Hiring Indian talent was never this easy.

A platform that takes care of everything beforehand.
Uplers source, vet, match and manage the talents for you.

  • Step 1

    Share the Job Description

    Share complete roles, and responsibilities, must-have skills, necessary market experience, and budget.

    On top of this, we’ll also ask certain behavioral questions to ensure that we not only find talent with technical skills but also someone who matches the vibe and culture that you have in your company.

    The more information you share, the better matchmaking we would be able to do for you.

  • Step 2

    Review & Shortlist the Matches

    We will match the best fit profile(s) in the next few days for your reviewal. You can shortlist and share the time slots for us to schedule interviews.

    Certain roles & skills are not always readily available, in such cases, we will buy additional time and would super-source specifically for you.

    For better clarity, when we receive the hiring request, there are 3 cases that we come across in terms of matchmaking:

    • We already have someone in our network who can immediately apply.

    • We have someone in our database, but they aren't vetted. So once the successful screening is done, we share the profile.

    • We do not have a match, so we go into the market and source as soon as possible.

    #Pre-interview Assessments - If you want any talents to take any additional assessment to better judge their technical capabilities, you can share your tests and the candidate would be more than willing to complete them.

  • Step 3

    Interview & Hire

    Assess them until you are confident, and provide feedback.

    Because every talent is pre-vetted against their communication skills, technical capabilities, and more, we reduce the guesswork and the probability of a wrong hire drastically.

    This helps even non-technical managers/interviewers to assess the talents mainly on the VIBE check.

    #No-Obligation Interview - You are not obligated to hire unless you are 100% confident and happy with the talent.

    #No Risk Trial - We have the option where the talent can work for up to 2 weeks (based on availability), which allows many clients to gain more trust and confidence to decide on hiring, in the case where the clients are in two minds after the interview.

  • Step 4

    Onboard & Manage

    After you confirm the talent, we sort all the legalities and contract with the talent, ensure a smooth onboarding and help you manage the talent.

    A talent success coach from Uplers remains to ensure the engagement between the client and talent is top-notch.

    #30-days Replacement - You will always have the option of replacement if you ever face challenges with the talent, which Uplers will fulfill without a problem.

    #Easy Cancellation - In an unfortunate event if you don’t need the talent anymore or if there are constant performance challenges, you can opt for cancellation of engagement by giving a 30 days notice period at any given time.

Our Success Stories

Linda Farr

Tap into Global Talent Pool

Uplers helped Incubeta tap into the global talent pool, making it easier to find the best talent that fits in with the requirements perfectly.

Chris Wight

Adaptability with in-house teams

Uplers’ Account Managers were friendly, easy to work and had great ideas & communication skills.

Wilco van Duinkerken
Scale Force

Easy to work with

Uplers was quick to understand Scaleforce’s requirements & schedule multiple interviews with the right candidates, in the right budget, in a very short duration.

Venus Wills

Bulk hiring made easy

Tanium hired a team of remote developers from Uplers who were completely in sync with its in-house team which made the operations go smoothly.

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