In the complex land of web development, organizations are on a constant hunt for secure, robust, and dynamic web solutions. They are always looking for ways to expand their online presence efficiently. In this field, Laravel has gained widespread recognition and is being globally accepted.

Being an open-source framework, Laravel comes with an elegant syntax and compatibility with the latest technologies. This makes it stand out amongst the huge selection of frameworks available in the web world.

Choosing a framework is one thing, but hiring a Laravel developer from India can quickly become a daunting task. As an employer, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge of screening and assessing Laravel developers to pick the right one. In this quick guide, we will discuss all the things necessary for you to know before you go on your developer hunt.

Why You Should Hire Indian Laravel Developers?

When you are actively looking to expand your online presence, you might want to hire Laravel developers from India. Known for highly skilled, productive, and cost-effective web development talent, India might just be the strategic move you need.

Not only can hiring Laravel developers from India save about 40% of costs, but they also have a faster turnaround time. They are known for delivering top-quality web applications on tight schedules.

India is a land of an abundant talent pool, making it easier for you to find the right kind of talent you need. There will surely be someone who will meet your expectations and business goals.

Moreover, Indian Laravel developers have been working with international companies. With this experience, they have gained a deeper knowledge of industry standards and ethics.

Skills a Good Laravel Developer Must Have

Now that we have established where to hire from, next up is to analyze what skills you want your developer to have. Ideally, one should start off by creating a list of tasks you’d like your developer to do for you.

Next, you should note down the skills that all these tasks require. Here’s a list of some non-negotiable skills a Laravel developer must have.

Core Technical Capabilities

  • 1

    MVC Architecture:

    Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern. Developers need to have their foundation right. This will help them build both large and small-scale applications with ease.

  • 2

    Laravel Framework Knowledge:

    The developers need to know the basics, including its core features, coding conventions, and best practices.

  • 3

    Database Skills:

    Having the ability to create and maintain database schemas is a must. They should be well acquainted with commonly used systems like MySQL and Oracle 12c.

  • 4

    Testing and Debugging:

    Laravel developers should excel in testing their code and debugging. This allows quicker identification and resolution of issues.

  • 5

    Security Management:

    The developer must know how the security measures are instilled within the framework. This will help you keep your digital assets and user information protected.

  • 6

    PHP development:

    Laravel is a framework built on PHP. Having a grasp on writing clean code and troubleshooting PHP-related issues is a definite plus for a developer.

Soft Skills Proficiency

For a Laravel developer to become an invaluable asset to the team, they need to have some soft skills, too. This will help you understand how well they will be able to adapt to your business goals.

A quality developer should be able to adapt to new tools, languages, and frameworks. The web world comes with updates almost every other week. Your developer should seek to learn those to help you stay relevant and competitive.

Laravel developers should be able to communicate efficiently for better collaboration with clients. Having strong problem-solving abilities and creativity is also ideal for cracking tough projects with innovative solutions.

Laravel Developer Interview: 10 Key Questions to Ask

After examining a Laravel developer's portfolio, the next is to ask the right questions to get insights into their way of work and technical knowledge.

  1. Can you tell us about your past work and experience with the Laravel framework?
  2. Can you share some official packages provided by Laravel?
  3. What is Eloquent in Laravel?
  4. What type of project management systems have you worked with in the past?
  5. Can you explain how database migrations work in Laravel?
  6. What is the latest version of Laravel you have worked on?
  7. Can you share an experience where you had to work under a tight schedule? What approach do you take in prioritizing tasks and delivering on time without compromising quality?
  8. Can you share an example of a situation where you had to resolve a conflict during a project?
  9. What are the server requirements for installing the latest version of Laravel?
  10. How can you run test cases in Laravel?

How Uplers’s Laravel Developers Are Different

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Summing It Up

Having the right knowledge before you set out to hire a Laravel developer from India is essential. This includes the need in the organization, the skills to look for, and asking the right questions for a productive interview.

You can now access the top 3.5% of talent today with Uplers. You will be provided with a huge range of portfolios to select the Laravel developer that meets your needs. This developer would have already passed profile screening, shortlisting, AI-powered communication assessment tests, and many other assignments. They would have even passed an interview done by talent acquisition experts.

With Uplers, you can recruit 10 times faster, and that too without any additional recruitment fees. With a hassle-free hiring process, you can start working with one of the best Laravel developers from India in no time.