11 Major Highlights on Python Developers for Hire in 2022: A Catch Up for Recruiters!

  • Kevin Oskow
  • July 28, 2022
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11 Major Highlights on Python Developers for Hire in 2022: A Catch Up for Recruiters!

The Python programming language is seeing a dramatic increase in popularity these days. Major mainstream platforms are developing applications using this language, and all recruiters are searching for new trends to check Python developers for hire. In such a scenario, what should recruiters do to hire the best talent for present and future projects?

With the growth of developmental technology, Python projects are now coupled with innovation in newer fields like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), automation, etc. This has made the job of recruiters somewhat difficult as the skillsets of desired candidates have branched into other avenues.

It is not surprising that Python got one of the biggest reputation boosts in 2021, with more libraries, use cases, and companies clamoring to leverage its strong development framework. 

Along with traditional application development, Python developers are now working in the fields of data science, ML, education, data analysis, graphics, cloud computing, and so on. In this article, we will touch upon the top highlights or trends for the Python market in 2022.

These trends directly impact hiring decisions in the market and give recruiters an insight into the skills they need to search for, while considering Python developers for hire.

Python Developers - Top In-Demand Professionals of 2022 & Beyond


A programming language that started as an homage to Monty Python is now one of the most used languages in the world of application development, designing, analytics, and ML. There are several job roles for Python professionals in a variety of industries globally.

Its ease of learning and versatile applications make it the language of choice for software development. But apart from traditional software design and development, Python has been trending for many other reasons. 

Here, we’ll look at the 11 major highlights of Python development that recruiters and talent managers should keep in mind while making hiring decisions.

#1 – The future of several technologies is Python!

Several major companies like Google, Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram, and NASA use Python as their primary coding language. Reports say that Python was the most popular programming language globally in 2020. This was echoed by the Popularity of Programming Language Index, which shows a 28.38% share of Python among all other languages, including Java, C, Ruby, etc.

  • There are a number of job postings related to Python by almost all popular companies around the world 
  • It is one of the most coveted tech skills in software employees
  • Glassdoor has about 15,000 Python job listings for the global market
  • Forbes reported a 456% growth in Python as a language of choice in the year 2018
  • There are close to 9 million Python developers in the world, more than that of Java
  • Python is moving towards big data and machine learning industries
  • Games and responsive software are being built with Python
  • It works quickly and easily with AI, making it a technology of the future
  • The popularity of Python is expected to increase by another 50% in 2022

Python - The Top Programming Language


While looking at Python developers for hire, recruiters must keep the above aspects in mind and map the skills of candidates based on the industry applications of this language in the future. For instance, roles like data science experts and educators are increasingly being associated with Python, which must be noted in job listings.

#2 – Data Science is the next big thing!

Data science has seen one of the fastest-growing uses of Python. Due to Python’s easy learning curve and flexibility, it provides a lot of scope for work in the data science field. It can be integrated smoothly with other languages, has several available libraries, and is equipped for large calculations with big data. 

This makes Python the language of choice for a large number of data scientists around the world. For recruiters, this is a crucial thing to consider as people in this field rely heavily on Python skills. Some Python libraries and frameworks that are highly popular and useful in the data science field are:

  • Pandas
  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Scikit-Learn
  • Seaborn
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib

These libraries facilitate artificial intelligence and machine learning through Python features for a futuristic approach toward integrated professions. 

#3 – Python developers are sought after in the AI field

Python developers must possess machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning as their core skill areas in order to survive in the competitive job market. It is evident that AI will rule the future, with big companies investing heavily in developing intelligent systems to replace human intervention in several areas.

Python is popular as the programming language used to build these AI systems that can interpret human emotions, natural language, and manual actions. Its simple syntax and easy error handling help to build critical processes and AI solutions. 

One of the top Python hiring trends of 2022 has to do with developments in the AI industry. This language is being used to build AI systems with massive data requirements due to its diverse libraries and ease of navigating structured and unstructured data.

For professionals working in this field, familiarity with libraries like Keras, NLTK, and OpenCV is a strong requirement. Candidates must be aware of natural language processing, scientific computing, and other associated areas that are gaining popularity by the day.

It can be tough for recruiters to find such candidates by sifting through thousands of prospects. This is why IT companies are now employing talent sourcing organizations that can help them sort through the best Python coders and find a handful of candidates that perfectly suit the recruiter’s requirements. This makes the hiring process easier and less time-consuming while helping you to find valuable developers who might have been lost in a sea of candidates otherwise. 

#4 – Academic recruiters should watch out for Python developers

At first glance, Python and academics seem like two very different things. But recruiters looking for Python developers for hire must note that academics is a key field associated with this programming language.

It is a great choice for developing academic software as its applications are extremely easy to use. This language is also being taught at various colleges for scholastic reasons and professional applications.

  • Python is highly preferred in colleges, with specific courses designed for learners across the world
  • Career-driver trainings are increasingly including Python as a top topic to focus on
  • Companies are spending money to train their developers in Python
  • Similarly, Python development companies are offering certifications and training programs for new learners

This language is perfect for amateur developers and is easy to learn without assistance as well. However, several recruiters give weightage to Python scholars for niche jobs that involve innovation and research.

#5 – The cloud computing world has integrated with Python

Cloud computing is presently the big thing in the IT world. And Python, as a language, is highly suited for cloud computing. It can be used to compile large amounts of data quickly and securely. Since data security is a big concern in the cloud development world, Python is the language of choice for many.

A major example of this use case is Google. Its enterprise-grade applications use Python for data security, along with major social networks like Facebook. Professionals in the cloud computing and data security fields are also working with Python application development services to maintain cloud servers.

Cloud providers like DigitalOcean and AWS use Python for their dynamic development frameworks and multiple services for cloud computing. Hence, cloud computing is a crucial skill to integrate with the job description while looking for Python developers. 

#6 – Hire Python developers for graphic design apps

This dynamic programming language finds application in the image processing and graphic designing fields as well, with platforms like Paint Shop Pro, Scribus, and Inkspace being built using Python. Not to mention 3D animation programs like Lightwave, Blender, Houdini, Maya, etc., being built with Python as well. 

In the field of application development for graphics platforms, Python has amassed great popularity in 2022. It is great for building prototypes and testing new innovations without having to build everything from scratch. 

Companies working in the image and graphics field would be smart to hire Python experts who can build applications with advanced features, thus providing an edge over the competition. If the hiring process seems complicated, talent sourcing agencies can be tasked with specific requirements to find Python developers for hire in niche roles.

#7 – The gaming world is not far behind!

Recruiters from gaming companies are also on the lookout for Python developers. Popular games like Battlefield and The Sims use Python as the building block. So, gaming enthusiasts should start learning the language if they want to work in this industry for the long haul.

The trend of Python development in the gaming world is new and popular in 2022. It is a great place to start a Python career as it combines skill with interest and can be highly in-demand for younger developers.

#8 – Data analytics and automation with Python

Python lets you automate several tasks in your workflow, thereby eliminating repetitive manual intervention and test cases. Python automation frameworks and libraries include Selenium Python, PyUnit, PyTest, and Robot Framework.

These can be used to address the increasing demands of the IT industry in the area of automation and data analysis. 

Data analyst jobs with Python are one of the most sought-after roles in the job market. More than 50% of developers in the data analysis and automation fields work with Python, and this figure is expected to increase further in 2022. 

Data Analytics & Automation Are Top Trends To Know By Python Developers for Hire


The future of data analytics is tightly integrated with Python, thus recruitment agencies must pay special attention to Python developers for hire in analyst roles. A proof of this market’s demand is that the data analyst market value is over $10 billion, even though Python is a free and open-source language.  

#9 – Projects involving language and app integration need Python

Hiring professionals must keep interoperability and flexibility into account while designing hiring strategies or conducting interviews. Python collaborates well with other programming languages, and its code can also be integrated for building business applications.

The thing to keep in mind here is that Python rarely works as a single language. Thus, your hires must be able to operate in a multi-linguistic environment to build software platforms. Some aspects to look for in this regard are:

  • Frontend and backend development
  • Data Science
  • Mobile and web application
  • ML and AI
  • Business and commercial application development, etc.

Companies have started hiring professionals who can work in an integrated environment. With the IT industry constantly evolving, the knowledge of Python combined with insights into other languages is a great combination for a competent developer. 

#10 – Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand!

A machine learning engineer is an IT person who works on researching, building, and designing AI-driven systems that can automate predictive models. Job website Indeed.com ranked machine learning engineer as the topmost job in the US in 2019, displaying a 344% growth rate and a median salary of $146,085 per annum.

The employment rate is all set to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029 in the IT field, with a huge chunk focusing on Python-based jobs. ML projects benefit greatly from Python expertise, and recruiters of such companies keep looking for developers well-versed in this language.

A typical Python professional with a job in the ML field should be equipped with these skills:

  • Building and training machines and programs for predictions
  • Navigating algorithms and data automation
  • Studying data science prototypes and schemes
  • Researching online datasets for training purposes
  • Performing statistical analysis and fine-tuning models
  • Training and retraining existing ML frameworks and libraries
  • Developing ML apps based on client requirements
  • Implementing suitable ML tools
  • Analyzing problem-solving capacities of Python-based ML development
  • Studying use cases of ML algorithms and ranking them for success probability

Recruiters and talent sourcing agencies must look for these skills for smart decisions on Python developers for hire since their relevance is only expected to increase based on the current trends.

#11 – Python for building embedded applications

Creating embedded applications using Python is another popular trend in 2022. Since Python is dependent on C, it is useful in creating embedded C software for applications. It also supports high-level applications on small devices with Python-computing capabilities.

A popular embedded application using Python is Raspberry Pi for its cloud computing projects. Python is also used as an embedded board or even a computer for application development.

Python Developers for Hire to Know Building Embedded Applications


Professionals with Python, C, C++, and database knowledge are being considered for these developmental roles with big companies and startups alike. 

Final Thoughts

While considering Python developers for hire, a smart recruiter always checks the latest industry trends and news to make better decisions. Ever since Python shot up as one of the most popular programming languages in the world, several avenues of hiring possibilities have opened up in different industries. With advanced technologies like AI, ML, data science, and data visualization being integrated with Python development, the popularity of this language will only soar higher.

This is the right time to build a bank of Python talents who can work on new innovations and evolving technologies in the long run. And since many of these skills are new and booming, you might not be able to make informed hiring decisions on your own. In such a scenario, you can partner with top talent sourcing organizations that will do all the grind for you and bring a few shortlisted candidates who are highly likely to fulfill your organization’s needs.

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