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WordPress powers 35% of the internet; i.e. around 19,500,000 websites are built using WordPress. That’s the power it has, making it the most used CMS.

The Dedicated Teams of WordPress Developers are fully capable to support your needs. Ranging from Custom Web Development, Woocommerce Development, Page Optimization to Plug-in Integration, they are equipped at delivering them all without compromising on quality. The WordPress development projects are executed in alignment with the latest market trends and technologies.

Dedicated WordPress Teams - Ways They Benefit

Installation & Configuration

Installation & Configuration

The Dedicated WordPress Teams helps with complex WordPress themes, modules, and plugins installation and configuration. They have the technical understanding to make complex installations support your website configuration.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Maintenance & Technical Support

The Teams work on the maintenance of the WordPress websites and support for technical needs whenever needed. The best thing is the focused approach. Things that are often not monitored properly causing unnecessary bugs on the website, will be looked after adequately. They do everything from managing and monitoring your website at all times and making sure it is up and running to updating WordPress core, themes, backups, and plugins. They also look after the aspects of performance optimization and protect websites from external threats and malware.

Solutions to Complex Coding Structures

Solutions to Complex Coding Structures

The Dedicated WordPress Teams is your solution to complex coding structures. Whenever the teams set a code they ensure that they follow necessary standards and practices. Also, if there is a complex coding that’s creating an error on the website, the teams will bring in solutions to them as well.

Customizations & Secure Solutions

Customizations & Secure Solutions

The Dedicated WordPress Teams can help you with customizations in WordPress themes, modules, and plugins. They can introduce configurations that will give your website the desired functionality. The Teams also help you secure your website and ensure that they protect it from threats and hackers using a firewall.

Dedicated WordPress Teams for
Startups, Agencies & Companies

Hiring Dedicated Teams for all your business needs is a smart choice. Be it a start-up, agency, or companies, the Dedicated WordPress Teams are there at every step to help them scale.
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • Companies
WP Development Startup Support Team


Startups aim at building a fast and scalable website at an affordable cost. They aim to maximize profit at minimal overhead costs. Building Dedicated WordPress Teams is a good option for these groups because they get the needed technical talents without themselves investing in infrastructure, tools, and technologies. They can anytime scale up and down based on their requirements.

Around 70% of startups and small companies have actually benefited from Dedicated Development Teams. They have found the needed technical talent at much fewer expenses than hiring in-house.



Agencies are on a constant lookout for developing fast-loading and unique websites. They tend to have a keen eye for talent with excellent technical understanding and expertise. But, unfortunately, agencies worldwide find it difficult to get good technical people with high technical abilities and understanding to resolve complex coding errors. The Dedicated Teams model helps agencies to find such talents across the globe and get them aboard for their technical requirements.

2.3 Million agencies claim a shortage of good technically equipped WordPress developers. The setting-up of virtual development teams have reduced the problem to a great extent.



Large enterprises have tons of projects lined-up. They need customizations and quick updates every now-and-then. Our Dedicated WordPress Development Teams can help these companies in fulfilling their needs as well as providing security and scalability.

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Our WordPress Teams Can Do It All!

Designing & Development

The Dedicated WordPress Teams master the coding, plugin customization, and theme development skills. They use rich WordPress features and perform developments that make the website more clean, responsive, and conversion-focused.

Theme Development &

The Teams custom-build themes matching your branding guidelines with clean, optimized and SEO-friendly code. These projects are multi-browser and device compatible as well as highly engaging.

WooCommerce Development

Over 3.8 million websites around the world currently use WooCommerce. The Teams possess deep expertise in developing WooCommerce stores for various business verticals and also help you migrate your existing store to WooCommerce.

WordPress Plugin Development

From 54,000+ free plugins provided by WordPress, choosing the right ones according to the design of your WordPress site is quite a tedious task. Backed by years of experience, these teams help to build the most-suited and powerful plugins without hampering the design and structure of your website.

Module Development & System Design

From choosing the right modules to core, plugins, and themes, the Teams bring on board their insight and experience to help you make an informed choice.

Pick the Best Fit Resource as a Service

DescriptionSkilledExperiencedExpertWordPress DeveloperWordPress Full Stack Developer
Basic understanding of WordPress
Able to develop small websites (8-10 pages) with minimal customization
Able to setup and install WordPress
Have worked on 15 to 20 small scale WP projects and landing pages
Able to install and configure basic WP plugins like Contact form7, SEO, ACF
Good understanding and hands-on experience with WP & WooCommerce
Able to develop medium-scale websites including Ecommerce functionalities
Have worked on more than 40 websites
Ability to integrate and customize WP plugins
Ability to build websites using WP builders (Divi, Beaver, Elementor, etc.)
Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JQuery, able to work on small run-time edits
Good understanding of Javascript
Strong understanding and hands-on experience with WP & WooCommerce
Able to develop large scale and complex functionality WP websites
Ability to integrate, customize & develop WP plugins
Have worked on medium to large scale Ecommerce projects
Hands-on experience in developing 3rd party data-driven websites
Strong understanding of Javascript, able to integrate and customize various JS plugins and libraries
Ability to develop websites from PSD to WP
Good understanding experience with both Front-end and Backend WP technologies
Hands-on experience in developing 3rd party data-driven websites, strong expertise in handling RESTful API
Able to develop large scale and complex functionality WP websites using various JS frameworks

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Set-Up Pro Dedicated WordPress Teams and
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  • SEO-Smart Web Solutions

    Higher Ranking on SERPs is as important as a feature-rich and unique website. The Teams vouch to deliver SEO-optimized web solutions; easing your marketing efforts. Our basic SEO implementation includes heading tags, meta tags, image optimization, Alt text, etc., followed by the techniques that allow smoother implementation.

  • Focus on Your Core

    We have helped over 500 agencies worldwide with WordPress Requirements as well as delivered 150+ sites every month. Our techies build websites with advanced functionalities that compel visitors to dive deeper and turn into your prospective buyers. While we help you deliver exceptional web-results, you can focus on building your brand identity on the global map.

  • Unique and Exceptional

    Be it basic or advanced WordPress requirements, our Teams strive to build unique, compelling, and highly-engaging websites helping you keep atop your competitors. The Website is a vital point of interaction of your user in any business, hence we work to carve out a unique, bug-free and, well-tested result every time.