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Salesforce Developer
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  1. Questions to ask when interviewing a Salesforce Consultant black arrow right

    If you are planning to hire a Salesforce consultant to join your in-house team, you should look for someone who has:

    • Profound knowledge of the platform
    • Unparalleled skill set
    • Far-fetched expertise

    The right Salesforce consultant should be able to offer scalable and game-changing solutions to take your business to the next level.

    A capable Salesforce consultant not only helps you to streamline business processes, but they can also help you manage your clients and set client relationships more effectively.

    To find such a qualified Salesforce consultant, you need to properly screen each potential candidate when interviewing them.

    Let’s find out the kind of questions you should ask during the interview to make an informed decision.

    5 Technical Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Salesforce Consultant

    A Salesforce consultant should have the necessary technical knowledge to recommend the right Salesforce solutions. Make sure to test their technical acumen with questions such as these:

    • 1

      What Are Some Ways to Maintain Clean Data in Salesforce?

      An experienced functional consultant Salesforce should ensure that any data that enters Salesforce is clean. Implementing this rule should reduce the instances where retroactively cleaning data becomes necessary.

      There are several ways to keep the original data clean and various ways of cleaning it retroactively. Here are a few examples:

      Validation: Experienced Salesforce consultants use Validation to keep data clean. It can come in various forms such as:

      • Required fields
      • Validation rules
      • Using picklists instead of free text fields
      • Setting correct permissions

      These features are there to make sure that users can only enter clean data into the system. It is also one of the best methods for preventing bad data from entering the system.

      Duplicate management: Duplication of data is a common issue Salesforce users face. Duplication of data can occur from various sources such as:

      • Initial data load
      • Marketing leads
      • Manual entries

      A Salesforce consultant should be able to use the platform's powerful duplicate tools to prevent this from happening.

      Training: The best way to maintain clean data is to offer sufficient training to the users. A capable Salesforce consultant should be able to explain to the rest of the team how to enter and access data without corrupting it.

    • 2

      Can You Explain The Difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

      Sales Cloud was the first product released by Salesforce. It is designed to help businesses manage sales cycles and keep track of their customers and customer relationships.

      Sales Cloud also extends the CRM by providing features and functionalities for:

      • Opportunity management
      • Lead management
      • Forecasting
      • Quoting

      Service Cloud is a similar product, but it is part of the platform's core CRM cloud. The primary goal of Service Cloud is to support organizations with their customer service department. It has functionalities such as:

      • Entitle Management
      • Case management
      • Email2Case
      • Knowledge bases

      A Salesforce functional consultant should be able to tell you how these features help an organization streamline its sales and customer relations departments.

    • 3

      What are the Top Benefits of AppExchange?

      The primary goal behind Salesforce AppExchange was to allow Salesforce partners to develop specialist apps on top of the platform.

      AppExchange offers similar benefits that any app store such as Google Play or Play Store offers.

      It mainly provides out-of-the-box applications (both free and paid) that help to extend the functionalities of Salesforce.

      Salesforce offers both simple and complex apps that help to automate core business processes.

    • 4

      How is a Role Different from a Profile in Salesforce?

      In Salesforce, Profiles are features that you can add to a user record. Profiles are a fundamental requirement when setting up a user, but Role is optional.

      With Profile, you can control object privileges such as Create, Read, Edit, and Delete (CRED). Profiles also contain system permissions for users to perform such as exporting data.

      On the other hand, Roles are necessary when it comes to sharing records across the organization. Roles function in a hierarchical fashion, offering users access to records, which are owned by individuals lower down in the hierarchy.

    • 5

      Why Should You Use a Sandbox to Make Changes?

      A Salesforce technical consultant should be able to tell you the importance of using Sandbox when making changes.

      A Sandbox provides users with an environment where they can make changes without the risk of breaking anything.

      Since Salesforce development is fairly complex, using a Sandbox for making changes is necessary.

    5 Exploratory Questions to Ask before You Hire a Salesforce Consultant

    The following exploratory questions should help you figure out whether a candidate has the right experience to join your team.

    • 1

      How Would You Deal with Non-Technical Clients?

      An experienced Salesforce consultant should know how to deal with non-technical clients since most people involved in a project are from a business perspective. That is why a consultant should:

      • Be understanding of the fact that not everyone has the technical acumen.
      • Avoid talking too much in technical jargons and explain processes and features in layman's terms.
      • Explain Salesforce solutions by going over how automation works instead of talking about core technical stuff.

      Even in situations that call for technical discussions, an experienced Salesforce consultant should be creative in drawing real-life examples to help people understand.

    • 2

      What Tips Would You Give to Improve User Adoption?

      Adoption is the most critical step that occurs at the end of a project. Building an efficient roll-out and training plan is necessary to make sure that users are fully equipped to use and apply the system correctly. A capable Salesforce consultant will improve user adoption through methods such as:

      • Training
      • Ongoing support
      • Project involvement
      • Feature development

      The right Salesforce consultant focuses on the end goal right from the beginning of a project.

    • 3

      What is Your Advice for Customers Who Have No Salesforce Experience but Are Looking to Self-Implement?

      This question is really asking "is it worth hiring a Salesforce consultant?"

      Salesforce is a complex system that requires hardcore technical knowledge. A self-implemented system is bound to have flaws, which can create problems.

      A capable Salesforce consultant should be able to explain why they are necessary.

    • 4

      How Do You Stay Updated on New Salesforce Products, Features, or Apps?

      Top Salesforce consultants need to stay on top of all the features and apps offered by the platform. They keep themselves updated by checking Salesforce Release Notes, Salesforce blogs, and attending Salesforce events.

    • 5

      How Would You Describe Salesforce to a Client Who Does Not Know What a CRM Is?

      Explaining what Salesforce is and what it does to someone who does not know what a CRM is can be difficult. However, it is the Salesforce consultant's job to simplify complex technical stuff to their clients. Therefore, they should be able to describe Salesforce without using too much technical jargon.

  2. Why Should You Hire a Salesforce Consultant black arrow right

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become an indispensable requirement in the present competitiveness of the digital age. To streamline your operations and enhance productivity for improved customer interactions, Salesforce is a reputed CRM platform with a wide range of features and functionalities to help attain your business goals.

    To harness the full potential of this platform businesses hire Salesforce consultants considering it to be a strategic move for the following reasons:

    • 1

      Customized offering

      Salesforce offers a high degree of customization but tailoring it to your unique business needs can be tricky. This is where a consultant's expertise can be of value with their ability to create personalized solutions that maximize your ROI. Personalization ensures that you are not using a one-size-fits-all approach but catering to your business's unique goals.

    • 2


      Salesforce experts come with a well-versed understanding of the platform. They can therefore adequately supplement their knowledge of features, capabilities, and best practices. They ensure the implementation of the latest Salesforce strategies effectively and efficiently by keeping themselves updated with the latest certifications and skills.

    • 3

      Integration and data management

      For a lot of businesses in the modern age, Salesforce can’t operate in solidarity. It needs to be integrated with other software and systems. To promote a seamless integration. Salesforce consultants can expertly handle it to ensure a smooth and secure data flow between systems with a 360-degree view for the customers.

    • 4

      Strategic planning

      You can also have a comprehensive CRM strategy laid out when you hire Salesforce consultants. They can identify growth and improvement opportunities that align with your business goals. This roadmap serves as a productive tool to help your business adapt to the changing market conditions and customer preferences.

    • 5

      Ongoing support and maintenance

      CRM systems need constant updates, maintenance, and monitoring to ensure optimal performance. With the ongoing support of the Salesforce experts, they can troubleshoot issues and offer maintenance instantaneously for a guaranteed up-to-date, secure, and efficient system.

  3. Hire a Salesforce Consultant for Business Success: Unleashing Functional and Technical Expertise black arrow right

    If you want to unlock the path to business success you need to win your customers and form a reliable, loyal, and satisfied customer base. This requires you to have unparalleled tools and capabilities that can refine customer engagement strategies. Salesforce is a platform capable of this and to harness its full power you need to hire Salesforce consultants.

    These professionals are home to a wealth of functional and technical expertise, thereby ensuring optimal leverage of Salesforce to address your unique business needs. This is possible in the following ways:

    • 1

      Deep dive into Salesforce functionalities

      Salesforce consultants possess an extensive understanding of the Salesforce platform and its intricate architecture. This deep knowledge is crucial for the functional implementation of Salesforce solutions that are tailor-made to enhance business operations.

      From designing solutions to configuring Salesforce for optimal usability, these adept consultants ensure that the systems are not just implemented but are also highly functional and user-friendly.

    • 2

      Embrace cognitive technologies

      In today’s digital age, staying ahead means being on top of cognitive technologies. Functional consultants skilled in Salesforce are proficient in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics.

      This proficiency allows your business to not just collect data but also derive meaningful insights and automate processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

    • 3

      Maximize Salesforce investment

      The end goal for any business leveraging Salesforce is to maximize its investment. When you hire Salesforce consultants, you gain access to pre-vetted talents who can adeptly navigate complex business challenges.

      These consultants ensure that every feature and functionality of the Salesforce platform is utilized to its optimal potential, providing a significant return on investment.

    • 4

      Communication is the key to success

      Effective communication and the ability to present ideas, issues, and solutions clearly are attributes that set apart the best Salesforce consultants. These individuals possess the unique ability to articulate complex solutions to stakeholders at all levels, ensuring clarity and alignment across the organization.

      This skill is invaluable during the implementation phase, where understanding and buy-in from various departments are crucial.

    • 5

      Mastery of systems integration

      Salesforce does not operate in isolation but as part of a broader ecosystem of business applications. To ensure that Salesforce works seamlessly with other systems, consultants with extensive experience in systems integration play an essential role whether it be marketing automation platforms, ERP systems, or custom applications. This holistic approach to systems integration is key to creating a unified and efficient workflow.

    • 5

      Creating design artifacts

      Technical Salesforce consultants excel in creating and maintaining best-practice design artifacts, such as Business Process Flows and Entity Relationship Diagrams. These documents are vital for visualizing and understanding the flow of data and processes, serving as a blueprint for the implementation and ongoing enhancement of Salesforce solutions.

    • 5

      Strategy and Implementation

      Defining the systems strategy, designing prototypes, and testing and implementing practical business solutions are critical phases of the Salesforce implementation process.

      When you hire Salesforce consultants they take a strategic approach to these tasks, ensuring that the Salesforce solution not only meets current business needs but is also scalable for future growth.

    • 5

      Leveraging SQL and Analytics tools

      Building SQL queries, utilizing data loaders for data migration and management, and leveraging analytics tools are all in a day's work for Salesforce consultants. Familiarity with software development tools like GitHub further enhances their ability to manage and deploy code changes efficiently, ensuring that customizations and updates are carried out smoothly.

    The decision to hire Salesforce consultants is not just an operational decision but a strategic one impacting the success of your CRM initiative. To enhance your CRM strategies you need the right Salesforce expert and that’s exactly where Uplers can help. It can match the top 3.5% of pre-vetted Indian remote roles at up to 40% cost advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hiring a Salesforce Consultant through Uplers?

The full-time hiring of a Salesforce Consultant from us will cost you approximately $1500 a month. There are various factors that determine the hiring cost, including consultants' years of technical experience with Salesforce, Salesforce certifications they have, specific vertical industry experience, exposure to large projects, etc.

How do I hire salesforce consultants through Uplers?

You can hire Salesforce consultants on-demand who work as an extension to your in-house team.

Step 1: Share your requirement for hiring talent.

Step 2: We shortlist the right fit from a network of talented profiles.

Step 3: You select the suitable candidate and take the interview.

Step 4: Onboard talent and start your work.

What benefits does my business get from using Salesforce?

Many businesses rely on Salesforce to stay organized and serve customers better. It allows access to all your business data in one place, making it easy to browse and search. With its wide range of CRM products, features, and tools designed for business owners who want more out of their company's success story - you'll have all the information at your fingertips so your company can grow smartly!

What do Salesforce Consultants do?

A Salesforce functional consultant acts as a liaison between technical and non-technical staff to ensure all deliverables meet the client's business needs along with the highest standards. However, a Salesforce technical consultant uses technical Salesforce configuration and coding to design and develop the right solution to exceed customer expectations, enable sustainable change, and drive results.

How do you vet salesforce consultants?

From our experience working with 7000+ clients, we have designed the vetting process to meet the expectations of hiring managers.

Step 1: Talents applying to be a part of the network

Step 2: Profile screening & shortlisting

Step 3: Evaluate Language proficiency

Step 4: Aptitude tests

Step 5: Technical evaluation

Step 6: Final Interview

How does our transparent pricing model work?

Our transparent pricing model provides a clear breakdown of costs, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for. We eliminate hidden fees and offer customizable solutions tailored to your needs.