Laravel is the most popular Tech-stack for "the Entire Internet in Web App" category. Plus, there are more than 1,14,640 live websites made on Laravel.

Laravel framework performs to a great extent in the area of customization; It is being utilized by many businesses to develop apps and web projects.

Also, some additional features of Laravel make it the No.1 choice for web development.

Let's explore the top 7 features that make Laravel the best framework.

  • 1

    Template/Widget Design

    Laravel's built-in lightweight templates feature the best PHP framework. This feature allows Laravel developers to create design layouts with dynamic content seeding. Laravel templates have various widgets that integrate CSS and JS code for a stable structure.

  • 2

    MVC Architectural Support

    Laravel supports the MVC (Model-View-Component) architecture. The MVC pattern has many in-built functions to improve the performance of a web application. The pattern helps increase security and offers easy maintenance and scalability.

    Hiring Laravel developers enables clarity between business logic and presentation. It also offers better performance and documentation.

  • 3

    Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

    Another competent feature of Laravel is Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping) which has a simple yet powerful implementation of PHP active records. Because of this, Laravel developers can create database queries using PHP syntax rather than SQL code.

    Deploying reliable web apps with Laravel is quick because an ORM is faster than any other PHP framework. It is the best choice where speedier development of web applications is required.

  • 4

    Tool Integration

    Speed is a crucial component in seeking a better user experience. Thanks to tool integration, it is pretty simple to increase web app performance by caching backends. To help Laravel developers improve and produce a quick experience, Laravel comes pre-installed with support for well-known cache backends like Redis and Memcached.

  • 5

    Unit Testing

    You also benefit from unit testing with this web framework. It increases the probability that a perfect product will be deployed and makes the application easier to test.

    Testing a web application before deploying is extremely important to ensure it is error-free. And Laravel stands out as the best framework for testing as it supports PHPUnit and automation testing to check any web application before it goes live.

  • 6

    Community support

    You can take advantage of the vast community support by using Laravel to create a web application for your company. It is because it is an open-source platform supported by a prominent expert community.

    Thus, even if a Laravel developer or team gets stuck while working on a project, they can ask for help from the community and find a quick solution. It drastically lowers the risk of a project delay and bottleneck.

  • 6

    Database migration

    Synchronizing the database with different development machines is one of the most challenging tasks for developers. Laravel excels in this area because it enables developers to share databases with team members to speed up the development process. This feature sets Laravel different from other PHP frameworks.

To Sum Up

These key features make it clear that Laravel is an excellent choice for your web development. Hiring a dedicated Laravel developer is the best way to leverage the advantages of this framework. Uplers is a place you can trust to hire Laravel developers from India with the right skills and expertise.