Uplers launched in 2019 as a result of the merger between three giant companies, namely OCTOS, WebbyMonks and EmailMonks. However, it's been around 8+ years for us in the industry. We have worked for over 7,000+ global clients and have a team of 500+ individual professionals working with us.

Uplers is one of the largest, globally recognized outsourcing agencies in the industry, empowering businesses across the globe to build a better digital ecosystem.

We are an outsourcing team that works for Ogilvy, Disney, Amazon, leading digital agencies and countless others.

We provide high performing teams for web development, digital marketing & marketing automation.

All throughout these years, there were many challenges that we faced but one ‘key’ challenge that came across us is the habit of the Indian market having a ‘yes-man’ approach. We observed that the Indian market has been extremely accommodative to saying ‘yes’ to clients, irrespective of the impact it causes on both ends.

Committing to work without clear understanding, missing deadlines, being dishonest with clients has shaken the core of the service industry at large.

But, we at Uplers do not believe in the ‘Yes Man’ approach.

We as a company take pride in being the pioneers of KNOW approach. It's an amalgamation of words ‘KNOW’ and ‘NO’. It is our unique way of working with our clients. It is built around what we know works, and what we know does not.

Saying a positive NO creates opportunities for us to ask the right questions, for a better understanding of expectations and to set realistic timelines making sure the deliverables are aligned.


Our approach is based on the below characteristics


We only commit to realistic timelines. We ensure that our commitments are realistically aligned with our execution teams to ensure that the final outcome is of the optimal quality.

Value Time

We ask the necessary questions to the clients’ at the very initial period making sure that the time invested at both ends, serves the purpose.


We keep a two-way knowledge sharing communication in everything we do. We educate clients’ about the practices that we as industry leaders follow, with proven results of the qualitative outcomes.

KNOW Stands For

  • K
  • N
    Need Analysis
  • O
  • W
    Wow Factor

Our idea of the KNOW approach has taken us forward to think about a solution that aligns processes, skills, time, and knowledge. The answer was to provide resources as a service that are mentored by us with the same DNA that Uplers as a company believes in.

Thus, we are leading the way towards our Dedicated Teams Model.

This model has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the industry challenges that businesses worldwide are facing with work execution. It is the ideal solution for businesses worldwide, keeping your end goals in mind by making sure of productive deliverables.

Our Dedicated Teams Model is the Epitome of Effective, Excellent, and Engaging Execution!

The Dedicated Teams Process


Uplers will begin by understanding your expectations from the Dedicated Teams and accordingly work out the roadmap that will help us determine the right fit for your requirements. The focus is to help you form teams who can understand your needs and make the execution more qualitative.


Based on the roadmap we will assign you service-specific teams or cross-functional teams that fit your needs and sync with your company goals.


We will give you a clear understanding of the team assigned that ensures you achieve the desired results. The teams will be working dedicatedly towards your end goal. Its Uplers responsibility to ensure optimal output by each member in the teams.

Resources As a Service

Our resource skills are divided into 3 categories, each with their unique characteristics. Based on the requirement, we map the right talent, at the right time, at the right price. Uplers take complete ownership on suggesting the right category of resources.

We have divided each category after thorough analysis of 5,000+ requirements, years of industry experience and with surveys and opinions from the industry leaders.


Profile: Technically sound, quick, task-driven.

Definition: People with hands-on experience working on multiple campaigns from different niches and know all the campaign implementations on respective platforms. Skilled resources are good at execution although they might have limited exposure to technical strategy creation.

  • Domain-Specific Skills
  • Ability to Execute Rightly in Given Time
  • Works on the Basic Level of Execution Tasks


Profile: Deeply technical, suggestive, problem solver, process-driven.

Definition: People with considerable experience working on multiple channels for different clients with in-depth knowledge of platforms enabling them to be involved in platform-specific account planning and strategizing along with the execution.

  • Hold experience of up to 2-4 years
  • Has knowledge, ability, and expertise in detecting errors, performing checks, and resolving issues
  • Competent to work on complex tasks


Profile: Technical strategist, solution finder, results-driven.

Definition: People having the capabilities to reverse engineer the numbers and strategize for campaigns with thorough business understanding. With their diverse and rich experience on the technical side, they are the best choice when it comes to holistic strategy and planning.

  • Ability to resolve complexities in execution seamlessly
  • Knowledge and ability to test solutions for problems, validate assumptions, and to associate one idea to another to reach a solution
  • Comprehends the scope of a project

Reasons to Build Dedicated Teams With Uplers

  1. Ownership


    We take full ownership of the team’s performance. We are equally involved in every process and ensure handing over deliverables on time and making sure everyone is focused on doing a brilliant job each time.

  2. Transparency


    We ensure that we are transparent with everything we do. We make sure that we select the right candidate with the right skill for your requirements.

  3. Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    We embrace change and are constantly evolving. We push and elevate each other with the shared goal of doing awesome work. We take pride in the quality of work we do and put our hearts into everything we do.

  4. Integrity


    Our client’s trust is of the utmost importance to us. From inception to completion, we make sure everything from the smallest piece of information to all your data is kept secure.

  5. Great Culture

    Great Culture

    We take pride in making our workspace a happy and safe place for our people. We nurture positivity and trust which has led to Uplers achieving a retention rate of 85%.

  6. We Love What We Do

    We Love What We Do

    Each one of our people are passionate about what they do. It's a prerequisite to join our team. We bring years of relevant experience, loads of talent, endless enthusiasm and passion in the search of complete optimization. Our creative process starts with the “why” and ends with the “wow”.

  7. Self Growth

    Self Growth

    As lifelong mentors and mentees, we take every chance to stretch ourselves and each other. We are constantly working towards evolving and keeping up with the latest technology and tools.

  8. Price Equality

    Price Equality

    Our prices are fixed. Even before we commence your work you have a clear understanding of the team and the costing. The perk of this is that you get to choose the team that you may find fit. We will be happy to put it together alongside you.