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United States
San Diego
9655 Granite Ridge Dr Suite
200, CA 92123
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Level 6, 241 Commonwealth Street,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
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Uplers House, Next to Kalasagar Mall,
Sattadhar Cross Roads,
Ahmedabad 380061
How it works
  • Get In Touch
    Get in Touch
    Please utilise the contact information provided on our website to reach out to us via email, chat, or phone in order to share your hiring requirements.
  • Introduction & Discovery
    Introduction & Discovery
    We will extend an invitation to you for a Discovery Call where we can delve into your requirements, address any inquiries you may have, introduce ourselves, and outline our process.
  • Raise a Hiring Request
    Raise a Hiring Request
    Following the call, we will raise the hiring request with all the necessary information to find the perfect matches/candidates with you.
  • Receive Profiles
    Receive Profiles
    We will meticulously review your requirements in order to shortlist and subsequently share the most suitable profiles with you.
  • Conduct Interviews
    Conduct Interviews
    Once you have reviewed the shortlisted profiles, we will proceed to schedule interviews with the candidates of your choice.
  • Hire a Talent
    Hire a Talent
    Congratulations on selecting the ideal candidate for the role! We will now proceed with the onboarding process for the selected talent on your behalf.

Our Success Stories

Linda Farr
Linda Farr
Chief of Staff , Incubeta

Tap into global talent pool

Uplers successfully connected Incubeta with professionals that aligned with their needs from a talent network of 200,000+.

Chris Wight
Chris Wight
Associate Director, Directive Consulting

Adaptability with in-house teams

The Directive Consulting team had a pleasant experience collaborating with Uplers' account managers who demonstrated excellent communication skills and provided valuable ideas.

Wilco van Duinkerken
Scale Force
Wilco van Duinkerken
SaaS Chief Technology, ScaleForce

Easy to work with

Uplers swiftly grasped ScaleForce's requirements, promptly scheduling interviews with suitable candidates within the desired budget and a remarkably short timeframe.

Venus Wills
Venus Wills
Senior Director of Demand Execution, Tanium

Bulk hiring made easy

Tanium smoothly incorporated a group of Uplers' remote developers into their existing team, achieving seamless collaboration and efficient operations.


I have a query regarding a Job Opening/Vacancy

Please directly email or you can fill up the form available at the bottom of our careers page -

The above form is not tracked for Job opening / Vacancy related queries and one should not expect a response for the same.

When will I get a response?

Our team works 24*5, the concerned team member would reach out to you via email within 24 working hours after you have submitted your query. You can always connect with someone through our chat support as well.

We highly encourage you to be precise with the query and provide as much information as possible to come back with an immediate solution or next steps in our first response to you.

What is Uplers?

Uplers is a hiring platform that allows companies around the world to hire the top remote Indian talents.

What is Uplers Talent Network?

We have built India’s largest talent network of top professionals, who are vetted and available to be hired by international brands across the globe.

Who can use this platform?

Our majority of the clients are based out of the United States, United Kingdom & Australia. These are tech giants, and start-ups from various industries. Perhaps, this platform is for everyone who is looking to hire top Indian talents remotely.

Which talents are available on this platform?

Web developers, Digital marketers, designers, Software engineers, App developers, and all the other roles that the tech industry requires and hires.

What’s different about these talents from Uplers?

They are pre-vetted. It means that every candidate that you interview has excellent communication skills and are technically the best that you can get from India.

They get certified through our talent network, which has a rigorous vetting process and only the top 3.5% make it to our platform. So you only interview the best.

How can I hire faster?

After you raise a hiring request on our platform, we’ll match the top profiles with your job description within hours and will share the available profiles in the next couple of days. Then it's totally up to you, how quickly you want to interview, draw an offer, and onboard the talent. We have an average time to fill a position of 7 days, against the benchmark of 42 days through traditional recruitment methods within the United States.

How can I save on hirings?

When you hire from the Uplers platform, there are no recruitment fees or commissions for recruitments.

On top of it, you by default save an average of 40% when you hire from India against the local salaries in the United States.

How can I hire more efficiently?

Every talent is pre-vetted and matched against the Job description that you provide. This reduces the guesswork/intuitions and increases the chances of right-hire drastically, without the need of a technical recruiter.

How can I hire multiple talents in a short period?

Uplers platform has 200,000+ talents, hence when you raise 50 hiring requests all at once, each request is matched at the same time, without waiting for the first one to be closed.

Will the talent work in the US time zone?

Our talent network has talents who are flexible to work in multiple time zones, hence based on your preference only those talents would be matched which would be available to work in your timezone.

Can I assess the talent on my own?

Absolutely, you can share the test link or the way you would like to assess the talent. Our team would get your shortlisted talent to take the assessment accordingly.

What if I am unhappy with my talent’s performance?

Uplers will help you with the replacement or you can cancel the agreement with a 30-days notice period, just like any other employee of yours.

What if I don’t want my team members anymore?

You can cancel the agreement with a 30-days notice period at any given time. Giving your team member enough time to find another job opportunity.