Why Indian Talents?

40% 40%

Saving on employment costs

125M 125M

Indians are fluent in English

1.5M 1.5M

Skilled engineers
graduate annually

245M 245M

Estimated talent
surplus by 2030

How to Hire Top Indian Talents
with This Guide


Create a well articulated JD to inform & educate talents about your requirements

Filter out unsuitable talents to increase the efficacy of the hiring process


Engage talents from the very first interaction for low employee turnover rate

Understand the tax provisions and labor codes in India to avoid penalties


Key features of this hiring guide

Hiring solutions to source, vet, hire, and pay top Indian talents

Exclusive talent sourcing platforms

Effective talent vetting methods

Effective talent vetting methods

Premium AI tools for each step

Premium AI tools for each step

Top talent shortlisting strategies

Top talent shortlisting strategies

Efficient Remote On-boarding tips

Efficient Remote On-boarding tips

Proficient Payroll Management tips

Crucial payroll management tips

About Uplers

Uplers is India’s leading hiring platform, making hiring from India simpler, faster and reliable. With a network of 200,000+ talents, pre-vetted against their technical capabilities, language proficiency and behavioral skills, we are helping brands tap into India’s top 3.5% talent.