The .NET Framework is a software platform used by Windows machines. The first version was released in 2002 and it offers language interoperability. The .NET Framework is currently in its 4.7th iteration.

Despite the growth of smart devices, the laptop and desktop environment remains crucial.

The Windows desktop environment still dominates that segment with 73% market share.

That is why it is necessary to hire .NET developers for creating software.

How to hire a .NET programmer who can deliver precise code that executes perfectly?

We share below:

  • 5 technical questions to ask at the interview and possible response

  • 5 exploratory questions to ask at the interview and possible response

When you recruit remote .NET developers make sure they are able to answer to your satisfaction.

5 Technical questions to ask before you hire a .NET developer (and the response to expect)

If you want to hire .NET developers, the process has to be through and discover his weaknesses at the outset.

If you are looking to hire a dot net programmer, interview questions have to find the depth of knowledge in a few minutes.

These questions cover various aspects of the .NET Framework and test the candidate's understanding quite thoroughly. Any suitable candidate has to be able to provide a response to these without any hesitation.

  • 1
    What are the two parts of Base Class Library or BCL?

    Knowledgeable .NET programmers would know that the BCL is divided into two parts:

    • User-defined class library

    • Predefined class library

    The former is used for Assembly while the latter contains Namespace or a set of predefined methods and classes.

  • 2
    How does Common Language Runtime or CLR work?

    The CLR is at the core of .NET application development. It offers a software environment for code execution. Otherwise, we can think of it as a virtual machine.

    Any program written in a supported language such as C# and Visual Basic is converted into Common Intermediate Language. The CIL is essential for the operating system to execute the code efficiently.

    Besides it also performs other tasks such as managing memory, removing garbage code, and thread management.

  • 3
    What are the differences between managed and unmanaged code?

    Python, Java, .NET are examples of managed code.

    Managed code, in the context of the .NET Framework, requires the Common Language Runtime to execute. Unless there is .NET Framework it cannot be executed and prompts the user to install the runtime from Microsoft.

    Unmanaged code does not require .NET Framework for execution. C++ is an example of unmanaged code.

  • 4
    What is the importance of Just in Time?

    JIT is a type of compiler. The CPU cannot understand languages that we use for programming.

    The source code in VB or .NET is first converted into an intermediate language. Then the JIT compiler changes it to machine-level language when necessary instead of all at once. This speeds up CPU function by managing cache memory where bits of data are temporarily stored.

  • 5
    What is a Dynamic Link Library and Exe?

    A Dynamic Link Library or DLL is a type of file extension. They contain subsidiary programs that help larger programs to run. For example, if MS Word needs to print a document, it will call up the device driver, a type of DLL.

    An EXE file simply executes a program such as the installation of software that requires .NET Framework to operate.

5 Exploratory questions to ask before you hire a .NET developer (and the response to expect)

Knowledge of the .NET Framework is crucial but at the same time, one has to decipher his mental construct and intellect at a general level. Before you hire a dot net developer you need to know his mindset.

These questions strip him of his coder identity and reveal his persona more thoroughly.

  • 1
    Why should someone use .NET Framework?

    The benefits of using the .NET Framework outweigh ignoring it.

    • Build any type of application with more security.

    • Effortless development in less time.

    • Java or .NET, frameworks are demonstrably better.

    • Better memory management makes the program work faster.

    • Cross-platform operation on macOS and Linux with minor modifications.

    • Easy to hire dedicated dot net developers since it is matured technology with wide acceptance.

  • 2
    What are some mistakes you have made while programming?

    Be it a first-year Computer Science student or a five-year veteran at Google, everyone makes errors.

    It is not important that errors happen but to understand the interviewee’s attitude towards it.

    • Does he accept responsibility or was it always the fault of the client, manager, and colleague?

    • How does he react to his failures?

    • Do they make him more meticulous or does he gloss over them?

    • Will he have the ability to fit inside a team, understand the role and provide desirable output?

    The query also exposes what he expects from his team and whether he will take ownership of his work.

  • 3
    What do you do to keep your skills current?

    When hiring dedicated .NET Developers, look for the ones who find it necessary to remain abreast of developments. Unless constant education is undertaken they would be obsolete in as little as 3-5 years.

    Some might choose a MOOC course such as Udemy and Coursera and others depend on online forums coupled with self-study.

    Unless they have a clear interest in reading about coding (after college) and interacting online they would not remain up to date for long.

    Not only coding textbooks but manuals such as Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin are essential.

  • 4
    Convert 2E7 to decimal and binary notation.

    Hexadecimal is used by machines for assembly languages. A coder would not normally have to use it for software development.

    At the same time, it is a fundamental computing concept taught in Grades 7 – 10 of most school systems.

    The same holds true for binary notation.

    Unless a programmer has a basic idea of hardware he cannot be a good software writer. Ultimately everything is converted to 0s and 1s and stored in the cache.

  • 5
    Trying to hire a .NET developer is not easy. You have to cut through CV embellishments.

    Often fresh graduates would claim that they have dabbled in everything from Perl to Python. Asking them for the easiest syntax in each is the most painless way to cut through knowledge inflation.

    Most programmers claim to have learned six languages. The truth is for writing in at least three they would need cheat sheets. At least they must be able to write the first line of each by themselves.