Refer other businesses

They hire the Right talent.

You earn a flat $5000.

Benefit when the businesses you know hires from Uplers.

How it works?

Refer businesses by directly introducing them to your Uplers Account Manager / Uplers Representative /

As soon as the business you refer hires from Uplers and becomes a paying client, we give you a flat $5000.

All Products

Uplers Talent Solutions

Allows businesses to hire full-time talents 10X faster & easier.

Opportunity to earn
flat $5000.


Web development, UI/UX
& more.

Opportunity to earn a flat 20%
of the total project cost.

Recurring Campaign Service

Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation & more.

Opportunity to earn a recurring
10% on monthly billing.

Who Should Refer?

Uplers Clients

If you use our services, you know firsthand how it can benefit other businesses

Uplers Client’s Employees

Even though you are connected with us on behalf of your company, referral from your personal network would be treated as an individual consultant contribution.

Industry Consultants

Help your clients hire 10X faster and more efficiently.

Some Facts

We are frequently recommended by our family of 7000+ clients
We have a database of 100,000+ tech professionals, helping companies in 52+ countries to hire talents, specifically from India.
We have 20+ case studies, 100+ text & video testimonials, 1000+ reviews online.
We are a 9 years old organization, 1000+ team strength, 100% remote.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The kick-back bonus is shared when the referral becomes a paying client.
  • The 20% kick-back for the project would be one-off for the first project only.
  • The 10% kick-back for recurring campaign services will be shared for the first 12 months.
  • The referral bonus is paid after the first invoice is paid by the client.
  • The referral program is applicable on every new client onboarded and is not applicable on multiple projects, services or talents hired by the same client.
  • Uplers reserves the right to change the referral program at any given time without prior notice.
  • For any questions or concerns you can always reach out to your Account Manager or can email on