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Finding the right talent is hard. Uplers Talent Connect makes it easy to find India’s Top 3.5% PHP Developers via remote hiring. We’ve sourced and pre-screened our candidates so that you can focus on what matters—your business. Our team of talent pool curators helps you hire, manage, and retain top talent for your project.

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  • Reliable
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Starts from $2200/month

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Worked with 7000+ clients including global tech giants such as

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Our Vetting Process

From our experience of working with 7000+ clients, we have designed the vetting process to meet the expectations of hiring managers while also taking into account the challenges faced by the Tech Talent.

Talents applying to be a part of the pool

Profile screening & Shortlisting

Reviewing multiple applications against our minimum criteria, conducting a comprehensive background check, and evaluating professional skills and experience is part of our hiring process.


Language Proficiency

AI is beginning to revolutionize the talent acquisition and staffing processes. In order to evaluate a candidate's nuances of speech, we rely on the best AI-based tools.

Aptitude Evaluation

To hire top PHP developers , we look for reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities. We evaluate these skills through a scientifically designed aptitude test.


Technical Evaluation

It consists of an extensive test of technical knowledge and proficiency to weed out the pretenders from the contenders.

Final Call

The final video interview is conducted by our Talent Acquisition team, which understands the preferences and expectations of the candidates to match them with the right opportunity.


3.5%Uplers Certified Talents

How do we ensure that our
PHP Developers are technically sound?

Candidates undergo an extensive evaluation process of 5.5 hours and only the top 3.5% PHP Developers make it to our talent pool.

Hire PHP Developers

Our PHP programmers possess
the following skills

PHP Developer

Hire PHP Developers

Experience: 3+ years

  • Expertise in JavaScript, CSS, PHP frameworks, and MySQL databases.
  • Provide recommendations for application and system improvements.
  • Understanding of MVC Frameworks (Laravel, Yii).
  • Proficiency in SQL database and declarative query language.
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Laravel Developer


Experience: 3+ years

  • Strong knowledge of Laravel framework.
  • Develop and test API using JAVA framework.
  • Knowledge of Front-end technologies- JavaScript, HTML and CSS3.
  • Experience with RESTful web services.
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Sr. Laravel Developer


Experience: 5+ years

  • Proficiency in JS frameworks such as VueJS, ReactJS, Angular JS.
  • Understanding of programming principles and API integrations.
  • Knowledge of Front-end technologies- JavaScript, HTML and CSS3.
  • Understanding of MVC Design patterns.
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How to hire PHP Programmers through Uplers Talent Connect?

  • Uplers
    Share your requirements
    Get in touch with an expert on our team who will help you determine your goals, technical requirements, and team dynamics.
  • Uplers
    We shortlist the most suitable talent
    Curating and matching talent is our expertise. Once you share your requirements we shortlist the first batch of candidates within 48 hours.
  • Uplers
    You conduct the Interview
    We hand you the ropes. Pick the talent that is the best fit for your business by interviewing the pre-vetted candidates.
  • Uplers
    Remote Onboarding and Support
    We provide the right frameworks and expectations on both sides. Our team also manages the talent's HR, IT, and administrative support.

Hire PHP Developers for the following
high-quality services

Custom PHP Web Application

Hire PHP Programmer to create intuitive and robust custom PHP Web Application acclaimed for high-end value.

PHP Upgradations & Migrations

Hire dedicated PHP Developer to begin integrating and upgrading your existing app with PHP - across frameworks like Python, .NET, Nodejs or others.

Ongoing Maintenance & Management

Whether it is migrating crucial data, resolving post-deployment queries or regular maintenance, our PHP coders provide you with go-to solutions.

Full-stack PHP Development

Hire PHP Programmers that hold expertise in building interactive and high-performance web applications with their knowledge in system infrastructure and web architecture.

CMS Development

Our offshore PHP Developers provide brilliant Ecommerce solutions & CMS development services to global tech giants spread across industries and verticals.

Why Hire PHP Developers from Uplers?

Source Faster

Within 48 hours of sharing your requirement with Uplers, you can begin hiring your offshore PHP Development expert. Screening and sourcing are taken care of for you.

Save on Salary

Uplers saves you up to 50% on salary over local talent without compromising on quality.

Talent Shortage

One of the most challenging issues in business today is the shortage of skilled talent. With Uplers, you can access a pool of experienced candidates and hire full-time PHP Developers.

Remote Onboarding & Support

Once you hire your PHP Developer remote, Uplers takes care of the onboarding matters, such as payroll, IT or administration support.

Diverse Workforce

A remote workforce allows for an inclusive, diverse workplace regardless of social or geographical boundaries.

Higher Retention

Due to the 1.5x higher wages, Uplers employees are more engaged, and more productive.

Security and Compliance

Keep your data safe and secure with Uplers' global data protection and compliance standards.

24x7 IT Support

In order to ensure smooth operations for our PHP Developers, our IT experts offer 24/7 support. No software breakdowns, lags, or viruses stand in the way of their productivity.

No Recruitment Fees

There are no charges associated with recruitment or service at Uplers. You only have to pay the salary.

No Obligation Interview

Interviewing a candidate does not obligate you to hire them. We recommend other profiles if you're not satisfied. No questions asked.

Easy Cancellation

Once you hire dedicated PHP Programmer and you feel that the candidate does not fit in, give us a month's notice, and we will suggest a replacement or if you prefer, we can terminate the contract.

When you hire pre-vetted PHP Developers from us, you save upto 60% on salaries.
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Whatever the function, we have you covered.

Developers for Marketing teams

Hire PHP developers to work in conjunction with your marketing team to produce websites that take your branding to the next level.

Developers for Web teams

From design through to deployment, hire PHP developers take care of the entire process.

Developers for Agencies

Deliver excellence and value to your clients with every project and take your business to the next level.

  1. Skills to look for while hiring PHP Developers black arrow right

    When looking to hire PHP Developer, many people struggle with finding the right skills for their job. To help you find your perfect match and make a successful business decision we’ve picked out five core skill sets that are important.

    • 1. Open To Learning & Expanding Knowledge
    • 2. Expertise that goes beyond the basics
    • 3. Knowledge of other programming languages
    • 4. Easily adaptable to changes in PHP
    • 5. Ability to solve problems
    • 6. An excellent work ethic
  2. Interview questions to ask while hiring PHP Developers white black right

    What are the top skills a developer should possess in order to be successful? There is no one answer, but you'll need them to have thorough knowledge of PHP and how they can build with it efficiently. When interviewing prospective developers, make sure that your ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of PHP frameworks as well as good problem solving skills. You could start by asking these five questions:

    • 1. How do you develop your design concepts for new web applications?
    • 2. In order to test the stability of PHP modules, what systems do you have in place?
    • 3. Do you have any experience with front-end technologies?
    • 4. What server-side web application are you most proud of developing?
    • 5. Which part of developing server-side logic is the most challenging for you?
    • 6. What are the main error types in PHP and how do they differ?
    • 7. What are traits?
    • 8. What are PSRs? Choose one and briefly describe it.
  3. How to shortlist PHP Development professionals? white black right

    As you’re browsing available candidates, a shortlist of PHP coders is a great way to narrow down your options for finding the right talent. You may want to screen profiles on criteria such as:

    A good fit with technology

    Hire PHP Programmer who is familiar with the libraries and frameworks found in your technology stack.

    Workflow of the developer

    It would be advantageous for the developer to be familiar with any project management tools, test suites, or version control systems you use.


    Look for glowing testimonials or potential red flags in the reviews of past clients to get an idea of how a particular PHP developer works.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PHP developer?

PHP developers develop programs, applications, and web sites using the dynamic scripting language PHP. PHP is known for web development and business applications. PHP Developers, in the true sense, are a specialized subset of the ‘Developer’ position, depending on their job description.

PHP is ubiquitous in website development, and PHP Developers usually work behind the scenes or create UIs.

How to Hire Top PHP Developers?

Fill your vacant PHP developer positions with help from our Talent Acquisition experts that curate a pool of pre-vetted PHP coders so that you land on the right candidate quickly and hassle-free.

Why hire dedicated PHP developers?

When you want to Hire PHP developer you gain an advantage if you hire a dedicated PHP developer as you’d get complete control over the development cycle when you hire a dedicated person for the job.

How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

Hiring from the top 3.5% PHP Developers talent pool with Uplers Talent Connect costs as low as $2200/month.

How to select the best company in India to hire dedicated PHP programmer?

There are a large number of individual PHP developers and staffing agencies who are willing to provide services. However, you need to look for the one that brings you maximum advantages.

With Uplers and its intent to build a long-term association between the client & the talent, we ensure satisfaction from both sides to achieve this goal.

How experienced are the remote PHP developers at Uplers?

Our PHP Developers carry a minimum of 3 years of experience.

Will the PHP Developers work according to my timezone preference?

You have the freedom and control to manage the PHP coders according to your time zone, culture, processes and work priorities.

Why hire dedicated PHP programmers from an agency, not freelancers?

Uplers talent Connect’s pool of top PHP Developers undergo an aggressive vetting process and we pay our developers 1.5x of local pay to ensure better retention and high quality. Moreover, we also go an extra mile by taking care of the administrative tasks.

Which is the best framework for PHP development?

To choose the best PHP Framework for large scale applications, you need to focus on the functionalities and components that you’d want in the framework. The top PHP frameworks in 2021 would be Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, FuelPHP, etc.

How are Uplers dedicated PHP developers different?

Uplers’ intent is to build a long-term association between the client & the talent, and we ensure satisfaction from both sides to achieve this goal. Our talent pool goes through an aggressive vetting process and we pay our developers 1.5x of local pay to ensure better retention and high quality.

Is there any maintenance and support provided by you?

Yes, Uplers helps tackle your business needs head-on and gives you freedom from pre/post-hiring responsibilities.

What technologies did you have to use when working on that project?

We use PMS tools like Teamwork and ProofHub internally. However, we are always ready to accommodate the tool your team is more comfortable with. We also have experience working with Jira, BaseCamp, Trello, WorkFront, Wrike and many more. Hence, getting accustomed to your PMS is not a problem for us.