework. Furthermore, a skilled iOS developer would broaden the answer by including that SBJson is a generator for Objective-C and is a JSON parser.

    An excellent iOS developer would also mention that SBJson offers flexible APIs and extra control. The process leads to a much easier JSON handling.

    If the answers follow this pattern, you are interviewing the right candidate.

  • 5

    Explain to me the architecture of iOS.

    The answer to the question helps you understand whether the candidate knows that iOS operates in a layered structure or not. One of the good iOS developers would know the iOS architecture is composed of 4 layers. Each of these layers offers a programming framework.

    A competent iOS developer would expand the answer by including the lower-level layers that offer services all apps need. Furthermore, the upper-level layers offer the interface and graphics-related services.

5 exploratory questions to ask to hire iOS developers (And possible answers to expect)

Before you hire an iOS developer remote or full time, you must be sure of not only checking their technical knowledge, but their communication skills, abilities to solve problems, and teamwork as well. Here are 5 exploratory questions to find the perfect iOS developers

  • 1

    Tell me about a time when your opinion didn’t match with your colleagues. Did you stand by what you thought was right?

    The goal of the question is to assess the communication and leadership skills of the candidate. This question would help you hire a dedicated iOS app developer whose iOS development skills are excellent.

    A skilled iOS developer would explain the situation and the goals of the team. Furthermore, the developer would analyze and understand their colleague’s opinions as well. Also, the iOS developers would be firm but humble in expressing their points.

  • 2

    Have you ever collaborated with designers and engineers for a group project? Describe your role in the project.

    iOS developers must collaborate with designers and engineers at some point for the iOS development process. Thus, the developers must be team players.

    A competent iOS developer would talk about the benefits of bringing iOS developers with multiple skill sets and areas of expertise for a big project. Furthermore, the developer would emphasize the collaborative efforts and highlight the ways other project members added value to the project.

  • 3

    Was there a project where you worked diligently but the results were not up to the mark? What was the reason? What did you learn from the experience?

    The answer would tell you whether the candidate can take failure in their stride. A skilled iOS developer in their iOS development career would have the mindset to accept failure and learn from the experience.

    Furthermore, focus on how the developer explains the reason for their failure and what the learnings were.

  • 4

    Have you ever had to take an unusual or creative approach to solve a coding problem? How did it go?

    The goal of the question is to check whether the developer can think out-of-the-box.

    A team of skilled iOS developers would adapt to unusual approaches within a small amount of time. Furthermore, a competent developer would quickly figure out the ways to implement the approach that solves the coding problem too.

  • 5

    Have you ever worked on a project where your boss or colleagues didn’t communicate well? How did you handle the situation?

    A competent developer would clearly communicate when they think things are not going in the right way. The developer would be firm but humble in their approach in communicating the needs that is required to finish the work.