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Our Vision

Our Vision to Build a Better World

Every community is built upon the principles of sharing. We care for our people, our society, and the world. We have been educating, helping, and uplifting the people around us for years with the intent to give back to society. We are sharing our time and efforts for the good of the community.

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Kartavya | Educate

Kartavya works with the vision to educate and assist the kids in a distant remote village. Our people voluntarily visit Timba Municipal school and provide professional and personal guidance and education to the kids as well as the teachers. Uplers plays its role by facilitating them with technological support, financial support, as well as the necessary resources to help them excel in their career. Our current focus is on studying the student dropout ratio and working towards finding a solution to this issue. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we distributed tablets and stationery items to the students to study uninterruptedly.

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Insurgents | Uplift

Insurgents is one of our initiative working on a noble cause to empower differently-abled personnel. Uplers is playing its part by making them equipped with professional and vocational skills that the corporate sector demands and help them achieve financial independence. The team works towards training and supporting these differently-abled individuals to get them employment opportunities in Uplers or any corporate firm. With the vision to build an inclusive culture for the differently-abled people out there, Uplers is all set to greet them with open hearts and smiles and work with us.

Insurgents Upliftment

Upraise | Empower

Samvedana is an NGO working towards educating kids and turning their dreams into reality. Upraise focuses on providing education to brilliant students who are unable to pursue it due to financial shortcomings. This project also allows our team members to become mentors for these kids, whom we adopt for education. The mentorship program works as a bridge where the mentors' guide, motivate, and provide emotional support to the students at all times. It eventually helps the kids to identify better career opportunities and pursue their dreams. Every year we adopt three new students as a part of our project and take ownership of their tuition fees.

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Currently playing their parts as mentors are Bhuvan Desai, Parul Shukla, and Harsh Min, guiding three wonderful inquisitive souls for a year. Have a look at their experience as mentors so far!

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Uplers social initiative
Uplers social initiatives
Uplers initiatives
giving back to society
Uplers social initiatives
Uplers initiatives
giving back to society

Partner with us!

One small attempt can make a huge difference. We are trying to do our bit and would most certainly love to do more. Do reach out to us for an initiative that we can be a part of. We would love to contribute and be of as much help as possible.

Kindly feel free to connect with CSR Team   |   csr@uplers.in