More than just a role change: Rebalancing life and Work

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  • September 13, 2023
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More than just a role change: Rebalancing life and Work

We all know the feeling-  demands piling up at work with unfulfilled dreams and desires on the personal front. 

Work-life balance is an intuitive term, yet one that most people struggle to achieve. 

Balancing time spent on work versus time spent with family, friends and personal interest is easier said than done. It’s one thing to talk about a healthy balance between personal and professional commitments and quite another to achieve it. 

Living the ‘Corporate Life’

I am Charu Sharma, a marketing professional from Chandigarh, India and this is something I realized after spending over 5 years in the advertising industry. I had a well-paying job and a promising career as I wore the mantle of Client Services and Content Marketing Lead, at a premier ad agency in North India. My role involved intricate client coordination and driving ambitious content campaigns. Although rewarding, the role demanded long working hours and frequent travels for client presentations. 

It got to me eventually. The late nights, frequent travels, deadlines, working through week-ends and the stress of meeting expectations. It drained me physically and mentally. Unhealthy eating and sleeping habits wreaked havoc on my health. I had a non-existent social life and my times with family were few and far between. 

The Uplers journey

I yearned to break free. It wasn’t just a job change that I was after but a redefined approach to work but I wasn’t quite sure how until I came across an opportunity from Uplers on my Linkedin feed. The description was promising and it seemed to have everything that I ever wanted! Global client, permanent remote work and an excellent pay package. I immediately applied. I went through their rigorous yet swift assessments and was finally deployed with a U.S-based digital marketing agency as a Paid Social Analyst.

Listen to my story here! 

Seven months hence, my role here goes beyond paid social advertising but is multifaceted involving brand asset creation, in-depth data analysis from Google Analytics, Google and Meta ads etc. Working alongside a global team, under the leadership of the CEO himself has broadened my horizon about international work culture. Our discussions range from professional review sessions to personal mentorship and include discussions about U.S and Indian culture, political landscape, movies and more! These interactions not only help in bridging the cultural divide but also foster personal connection. 

This journey has not just helped me hone my professional skills but also facilitated personal growth. 

Achieving the work life equilibrium

The transition from my last job to this client at Uplers marks more than a mere role change but a lifestyle evolution. Gone are the unpredictable working hours and relentless commutes and travels in the ad world. Working from home has enabled me to harmonize my professional and personal world. Having a well-defined shift ensures that work does not overshadow my personal commitments. I work in the PST time zone so my working hours are from 6:30 PM to 3:30 AM. This means that I have enough time to get adequate sleep and have the entire day to myself. I can even run some errands for the house if need be. Be it working out at the gym, doctor’s appointment or helping my mom with some chores, I am available.

The rebalanced life has brought in countless blessings. Health, previously ignored, is now central. Constant travels, lack of sleep, eating out etc. had begun to take a toll on my health.

Thanks to remote work, I have started working out and I am a regular at the gym. Despite my night shift, I get enough time to rest during the day and of course, get to eat home-cooked fresh meals, which was a luxury back in the office days.

 I can now stoke my passion for books. I am a reading enthusiast who found solace in books but due to my busy schedule, I hardly ever got the time to read. Now I finally have the time to catch up on my favorite novels. My days now are enriched with family time while weekends for friends. I now get to spend time with my darling mother whom I barely had time for earlier.

Earlier work consumed my weekends as I found myself either working through week-ends or traveling back from a work trip. My social life was non-existent. That’s not to say I did not enjoy what I was doing, I did but I realized there had to be more to life than just work. While work was important and something I loved, I also valued my family and friends, an important part of my life that was neglected due to my hectic schedule.

I needed time to relax and destress and periodic vacations or time-offs weren’t enough. I realized that it had to be integrated into my daily routine and that’s when Uplers happened as an answer to my woes. Thanks to my new life, I get to see my friends and hang out with them more often! Night out with friends? Movie night with my gang or a relaxing dinner with family, it’s on!

Travel is no longer a work obligation but a choice. My days are a lot more relaxed without any stress. 

I now have the balance I yearned for. The confines of the office space in Chandigarh has morphed into limitless global possibilities. My journey so far isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder but finding that equilibrium between work and personal life, exploring global work cultures and securing a full-time global career all without breaking a sweat. To anyone at the crossroads of their career, I’d urge you to explore the vast horizon of opportunities at Uplers. You might just strike gold and find the perfect blend of professional aspirations and personal passions like I did!

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