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How the process works

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AI Screening

Our AI screening evaluates your skills and experience, ensuring a seamless fit for remote work. Once approved, you're on your way!

Interview Process

A Point of Contact (POC) guides you through the process and aligns interviews with potential employers, typically 2-3 rounds.

Onboarded to Success

Congratulations on acing the interviews! You're now onboarded to your new remote role, ready to thrive with Uplers!

Our rigorous vetting process and
AI-enabled screening

Our AI screening process assigns scores based on candidates' performance across
various criteria, providing valuable insights to recruiters as well as the talents.

Hiring top Indian talent
Screening and Vetting
Advanced AI Screening

Our cutting-edge AI technology meticulously evaluates candidates' technical, language, and behavioral skills, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

Technical Proficiency

Candidates undergo rigorous testing to gauge their technical prowess, ensuring they meet the highest standards for the role.

Language Fluency

We assess candidates' language fluency through specialized tests, ensuring clear communication and seamless collaboration.

Behavioral Assessment

Our process includes behavioral assessments to gauge candidates' adaptability, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, vital for success in remote work environments.

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