Repeat Booking is an Australian based company providing sole traders the ability to add their customers and take automated follow-ups via SMS, reminding them that their service is due. These reminders sent on a yearly or half-yearly basis, provide customers with ease to re-book services.

  1. Referrals- Customers receive a referral code when they sign up on Repeat Booking.
  2. Affiliate Marketing- Any user who comes via affiliation receives an affiliate discount directly upon payment.
  3. Coupon codes- Time & user-based coupon codes are provided to customers that may expire once the time limit is reached and the number of users is exceeded.


What Did They Want?

Repeat Booking needed a fully functional user-friendly website with a secure dashboard, wherein the traders could import the list of users to whom the reminders were needed to be sent. They wanted us to create a framework where the customers were able to select between 3 different plans with different price specifications. Additionally, they expected the system to be completely secure and extendable, wherein the admin can view/delete/edit customer’s data safely.

What Did They Want

How Did We Help?

Here is how we helped Repeat Booking in building a system for them from scratch.
How Did We Help
Dedicated Technology Experts

With the Uplers Talent Solutions model we were able to deploy technical experts with respect to the technologies needed by Repeat Booking.

Data Security
Data Security

A new venture is always under threat for the data being misused. Our Uplers Team provided them with full-proof security in order to protect their data from any threat.

Time-Zone Flexibility
Time-Zone Flexibility

The Uplers Team worked as per the time-zone of repeat booking. This enabled them to put their priorities in order and deliverables on-time.


One option included getting freelancers onboard, but no matter how lucrative the option seemed, freelancers lacked the reliability and trust that a Uplers Team provided.

Use Case Testing
Use Case Testing

The Uplers Team used multiple test cases where they checked the whole system on a transaction by transaction basis from start to finish. This helped to determine what works best for a Repeat booking customer.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

We understand that project delays have a direct impact on the business. Therefore, our Uplers Team assured timely delivery of the project.

The Development Sprints

  • Finding Best Processes
  • Understanding Business Revenue Model
  • Brief Documentation and
    Scope of Project
  • Cost Proposal
  • Design
  • Review
  • Changes
  • Approval
  • Server Setup
  • Automation Tools Setup
  • The Sprint Planning
  • Creating Sprint Backlog
    • Database Structuring
    • Sign Up | Login | Onboarding Process
    • Dashboard Creation
    • Creating Front End of Static Pages
      (Like Home, About, Help, etc)
  • Testing
  • Bug Solving
  • Live Server Set-up
  • MVP Launch
  • Payment and Marketing Methods
  • Stripe and Payment Setup
  • Affiliate, Referral and
    Coupons Integration
  • Editable Backend of
    Static Pages
  • Customers Module
  • Messages was Started to be
    Integrated with Twilio
  • Deleting Accounts, Archiving Inactive
  • Reporting Dashboard

Tools & Technologies we used


Meet the Team that Delivered

Meet the Team

Why Uplers?

With over 7 years of experience, a team of over 500 marketers and developers, and 7000 global clients, we have helped various organizations achieve their goals, scale their operations and provide their business with an edge over the others in the market. We as a company take pride in being the pioneers of KNOW approach. It is our unique way of working with our clients. It is built around what we know works, and what we know does not.


Our Know Approach


K Knowledge
NNeed Analysis
WWow Factor

Our idea of the KNOW approach has taken us forward to think about a solution that aligns processes, skills, time, and knowledge.
The answer was to provide resources as a service that are mentored by us with the same DNA that Uplers as a company believes in.

Thus leading our way towards the Uplers Talent Solutions model.

This model has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the industry challenges that businesses worldwide are facing with work execution.

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The Result

Our Uplers Team helped fulfill Repeat Booking’s vision. We helped in turning their idea into reality and worked from scratch to provide them with the desired results. We strived to be a reliable partner for their team, by working in their time-zone and providing them with complete flexibility. The company was able to achieve a significant user base within a short period of time with the help of our Uplers Talent Solutions.

The Result

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