A 2023 report shows that Java is one of the on-demand skills across all industries- IT, Finance, Healthcare, and more. This upward trend comes as no surprise that businesses are looking to hire best Java developers from India to establish their online presence.

If you are a recruiting manager caught in the warfare of scouting for talent, then, in this section, we have mentioned the top five high-demand Java developer skills to help you choose the right developer.

Let's read it out!

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    Fundamentals of Java

    Core Java skills are essential and must-have basic skills Java developers need to possess. Typically, the developer needs to have command of these basic tenets of Java to qualify as a Java developer. The fundamentals of Java include:

    • OOP Concepts- Object-Oriented Programming is the guiding principle of programming in Java. Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Abstraction are used to define classes and object-style coding by binding data and functions to enhance code modularity, efficiency, safety, and stability.

    • Interface- Having a good understanding of Java interfaces will help the developer to containerize the code and enable smoother operations with software development.

    • Serialization/Deserialization- The method of transforming an object into a series of bytes is known as Serialization. On the other hand, deserialization enables the generation of an object from a byte stream. The developer must know how to use technologies like Hibernate, JPA, RMI, JMS, and EJB to process Serialization and Deserialization.

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    Java Web Technologies

    Suppose you want to fill a position with multi-tier skills in web application development and building software solutions. In that case, Java web technologies are must-have skills to look for in a candidate.

    Further, Java web technologies offer developers the skill and expertise to build rich, engaging, and dynamic web applications. Here are a few Java web technology skills:

    • HTML- Java developer with knowledge of HTML or HyperText Markup Language forms the core element of any web page.

    • CSS- Cascading Style Sheets allows developers to manipulate the design and layout so that the web content appears organized and well-formatted.

    • JavaScript- Developer with this logic-based programming language can create and modify web content so that elements can dynamically interact with each other

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    Java Web Frameworks

    Java developers must possess a solid understanding of the different web frameworks. The Java web frameworks help developers create new applications or solutions without writing code from scratch. Look at some popular frameworks that add weight to the Java developer skills in 2023:

    • Spring- It has two variants- SpringMVC and Spring Boot- widely popular among Java developers for their speed, simplicity, safety, and efficiency.

    • Java Server Faces (JSF)- Oracle maintains it; with experience working with JSF, developers can encapsulate a range of client-side technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to design UIs.

    • Hibernate- Hire Java developers from India who work with multiple databases through Hibernate framework. It deploys Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) to couple Java classes with corresponding cells or tables in the database.

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    Java Design and Architecture

    These two elements are the pillar of Java architecture- whether you create a webpage or develop software. Java developers with excellent knowledge of design patterns and problem-solving abilities help devise appropriate solutions. Some classified design patterns:

    • Creational Design Patterns include the Singleton pattern, Factory pattern, Abstract Factory pattern, Builder pattern, and Prototype pattern.

    • Structural Design Patterns typically include the Adapter pattern, Composite pattern, Proxy pattern, Flyweight pattern, Facade pattern, Bridge pattern, and Decorator pattern.

    • Behavioral Design Patterns typically include the Template Method pattern, Mediator pattern, Chain of Responsibility pattern, Observer pattern, Strategy pattern, Command pattern, State pattern, Visitor pattern, Interpreter pattern, Iterator pattern, and Memento pattern.

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    Java Database Management

    Looking to hire Java Developer in India, and want them to be a pro-level specialist in all work areas, then they must be proficient in database development and management. Here are some of its Java developer skills:

    • SQL: Structured Query Language is a standard language used to store, manipulate, and retrieve data in RDBMS. It has given rise to RDBMS like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    • Tableau: Java developers should use a powerful tool to visualize data and extract business intelligence.

    • Apache Kafka: Hire Java developers from India who use distributed event data storage to allow applications to work with data.

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