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Our Definition of Office: Wherever You Choose to Be!

At Uplers, we're more than a team; we're a collective force driving innovation. Our journey is marked by achievements, and our ambitions have taken us to great heights. At Uplers, we don't just embrace the remote work revolution; we celebrate it as a conscious choice. We say goodbye to traditional offices and hello to endless possibilities. Your workspace? It's wherever you feel most productive whether that's your couch, favorite coffee shop, or an exotic beach.

We believe in embracing the unconventional because creativity shouldn't be confined to a cubicle. Uplers, where work feels like an adventure, and your choices shape the story.

Uplers Unplugged: Connect, Collaborate,

We create fun times, great events, awesome memories! Despite being a remote family, we believe in staying connected, fostering collaboration, and celebrating successes together. Join us in creating memorable moments, even in the world of remote work!

We live by our values!

Be Empathetic

Be a hero by practicing empathy and understanding others' perspectives.

Be Candid

Maintain honesty without crossing the line, fostering an environment of open communication.

Take Charge

Take complete ownership of your responsibilities, demonstrating leadership.

Focus on Growth

Forever be in the pursuit of excellence, focusing on continuous improvement.

Focus on Customer

Center your efforts around customers, keeping people in focus in all endeavors.

Respect for Data

Treat data as a valuable asset, recognizing its importance in decision-making.

Our Non-negotiable Values


Uphold integrity by doing the right thing, even behind closed doors.


Treat everyone with dignity, fostering a culture of mutual respect.


Emphasize truthfulness, even when facing challenges, to build and maintain trust.

Perks & Benefits

We care for you, every step of the way!

Work from Anywhere

Embrace freedom with the flexibility to work from any corner of the world, making your workspace as diverse as your imagination.

Medical and Accidental Insurances

We've got your back! Comprehensive medical and accidental insurance plans ensure you feel secure and cared for.

Learning and Development

Fuel your growth journey with continuous learning and development opportunities, nurturing your skills and talents for a brighter future.


Zoom calls & Slack chats don’t get you the same vibe as working together. To keep the teamwork alive, we take our employees to workations around India. A week-long, fun-filled vacation with everyone from your team to connect and bond.

Company Laptop and Internet Reimbursement

Equip yourself with the right tools for success. We support your efficiency by providing laptops and helping cover internet costs.

Incentive Opportunities For All

Your hard work deserves recognition! Explore exciting incentive programs that reward your dedication and contributions.

Open Door Policy

We believe in open communication. Our open-door policy means you can talk to anyone, anytime, fostering a culture of collaboration and support.

Parental Leaves

Celebrate the journey of parenthood with our comprehensive parental leave policies, ensuring you cherish those precious moments.

Emergency Loans

Life can throw unexpected challenges your way. Our emergency loans offer support when you need it most, demonstrating our commitment to your well-being.

Don’t just take our word for it

We’re humbled by what our people have to say about us!

Linda Farr
Aashka Brahmbhatt
At Uplers, you learn new things everyday!
Linda Farr
Dhruvang Min
Uplers helped me to strike the perfect work-life balance!
Linda Farr
Shimul Garg
Uplers truly believe in giving it back to society.

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15 Open Positions at Uplers & Mavlers

*Mavlers is a sister brand of Uplers, focused on digital marketing outsourcing services.

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