Uplers’ Transparent Pricing Reinforces Their Customer-first Approach

  • Aabha Tiwari
  • December 21, 2023
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Uplers’ Transparent Pricing Reinforces Their Customer-first Approach

At Uplers, we have helped several businesses hire multiple top talents and build remote teams in India. Central to our success are our values of trust, integrity, and respect. In line with these values, we are introducing a transparent pricing policy that will help recruiters find out how much salary we (as hiring partners) have negotiated with the talent and how much we are charging for talent management, payroll, and other support.

In line with these values, we are introducing a transparent pricing policy that brings a lot of clarity about our fees for discovery and talent management fees, besides the talent’s salary. Going forward, hiring companies and talents will be aware of the platform fees we charge for perfect matchmaking, smooth onboarding, and any additional function. This will put an end to the ambiguity in the minds of both parties and further establish trust in our operations.

A lot of recruitment agencies and staffing companies do not reveal their high charges while hiring companies are looking to onboard top remote talents. However, we at Uplers want both hiring companies and talents to know our platform fees as per each model. Whenever you hire any professional from our platform, you know how much the talent is earning and what is our margin.

Breakdown of Uplers’ Transparent Pricing


We offer three engagement models to hire Uplers talents:


When you are planning to hire independent contractors for a fixed-term (a minimum of three months), you can choose our short-term plan. The talent will be primarily full-time, with dedicated 40 hours per week and in some cases part time (20 hours per week). This is best suited for scenarios when you need professional help for fixed-term projects. In this model, we provide Gen-AI vetted profiles and payout management for a smooth collaboration. In case you are not satisfied with the talent, we also offer 14 days easy cancellation and a limited period replacement. Additionally, we also provide account management support where we resolve your challenges and address feedback to deliver the best experience.


If you are looking to hire a remote talent as an ongoing part of your team, you can choose our long-term model wherein we provide background checked and Gen-AI vetted profiles, payroll processing and compliance assistance. We also provide 30 days cancellation policy, a life-time replacement guarantee, leave management, and account management support.

Direct hire on your payroll

If you want to hire and manage the talent on your own, we are happy to facilitate your request with our direct-hire plan. In this model, we help in talent discovery and deep vetting so you find the right technical and cultural fit candidate quickly. We also provide dedicated account management support and a 90-day replacement assurance.


transparent pricing


We also offer the following add-ons for an elevated  onboarding and remote working experience:

Laptop rentals: If you provide a laptop in your onboarding package, or your talent does not have the appropriate system to conduct their tasks, we can help you in renting Mac/Windows laptops at a decent price. We also provide logistical support to deliver the laptops in time so you can continue your operations as soon as possible.

Workstation: You can choose to provide your remote talent with a basic workstation that includes a 21-inch display, desk, chair, wireless keyboard and mouse, on-camera light, and wireless earphones. We have another tier that includes a dual 21-inch display, executive desk and chair, wireless headphones, webcam, and a laptop stand in addition to the basic offerings.

Co-working space: We also support co-working space subscriptions for hybrid, flexi desk, or a dedicated desk requirement so your remote teams can work together and conduct important meetings.

Fractional HR & IT support: As part of our HR & IT support, we offer a dedicated talent success coach for the talent, remote effectiveness training, retention support, time and attendance tracking, leave management, learning and development assistance, employee engagement, and performance reviews & feedback. We oversee these responsibilities so you can single-mindedly focus on your business operations without worrying about remote team management.

Travel and Visa support: We are happy to provide a hassle-free journey for both talent and clients with detailed information for visa applications, step-by-step assistance in the process, and document verification support. 


price transparency


Here is the pricing structure for these add-ons, as per our transparent pricing policy:

How Much Are You Saving by Choosing Uplers?


Here is a comparison of what you pay and the services you get when you choose Uplers over other hiring platforms:


transparent pricing policy


As you can see, our price transparency reveals more reasons to partner with us – a cost-effective and data-driven hiring experience.

Enjoy a Transparent and Confident Hiring Experience with Uplers

We hope the above breakdown makes our platform and fee structure easier to understand. We are also excited to hear how you would like to see Uplers transparent pricing structure evolve.

We thank you for considering us for a data-driven and seamless remote hiring experience. Feel free to connect with us for more information on our services andabout our pricing and engagement models.

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