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Are you looking for skilled AngularJS developers to build modern applications with the latest technologies? We, at Uplers, provide the best AngularJS developers in India who are equipped with the latest tools & skills.

We have a dynamic group of remote AngularJS developers who use innovative approaches to solving your business problems. With us, you get access to the world's top 3.5% dedicated AngularJS developers that aim to craft solutions that add value to your business.

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How do we vet the right talent?

Working with more than 7,000 clients globally, we have tailored the vetting process to meet hiring managers' expectations and to resolve their unique challenges.

Talents applying to be a part of the pool

Candidate Sourcing & Shortlisting

Our hiring process starts with reviewing applications against our minimum requirements, conducting background checks, and evaluating experience.


Language Proficiency

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the staffing industry. To evaluate a candidate's communication skills, we use the best tools.

Aptitude Evaluation

Top talent should possess good reasoning and problem-solving skills to perform a task. We assess these skills using a scientifically developed aptitude test.


Technical Assessment

The technical assessment was designed to differentiate contenders from pretenders based on their skills and knowledge.

Final Call

The final video interview is conducted with our Talent Acquisition experts to ensure a successful match.


3.5%Uplers Certified Talents

We have a room for everyone

Our AngularJS developers possess the following expertise.

AngularJS Developer

Experience: 2+ years

  • Designing and developing user interfaces using AngularJS best practices.
  • Adapting interface for modern internet applications using the latest front-end technologies.
  • Making complex technical and design decisions for AngularJS projects.
  • Developing application codes and unit tests in AngularJS, Java Technologies, and Rest Web Services.
  • Ensuring high performance of applications and providing support.
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Sr. AngularJS Developer

Experience: 6+ years

  • In-depth knowledge of AngularJS practices and commonly used modules.
  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components.
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS and JS methods for providing performing visual effects and keeping the frame rate above 30fps at all times.
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system.
  • Experience with building the infrastructure for serving the front-end app and assets.
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From sourcing to onboarding,
we've got you covered

  • Share your Requirements
    We can assist you in understanding technical requirements, as well as the dynamics of the team to hire a AngularJS developer.
  • We shortlist the right fit
    In less than 48 hours after you share your requirements, we screen and shortlist the first batch of candidates
  • You take the Interview
    We hand the ropes to you. Identify the best AngularJS Developer for your business by interviewing the pre-vetted candidates.
  • Talent On-boarding
    Once you handpick and finalize the talent, we assist you with setting the right expectations on both sides.

Hire our AngularJS Developers
for the following services

Custom Development

Our developers use their core expertise of development and programming to build web applications for startups and enterprises.

E-Learning Platforms

Hire AngularJS developers to develop safe and scalable learning platforms. We match your expectations of a powered online presence with our developers’ expertise.

API Integration

Hire AngularJS Developers to create seamless integration between different applications. Utilize our qualified resources to create an online business presence.

UI/UX Development

Our AngularJS developers follow the best practices to curate interactive and user-friendly UI/UX designs for your applications.

Why Hire AngularJS developers
from Uplers?

Quick Sourcing

You can begin hiring within 48 hours of sharing your requirement with us. Screening and sourcing are taken care of for you.


We have a team of dedicated AngularJS developers that are adept at providing you services that are cost-effective.

Talent Shortage

Uplers provides you with access to a pool of experienced candidates who have been pre-vetted and ready to join your company.

Flexibility in Time Zones

Our remote AngularJS developers are remote-ready and are adaptable to work at your timezone.

Remote Onboarding & Support

When you hire Angular developers from us we take care of your onboarding matters, such as payroll, IT or administration support.

Security and Compliance

Uplers adheres to worldwide data protection and compliance standards keeping your data safe and secure.

No Recruitment Fees

There are no charges associated with recruitment or service at Uplers. The salary is the only thing you pay.

No Obligation Interview

Interviewing a candidate does not obligate you to hire them. We recommend other profiles if you're not satisfied. No questions asked.

Easy Cancellation

Once you hire an AngularJS developer, if you feel he/she does not fit in, give us a month's notice, and we will suggest a replacement or if you prefer, you can terminate.

On-time delivery

Hire AngularJS programmers from Uplers Talent Connect who follow the work schedule strictly to provide on-time delivery.

Diverse Workforce

A remote workforce allows for an inclusive, diverse workplace regardless of social or geographical boundaries.

Higher Retention

Due to the 1.5x higher wages, Uplers employees are highly engaged and productive.

When you hire Angular developers from us, you save upto 60% on salaries.
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Industry Expertise Of Our Remote
AngularJS Developers

You can hire Angular developers from us while staying assured of deriving the optimal web solution that syncs perfectly with your industry type.

Developers for Marketing teams

Your marketing team can hire Angular developers to create websites that are highly functional. This will help you boost your branding efforts and take your business to new heights.

Developers for Web teams

Our team of AngularJS developers takes care of every phase of the project, from design through deployment.

Developers for Agencies

Deliver excellence and value to your clients in every project you handle and make your business soar.

  1. Essential things to keep in mind while hiring the Ideal AngularJS Developer for your next project? black arrow right

    With the rapid advancement of technology, more and more businesses are seeking to build dynamic one-page web applications. Out of all the JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS is currently the most preferred open-source framework. There are multiple advantages of using AngularJS for app development. It provides a user-friendly interface, Great Flexibility, Simple Architecture and Faster Deployment that makes web application development easy and smooth.

    Let's take a look at the few factors to consider before hiring an AngularJS Developer.

    1. Skills on the Angular Framework

    Angular developers must master the Angular framework. A quick learner who can quickly grasp the new updated versions of a framework is a skill to consider while hiring AngularJS developers. Every application has a few things in common, like forms, components, modules, and services. The person who knows how to combine these pieces is capable enough to build powerful applications with the Angular framework.

    2. Expertise In Core Javascript, CSS, And HTML.

    Irrespective of whether you are searching for an AngularJS developer, the prospective candidate should be well-versed with the core concepts of JavaScript. They should be proficient with CSS as well as HTML. Additionally, AngularJS Developers should have a good understanding of element interaction, their position, and UX concepts.

    3. Problem-Solving Skills

    Programming is all about understanding the problem, finding out the logic behind and then creating effective codes based on that logic. Therefore, every developer must have good problem-solving and analytical skills, be it a front-end or back-end developer.

    4. One to One Interview

    Conducting an interview is crucial because it helps in understanding the technical skills as well as behavioral aspects. While taking the Interview, always address all your concerns before taking the final decision.

    5. Attention to Details and Communication Skills

    The ideal candidate must be observant of details, pick up on minor errors, and possess exceptional communication skills that facilitate clear understanding of the requirements. Furthermore, the candidate’s ability to communicate shall ensure smooth coordination with the fellow teammates and avoid problems due to confusion.

    Closing note

    So down the line, before you start looking for an AngularJS developer, make sure you hire the right person, that helps in saving the time, cost and resources of the company.

  2. What are the benefits of AngularJS for Web Application Development? white black right

    AngularJS is a well-known framework maintained by Google to facilitate the development and testing processes amongst developers throughout the world. In simple terms, it's an open source framework that can develop single-page applications along with all the interactive elements we normally find on a website.

    Web developers prefer AngularJS over other frameworks because it prioritizes code quality and reliability. Many prominent websites and applications use AngularJS, including PayPal, Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Netflix, and Gmail.

    Easy to learn

    It’s an accessible language, people with knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can easily learn AngularJS. Just so, how long will it take to learn angular? If you are ready to spend at least 2-3 hours daily on learning Angular then around 2-3 months are sufficient.

    It is an MVC framework

    The AngularJS framework uses an MVC architecture, which is ideal for model building through dynamic processing. Modules are combined into an application, which are customized to meet the needs of the individual. Developers usually design components independently and then combine them.

    Dual data binding

    The most exciting feature of AngularJS is its two-way data. Every time a developer modifies the interface, those changes are immediately reflected in the app. It saves developers a lot of time and allows them to make the necessary changes to the application when the backend data changes.

    Accurate Testing

    This framework allows developers to test web applications easily. It provides both unit testing and end-to-end testing. In addition, AngularJS' testing features assist developers in resolving dependencies, which makes detecting bugs and errors easier.

    Support SPA’s feature

    With AngularJS you can build single-page applications (SPAs), which allow for faster site transitions, perform on every platform, and offer superb UI design. Some Single Page Applications are Gmail, Google Maps, Netflix, Pinterest, Paypal.

    Closing Note

    AngularJS framework is rich in features. With this structure, developers can develop top-notch dynamic web applications and can save a lot of resources and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire an AngularJS Developer?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for the front-end advancement of mobile & web application projects. When businesses want a customer driven approach, AngularJS wins over other frameworks for building mobile and web apps. It is helpful in Improving Design Architecture, Faster application development and Code Reusability.

What should I look for in an AngularJS developer?

Things to look at while hiring an AngularJS developer

  • Be proficient with the AngularJS Framework.
  • Be proficient with core JavaScript.
  • Expert in RESTful APIs.
  • Work with Node. Js and Webpack.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Application Development?

AngularJS offers dynamic features and exclusive advantages that distinguish it from other frameworks. It put forward an agile web app development process that is highly efficient in saving both time and cost required to complete the entire web app development process. Frameworks like this facilitate complete assistance in the entire process, and offer features such as dependency injection, parallel development, convenient testing, and simple architecture.

How much does an AngularJS developer cost per hour?

The AngularJSdeveloper rate varies from $10 to $100 per hour, depending upon the skills and experiences of the developer.

Difference between Angular & AngularJS?

First of all, Angular is based on TypeScript while AngularJS is based on JavaScript. The architecture of Angular uses components and directive whereas AngularJS works on MVC design. Angular is much faster than AngularJS. In fact, developers claim that if built correctly Angular applications are up to five times faster than AngularJS applications.

Is building a web app in AngularJS a secure choice?

Building a web app in AngularJS is a secure choice because of its automatic output encoding, supports strict contextual escaping and has an in-built content security policy (CSP).

Is AngularJS suitable for developing mobile-friendly applications?

AngularJS is an excellent tool for building any mobile app. This framework can be used to create web applications that run on any device. AngularJS can be combined with NativeScript, another open-source framework that enables iOS and Android development.