Born in the difficult period of the pandemic, Uplers is a tech-enabled platform that makes hiring, and getting hired, reliable, simple, and fast.

Leveraging the transformative power of AI & ML and remote work, Uplers matches deeply-vetted Indian talents with top companies, offering multiple engagement models enabling flexibility and scalability for hiring companies, as well as freedom and rewarding careers for top Indian tech and digital professionals.

Uplers is already leveraged by hundreds of top companies, from hot start-ups to multinational organizations, and has more than 1 Million vetted Indian talent on its platform.

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Our founders

Jaymin Bhuptani,   Founder & CEOlinkedinicon

Our visionary leader is a serial entrepreneur who has built and scaled several businesses. Jaymin has a singular belief in the value of focus. He helps everyone at Uplers remain absorbed in our endeavor to solve somplex challenges of clients and talents. He is passionate about adopting innovative technologies to solve real-world challenges. Besides his strong belief in uplifting everyone the organization touches, it's his passion for actionable data and decisions thereof that embody the magical, positive, and transformative spirit of a Unicorn.

Nital Shah,   Founder & COOlinkedinicon

Nital embodies the much-needed structure, and decisiveness that enables Uplers to navigate complex and uncertain micro and macro environments, whilst keeping our eye on the mission. With a steadfast yet flexible approach, Nital anchors our teams and processes, fostering a people-centric, growth-focused culture built on trust and transparency.


Our values = Our way of life!



We honor commitments, safeguard data, and speak the truth.



We're courteous, uphold boundaries, and push for excellence.



We're truthful and accountable, and we verify for reliability.



We actively listen, embrace diverse views, and support without assumptions.


Being Candid

We speak honestly, without disrespect or over-sharing.


Taking Charge

We take initiative without overshadowing the team.


Growth Focus

We embrace change, strive for excellence, and learn continuously.


Customer Focus

We solve problems while setting healthy boundaries.


Respect Data

We leverage data for insights with mindful analysis.

Our Brand

We are driven by the desire to uplift everyone we touch.

Technology, Empathy, and Agility are the key pillars of our brand, enabling us to adapt quickly in response to changing market dynamics but doing so in the most humane way possible whilst leveraging the power of emerging technologies like Al & ML.

Our origami-inspired design language reflects our ability to adapt quickly when needed whilst remaining creative and flexible in our approach to meet the current and future needs of clients and talents.

We aspire to be most responsive to both clients and talents, and that's how we'll add the greatest value to all stakeholders throughout the typical hiring journey.


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