Top 8 countries in the world to hire ReactJS developers from

  • Kevin Oskow
  • December 8, 2021
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Top 8 countries in the world to hire ReactJS developers from

ReactJS peaked on the most popular web frameworks list of 2021 by occupying the lion’s share of 40.14%. This fact should come as no surprise considering that businesses across industries, from Facebook to Grammarly to Netflix, use it extensively to improve their client-facing applications. Plus, it helps that developers strongly prefer ReactJS since it offers front-end development that is quick, simple, and scalable. However, the problem with ReactJS lies in the talent search. With nearly 23,000 job openings in the US alone, the demand outpaces the supply by many folds. So, stay tuned if you are looking to hire a ReactJS developer that offers you long-term value. We are about to unravel some of the best geographies to start your quest.

These countries have been selected based on the following factors:

  • Number of ReactJS developers
  • Annual Salaries of ReactJS developers
  • Communication and English Level Proficiency
  • Attrition Rate of Tech Industry 
  • Turnover Rate in the IT Sector
  • Time Zone Difference
  • Average time a developer spends in an organization (Median length of time)

Essential Skills and Qualities of a “Good” ReactJS Developer

Before setting out on the hunt for the top ReactJS developer, hiring managers should define and prioritize qualities that a good hire must possess. Typically, these should include technical and non-technical skills like:


HTML and CSS form the core of a well-crafted user interface. As a result, the ReactJS developer must have a working understanding of both.


JSX is essentially JavaScript in the HTML disguise. Plus, a developer who has worked with HTML and CSS can easily work on JSX. One can use it to build on React.createElement() API without starting from scratch.

JavaScript + ES6

Someone who possesses hands-on experience in JavaScript and ES6 can deliver the best value through the React framework. Combining the fundamentals of JavaScript with the convenience of ES6 will birth remarkable web applications.


Developers can learn about, store, share, and improve projects using platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. This skill will prove to be instrumental in debugging and collaborating.


Developers can use Redux for state management while maintaining scalability in their projects. It helps with functional programming provided that the developer has a solid understanding of React.

Soft Skills

In addition to the hard skills listed above, an excellent ReactJS developer will possess soft skills like excellent communication, accountability, punctuality, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. Further, they should be a team player.

Where in the World Can You Find the Best ReactJS Developers?

1. United States of America 

United States of America – a country that is no less than some of the most desirable things in anyone’s life. 

The tech industry of this country plays a vital role in backing the economic growth of this country.

Considered to be one of the most sought-after countries in terms of the IT industry with a staggering number of software developers, i.e., 4.3 million – the United States of America is no wonder the Mecca of the tech industry. A country that has bestowed the world with some of the game-changing tech giants, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook – the list is endless. 

The unrivalled supremacy that this country hosts and takes pride in is a no-brainer to any hiring manager. 

Number of ReactJS developers – 225,000

Annual Salary of ReactJS developers – USD 1,00,000 to USD 1,51,125

(Based on’s data, the salary for entry-level ReactJS developers and that for experienced ReactJS developers is USD 1,00,000/year and USD 1,51,125/year, respectively.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency – English (78.1%)

Attrition Rate of Tech Industry in USA – 18.3% 

Median length of time of developers – 4.1 years 

Hiring from the US is possible for those who do not have a budget constraint as we can see that the average salary that a developer in the US gets paid is fairly high. Additionally, the demand of the developers in the US itself is increasing rapidly, however, supply is not keeping up. The attrition rate is also a challenge, which makes recruiting good developers more difficult. 

2. India

India topped the AT Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) – making it the world’s best outsourcing destination. And Bengaluru, the largest IT hub of India, is bustling with talent. 

India hosts nearly 222,000 developers with varying skills, qualifications, and experience. These skilled software engineers work for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. In addition to the capabilities and proficiencies of the developers, cost-affordability is another notable USP that makes them a prime pick. As a result, businesses can find talent in proportion to their budgets.

The Indian cities that deserve a special mention as the top locations that host ReactJS Developers include Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Number of ReactJS developers – 222,000

Annual Salaries of ReactJS Developers – USD 7,940 to USD 23,820

(According to, React Developer entry-level positions start at INR 600,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to INR 1,800,000 per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency – India now claims to be the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. The most reliable estimate is around 125 million people, second only to the US and expected to quadruple in the next decade.

Time Zone Difference – The Indian time zone is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of the Eastern time zone.

Attrition Rate – 22-23% 

Median length of time of developers – Average 3 years

The cost of hiring quality talent in India is much lower than available elsewhere, which makes it an attractive place for those seeking tech professionals. The Indian pool of talent also eliminates the demand-supply gap. The only challenge that one might face is the time-zone difference.  Companies based in the US might consider this to be a concern as India is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the Eastern time zone. However, many Indian workers are flexible with their schedules and are comfortable working the night shifts.

Online Platforms To Find The Best ReactJS Developers In The World

3. Brazil

The Brazilian tech industry has been on a steady rise for quite some time, with more and more professionals shaping our future as we move towards an AI-powered world.

Looking at Brazil’s current tech ecosystem, many factors point to the dormant market’s permanent awakening: world-class professionals, result-driven product development culture within similar time zones. 

Accenture forecast that by 2035 AI will boost annual growth rates across South America by about one full percentage point of GDP. For Brazil alone, this prediction would “boost their economy “s potential size with an additional influx of USD 432 Billion, representing an increase of 0.9 percentage points compared to the baseline scenario.

Number of ReactJS developers 62,000

Annual Salaries of ReactJS Developers – USD 6,065 to USD 18,035

(Based on’s data, the salary of a react developer at entry level in Brazil is BRL 34,830 per year, while more experienced workers earn as much as BRL 103,572 a year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency –  Portuguese 97.9% is the widely spoken language in Brazil. 

While English is not widely used in Brazil, languages spoken there include English. Around 5% of Brazilians speak some English but are not fluent.

Time Zone Difference Brazil is 2 hours ahead of the Eastern Time. 

And, if you are located in Europe, the difference between Brazil and Eastern Europe is four hours.

Employing offshore developers from Brazil makes sense for US-based companies. As US and Brazilian time zones are only two hours apart, making it easier to collaborate in real-time.

Turnover Rate in the IT Sector – 10.90%

4. Ukraine

hire reactjs developer

Given Ukraine’s wide talent pool and low prices, it has gradually become a popular outsourcing destination.

Clearly, the number of software developers is increasing, and European tech is moving forward rapidly as well. Compared to other Eastern European outsourcing hubs, Ukraine still has a competitive advantage. Many companies that have hired Ukrainians for development projects have experienced remarkable results. 

IT outsourcing in Ukraine nowadays offers a broad range of market solutions. From individual developers to small and mid-size software development firms. Additionally, it is now home to more than 110 R&D centres for multinational companies. 

Global giants now operating in Ukraine include Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Skype, IBM, Boeing, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, and numerous others.

Number of ReactJS developers – 26,000

Annual Salaries of ReactJS Developers – USD 19,200 to USD 57,000

(Based on’s data, ReactJS Developer entry-level positions in Ukraine start at USD 19,200 per year, while most experienced workers make up to USD 57,000 per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency – Education First’s English Proficiency Index Report suggests that Ukraine’s EPI score is 525, considered moderate proficiency.

Time Zone Difference – Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of the Eastern time. 

Turnover Rate – Less than 10%

5. Canada

Canada also seems to be catching up with the IT outsourcing craze. Generally, most of the nation’s clients are near-shore customers from the USA and, to a small percentage, software development outsourcers from Europe. 

The Canadian educational system places a strong emphasis on technology. Besides, English is a primary language in Canada (58.1%). These statistics of native speakers make it easier for offshore clients to establish constant and understandable communication to keep the software development process on course.

Outsourcing to Canada also offers several other benefits, especially to US-based businesses. There are few cultural differences to worry about, and the time zones allow easy communication with US clients. This makes it easy for companies to collaborate on more complex projects.

Canada is a relatively expensive place to outsource IT jobs to, with the average software developer earning nearly USD 52,764, according to PayScale. However, this extra cost is offset by the stable quality of workers and the favourable exchange rate.

Number of ReactJS developers 44,000

Annual Salaries of ReactJS Developer USD 75,000 to USD 137,625

(Based on’s data, React Developer entry-level positions start at USD 75,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to USD 137,625 per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency – 98%

English is the most commonly spoken language. In fact, a whopping 98 percent of Canadians say they can conduct a conversation in English, French, or both.

Time Zone Difference – There is no time zone difference

Turnover rate 12.9%.

6. United Kingdom

INDUSTRY FIGURES REVEAL THAT the UK’s technology sector has seen a tenfold increase in venture capital investment and the number of billion-dollar “unicorn” companies over the past decade.

UK tech has seen record levels of growth over the past decade, turning a nation of startups into one of the scaleups. Investors are interested in backing UK startups because of a combination of cutting-edge research, skilled engineering and tech talent, and operators who understand how to build a robust and sustainable business.

Despite a difficult backdrop with the end of the Brexit transition period, social distancing, and multiple lockdowns brought on by the pandemic, the tech sector has proven resilient by managing to grow despite the unprecedented circumstances.  

Analysis of ONS data by CodinGame concludes that the number of developers in the UK private sector has risen by 74,000 in the past three years.

Additionally, CircleCI found that the average UK throughput was 1.26 – over 80% higher than the global average of 0.7. It also determined that UK developers were 19% more efficient than those in France and 35% more than their German industry equivalents.

Number of ReactJS developers – 37,000

Annual Salaries of a ReactJS Developer – USD 37,010 to USD 68,630

(Based on’s data, React Developer entry-level positions start at USD 37,010 per year, while most experienced workers make up to USD 68,630 per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency – Of the 65.1 million residents of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, over 98 percent speak English.

Time Zone Difference – United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of the Eastern time.

Turnover Rate of UK’s Tech Industry – 18.3% 

Median length of time of developers More than 2 years.

7. Germany

top countries to hire reactjs developers

The results of a study by Deloitte revealed that revenues in the German technology industry will have grown by more than 20% by 2022, up to 280 billion euros. As a result, the technology sector will show a more vigorous growth rate by 7 percentage points than Germany’s nominal gross domestic product over the same period.

Needless to say that the presence of tech giants in Germany and their continuous investment in the local IT environment is one of the fundamental indicators of a healthy IT industry. But, most importantly, the fundamentals of the IT industry in Germany are small and medium businesses that face tough competition, which stimulates the growth and development of the entire IT ecosystem. 

One of the reliable indicators of the country’s tech hub’s ability to support hyper-growth, attract top talent, and create a new generation of future founders, executives, and angel investors is a number of the so-called “unicorns” in the tech industry.

Number of ReactJS developers – 25,000

Annual Salaries of a ReactJS Developer – USD 50,680 to USD 72,370 

(Based on’s data, React Developer entry-level positions start at USD 50,680 per year, while most experienced workers make up to USD 72,370  per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency –  Education First’s English Proficiency Index Report suggests that Germany’s EPI score is 616, considered very high proficiency.

Time Zone Difference – Germany is 6 hours ahead of the Eastern time.

Turnover Rate of Germany Tech Industry – 30%

8. Australia

top reactjs developers

The tech sector is now a major part of the Australian economy. 

New research by Accenture and the TechCouncil suggests that the tech sector generated AUD 167 billion for our economy in 2020–21. 

According to the Australian Investment Council, Australian-focused venture capital fund managers secured a record AUD 1.3bn in new commitments for 2020, almost double the value a year earlier. 

Not everyone is convinced Australia’s tech boom will continue, pointing to hefty valuations on companies, many of which have never turned a profit.

The drive to transform Australia into one of the region’s leading tech hubs has attracted powerful backers. In August 2020, groups including Google, Atlassian, and Afterpay formed the Tech Council of Australia to lobby the government.

Number of ReactJS developers 19,000

Annual Salaries of a ReactJS Developer USD 1,20,000 to USD 1,61,725

(Based on’s data, entry-level positions start at USD 1,20,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up USD 1,61,725 per year.)

Communication and English Level Proficiency 72.7%

Time Zone Difference Australia is 16 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

Attrition Rate 21.7% 

Taking into account the time difference between Australia and the US, we can say that  the typical workday in Sydney, Australia, translates into late afternoon or after midnight in the U.S. 

A time difference of two-three hours exists from the East and West coasts of Australia (depending on the time zone and daylight savings), so employers also need to take into account the exact location of the Australian candidates.

8 countries to hire ReactJS Developers from

What Makes India as the Best destination for hiring ReactJS developers?

With a “People Skills and Availability” score of 2.18 and a “Financial Attractiveness” score of 2.83, India is the leading country in the offshore business services sector. 

The following are a few underlying factors that put the country on the map:

  • A wide and capable talent pool with favorable age demographics.
  • Minimal communication barrier and shorter time-to-market.
  • Lower cost of outsourcing without compromising on quality.
  • Reasonable time differences.
  • Government incentives.

Rather than hiring talent on your own, you can engage talent from outsourcing agencies to make this task all the more effortless. While choosing an outsourcing company, look for proven expertise, established workflows, suitable skill sets, communication capabilities, transparency, and time zone coordination. Uplers, for instance, is the best platform to hire tech professionals. We source, screen, and engage India’s top 3.5% talent. Our extensive vetting process ensures that we only connect with high-quality ReactJS Developers.

Contact us to know more about how we make it happen.

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