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Uplers Talent Connect can help you find top-notch developers who are experts in their field. We have been working with leading companies across the globe and assisting them hire the right talent from our pool of pre-vetted Laravel developers. Our extensive screening process ensures that we only connect you with experienced and trusted professionals who can deliver results quickly.

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Our Vetting Process

Laravel Experts who are a part of this pool have passed through an extensive screening process that comprises technical and non-technical tests, hence, are well-qualified.

Talents applying to be a part of the pool

Shortlisting of candidates

As the first step of our hiring process, multiple applications are screened against our minimum criteria, background checks are performed, and skills and experience are evaluated.


Command over language

The acquisition of talent and the staffing process are being revolutionized by artificial intelligence. To evaluate a candidate's nuances of speech, we use the best AI tools.

Aptitude Evaluation

To hire expert Laravel developers, we look for reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities. We evaluate these skills through a scientifically designed aptitude test.


Assessing Technical Knowledge

An extensive test is conducted to weed out those with little technical knowledge or proficiency from those with actual potential.

Personal Interview

The final video interview is conducted by our Talent Acquisition team, which understands the preferences and expectations of the candidates to match them with the right opportunity.


3.5%Uplers Certified Talents

We have a room for everyone

Our top Laravel Developers possess the following skills

Laravel Developer


Experience: 3+ years

  • Strong knowledge of the Laravel framework.
  • Develop and test API using JAVA framework.
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies- JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3.
  • Experience with RESTful web services.
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Sr. Laravel Developer


Experience: 5+ years

  • Proficiency in JS frameworks such as VueJS, ReactJS, and AngularJS.
  • Understanding of programming principles and API integrations.
  • Knowledge of Front-end technologies- JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3.
  • Understanding of MVC Design patterns.
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Hire expert Laravel Developers in Four Easy Steps

  • uplers
    Tell us what you’re looking for
    We will assist you with determining your technical requirements, team dynamics, and goals before you hire Laravel developers.
  • uplers
    We identify the most suitable talent
    In less than 48 hours after you share your requirements, we screen and shortlist the first batch of candidates.
  • uplers
    You conduct the Interview
    Pick the talent that is the best fit for your business by interviewing the pre-vetted candidates.
  • uplers
    Onboard your Laravel Developer remotely
    As part of our onboarding process, we provide the right frameworks and expectations on both sides.

Hire our Laravel Developers
for the following services

Customized Laravel Web Applications

To create an online presence, it is important that the right web solutions are being provided. Hire dedicated Laravel developers who are experienced in building custom web solutions for our global clients in diverse industries.

Laravel Migration Services

Transforming your business application helps you sustain in the market and lets your users stay engaged. Onboard expert Laravel programmers who quickly and reliably provide migration services from other technologies/frameworks to Laravel.

Laravel CMS Development

Hire Laravel developers to design and develop Ecommerce and CMS websites with the best features and aesthetic appeal. Our remote Laravel developers provide excellent services and Ecommerce solutions to our global clients.

Laravel Integration & Maintenance

Hire dedicated full-time Laravel developers to keep your web applications managed & maintained following the best practices. Our Developers also integrate and upgrade your existing app with Laravel from other platforms.

API & Module Development

In addition to providing reliable module development solutions, our Laravel consultants maintain data on Laravel cloud storage. They’re equipped to build online portals & are adept at custom APIs development for small to large businesses.

Why Hire Laravel Developers
from Uplers?

Best-in-the-industry Talent

We conduct an extensive vetting process with only the top 3.5% making progress through our technical and behavioral assessments.

Quality Guaranteed

We provide fully vetted and experienced professionals with knowledge and expertise in their respective domains so they can start working immediately upon hiring.

Increased Employee Retention

We ensure that our talent is paid well. Developers earn 1.5x compared to local pay, hence, promising better retention and high-quality output.

Higher Scalability

Save time and energy by hiring ready-to-deploy talents. Not just that, but we also have a provision wherein you can scale up or scale down your team anytime.

Simplistic Contracts

For the developers to seamlessly integrate with your wider team, we require a minimum of a 1-year contract. However, the majority of our contracts last for 2 years.

Save on Salary

With Uplers, you save up to 50% on salaries over local talent without sacrificing quality.

Talent Shortage

The global tech talent crunch is coming for your business. Before it does, start attracting and retaining more talented employees from our curated pool.

Diverse Workforce

Be more appealing to top talent and beat the competition with a diverse workforce.

Security and Compliance

Keep your data safe and secure with Uplers' global data protection and compliance standards.

No Recruitment Fees

There are no charges associated with recruitment or service at Uplers. You only have to pay the salary.

No Obligation Interview

An interview with a candidate does not imply that you will hire that person. If you're not satisfied, we recommend other profiles.

Easy Cancellation

Once you hire a dedicated Laravel developer and you feel that the candidate does not fit in, give us a month's notice, and we will suggest a replacement or if you prefer, we can terminate the contract.

When you hire dedicated Laravel developers from us, you save upto 60% on salaries.
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Whatever the function,
we have you covered.

Developers for Marketing teams

Hire Laravel developers to work in conjunction with your marketing team to produce websites that take your branding to the next level.

Developers for Web teams

From design through to deployment, hire Laravel developers to take care of the entire process.

Developers for Agencies

Deliver excellence and value to your clients with every project and take your business to the next level.

  1. Top reasons why you should choose Laravel framework for PHP Web Development black arrow right

    Laravel is considered one of the robust frameworks. That is the reason why businesses choose this framework for web application development. In this article, we'll go over the advantages of using the Laravel Framework.

    1. Template Engine

    With Laravel, developers can quickly and easily build interactive layouts for websites with appealing content that are easy to use.

    That means now you can create extraordinary designs with dynamic content seeding. Moreover, it contains various widgets having JS and CSS code with solid structures.

    Laravel is also equipped with the Blade template engine, which is the simplest but most powerful PHP templating engine. Blade allows you to attach PHP code to views and compile views into PHP code. In effect, you can increase the performance of your website by compiling and caching PHP code views until you change them.

    Additionally, a blade server allows for layout expansion and data display with minimal effect on application performance.

    Apart from providing a variety of convenient shortcuts for general PHP functions, Laravel provides some unique features that contribute to adding flexibility to the web development process, such as template inheritance and displaying data.

    2. MVC Architecture

    The MVC framework is one of the major reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for developers. Laravel offers MVC support, which improves the overall performance, better documentation, and offers multiple functionalities unlike most other platforms.

    As a software architecture, MVC separates application, business, domain, and logic logic from the rest of the user interface, and the patterns ensure transparency between rationale and presentation.

    Additionally, Laravel provides multiple simultaneous views of the same model. Also, using different templates allows the MVC pattern to recycle application logic. Laravel offers an array of MVC features that other frameworks don't; that's why you should choose Laravel instead of others. This makes Laravel development quite attractive and accessible, comparatively.

    3. Community support

    Laravel provides a large community where you can get new tips that help you in web application development. Even if you are stuck at any point during the web application development, you can seek assistance from the large community of Laravel and resolve the concern as soon as possible.

    Moreover, with the Laravel PHP Framework, you have

    Though many PHP frameworks come with a price tag, Laravel is an open-source framework for web developers. Also, it has a strong community that supports the framework to make it more advanced and flexible. Moreover, the Laravel PHP Framework has professional staff to solve your problems in every step and a great tutorial to understand the framework and its usage better.

    Laravel itself is very active and keeps updated documentation with the community. To get the solution to your problem, you have to post your doubts in forums.

    4. ORM System

    Laravel is equipped with an Eloquent ORM. This system will let you design and develop the database project with an Active Record implementation and perform typical database operations through a model. Therefore, you can define the model without performing any critical SQL queries and perform typical database operations. You will also be able to use this specific database synchronization to other databases running on other development systems.

    5. Object-oriented Libraries

    Facilitate faster and easy development of web applications. This framework provides developers with many object-oriented libraries to build full-flag web applications for businesses. Hire Laravel consultants who can also use pre-written code and class libraries to make the development of web applications quicker and faster.

  2. Interview questions to ask while hiring Laravel Developers white black right

    When interviewing prospective Laravel programmers, make sure that your ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of Laravel frameworks as well as good problem solving skills. You could start by asking these following questions:

    What are the popular features of Laravel?

    Eloquent ORM, Query builder, Reverse routing, Class auto-loading, Restful controllers, Blade template engine, Lazy collection, Unit testing, Database seeding, and Migrations, are several popular features of the Laravel framework.

    What are some benefits of Laravel over other PHP frameworks?
    • - It’s quick and simple
    • - Advanced security features
    • - Better website performance
    • - Great for traffic handling
    • - Easy third-party integrations
    • - Simple website maintenance

    What are the databases supported by the Laravel framework?

    Laravel supports the following databases:

    • - PostgreSQL
    • - SQL Server
    • - SQLite
    • - MySQL

    How do you generate migrations?
    • - Create a new User entity.
    • - Build the application.
    • - Generate a migration file.
    • - Build and run the migration.
    • - Add new columns to the entity.
    • - Build the application.
    • - Generate another migration file.
    • - Build and run the migration.

    What is the templating engine used in Laravel?

    The templating engine used in Laravel is Blade.

    What are Events in Laravel?

    An event is an occurrence or action that helps you to subscribe and listen for events that occur in Laravel application. Some of the events are fired automatically by Laravel when any activity occurs.

    Explain important directories used in a common Laravel application.

    Directories used in a common Laravel application are:

    • App/: This is a source folder where our application code lives. All controllers, policies, and models are inside this folder.
    • Config/: Holds the app's configuration files. These are usually not modified directly but instead, rely on the values set up in the .env (environment) file at the root of the app.
    • Database/: Houses the database files, including migrations, seeds, and test factories.
    • Public/: Publicly accessible folder holding compiled assets and of course an index.php file.

    What is the latest Laravel version?

    The latest Laravel version is version 8, which was released on September 8, 2020, with new features like Laravel Jetstream, model factory classes, migration squashing, Tailwind CSS for pagination views and other usability improvements.

    What is MVC architecture?

    It is Model, View, and Controller:

    • Model: Model defines logic to write Laravel application.
    • View: It covers the UI logic of Laravel application.
    • Controller: It works as an interface between Model, and View. It is a way how the user interacts with an application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire expert Laravel developers from India?

Indian employees are known for their hard work, dedication, loyalty, and leadership capabilities. In addition, hiring dedicated Laravel developers from India would cost half as much as hiring developers locally.

How can I hire Laravel developer from India?

There are a large number of individual Laravel developers who’d be willing to work for you. However, you need to look for the one that brings you maximum advantages.

Uplers, in the effort to build a long-term business partnership between the client and talent, ensure the interests of each party.

How much does it cost to hire Laravel developers?

Hiring Laravel programmers from the curated talent pool with Uplers Talent Connect costs as low as $3000/month.

Is it possible to migrate an existing PHP website into a Laravel PHP application?

When you are migrating legacy PHP applications you won’t have migration scripts available for the database. You can use the Laravel Migrations Generator package to generate migration scripts from the existing database.

Which is the best framework to build an app or website in PHP?

When we talk about PHP frameworks, one of the names that tend to surface the most is Laravel. As an open-source MVC-based PHP web framework, it is easy to use, intuitive, and scalable.

What is the experience of your offshore Laravel developers?

Our Laravel developers carry a minimum of 3 years of experience.

What are the advantages of hiring developers from Uplers?

Hire dedicated Laravel developers from Uplers and unveil an efficient way of executing business operations. Our talent curators take over the legwork and give you freedom from the tedious hiring process and even post-hiring responsibilities.