Resourceful, Resilient, and Adaptive!

India, a thriving tech hub for over 6 Million tech talent.

India is the
growing IT hub

India has over 11% of the global tech talent, making it one of the largest tech talent pools in the world.

Indian Tech Talents in Numbers:

7 million

Java Developers

5 million

Software Developers

1.5 million

Android Developers

3 million

iOS Developers

1.7 million

Skilled in AI, Robotics, Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity

Why Indian talents are the preferred choice

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Effective Cross-Culture Communication

Indian talents excel in cross-cultural communication, fostering collaboration and inclusivity. At Uplers, guided training ensures effective communication across diverse teams.

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English Language Skills

India, the second-largest English-speaking country, has 12% of its population fluent in English. Uplers talents, selected through specialized tests, communicate proficiently for clear client and team interaction.

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Technical Expertise

In a tech-driven landscape, advanced skills are imperative. Uplers' rigorous vetting process, including AI screening, identifies talents with exceptional technical proficiency for innovative solutions.

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Being remote-ready is the cornerstone of modern work dynamics. Recognizing the importance of being remote-ready, Uplers talents seamlessly transition into virtual work environments, ensuring adaptability and continued productivity.

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Available in Your Time-Zones

Uplers talents, available across time-zones, offer flexibility for project demands. Collaborate with talents aligned to your preferred work hours, optimizing productivity globally.

Indian Tech Talents and Their Footprints


20% of Engineers in Microsoft are Indians.


Around 30% of engineers in Google are Asians (most of which are Indians!)


Facebook has 12000 Indians both who work in the U.S and remotely from India.


1 out of every 3 Engineers is an Indian in Apple.

How Uplers makes hiring simple, reliable and fast!

Uplers simplifies the hiring process with a dedicated focus on client and talent satisfaction. From sourcing top tech and digital professionals to seamless onboarding, our streamlined approach ensures reliable and swift hiring.

Check out what our clients have to say about their experience of hiring top Indian talent.

Discover how to optimize cross-culture communication for improved Indian talent retention & productivity!


Are there any challenges in communicating with Indian Talents?

All talents go through the AI-powered communication assessment to test reading ability, fluency of speech, writing, pronunciation, and speed of speech and only the successful ones reach our network.

Won't there be a time zone difference?

Indian talents are extremely flexible and adaptable to work in different time zones. We have talents for all time zones, including US, UK & AU.

We don't have any legal entity in India, can we still hire?

Absolutely, we cover that part. A company won't be required to have any legal entity in India. There will be an agreement between Uplers and the company, and another contract between Uplers and Talent, as per Indian labour laws.