How to Hire a Team of ReactJS Developers on a Tight Budget

  • Kevin Oskow
  • May 22, 2020
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How to Hire a Team of ReactJS Developers on a Tight Budget

We’re sure you’ve heard about ReactJS being an incredible way to create interactive UIs.

The easy-to-update views make it perfect for data changes. And the JavaScript library gives you the advantage of developing new features without rewriting existing code.

Such simplicity and flexibility have made it extremely popular. It’s been estimated that more than 1,300 developers and over 94,000 sites utilize ReactJS. Among these are Facebook, PayPal, Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb.

Some of its other advantages are:

  • It lets enterprises design apps that lead to immersive user experiences.
  • ReactJS offers better performance in terms of speed and stability when compared with other frameworks.
  • In-built capabilities allow modifications of performance and scale, making it highly efficient.

Why ReactJS Developers are in High Demand

The demand for developers with knowledge of ReactJS is growing year on year. That’s why the percentage of developers who know React jumped from 20% in 2017 to 26% in 2018.

It is considered to be simpler and more flexible than AngularJS and is poised to become the framework that developers prefer the most.

Why React Developers are in High Demand


Despite this, a developer skills report pointed out that though 33 percent of employers need React skills, only 19 percent of developers said they know them.

Which Frameworks Do Employers Need vs. Developers Know


This means that experienced and professional ReactJS developers are among the sought-after software personnel.

How to Hire ReactJS Developers on A Budget

Enterprises that are keen on using the services of ReactJS developers without the budgets to pay them should keep a few things in mind.

In essence, these are:

  • Technical skills
  • Salaries
  • Other requisites
  • Offshoring options.

Let’s look at these.

Technical Skills That A Good ReactJS Developer Needs

Front-end developers are, of course, familiar with HTML and CSS. Naturally, good React developers need this expertise too.

In addition, here are some other technical skills you should look for:

  • Thorough knowledge of the fundamental concepts of JavaScript.
  • ES6 capabilities, such as variables and scoping, and arrays, and objects.
  • Redux, a state management library, to ensure scalability.
  • A working understanding of native iOS and Android development, as mobile apps cannot be ignored.
  • Knowledge of other tools and technologies, such as Sentry, Bitrise, ESLint and Enzyme, for error-free development and testing.

How Much Do ReactJS Developers Get Paid?

As we’ve seen, React developers are in high demand the world over. Many are working full-time with high-end companies, and many others work with agencies on independent projects.

One source indicates that the average annual salary for those with React skills is USD 91,000.

In another study, a worldwide comparison of JavaScript programmer salaries, as well as junior ReactJS developer salaries, provides these annual averages:

  • United States – USD 72,681
  • Australia – USD 49,225.15
  • Germany – USD 41,110.16
  • United Kingdom – USD 48,107
  • Spain – USD 38,983
  • Canada – USD 49,083

A separate study for India shows the average salary of a ReactJS developer to be INR 734,000.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that these are average salaries. For senior, skilled professionals, people are ready to pay far more.


Hire Dedicated Front-end Experts

What Else to Look when you Hire ReactJS Developers

While you need to check whether the developer has the requisite technical skills or not, there are other capabilities you should seek to ensure that your project will progress seamlessly and well, too.

Among these are:

  • The ability to communicate openly and honestly about the progress of a project, as well as the capacity to take feedback and work according to it.
  • The capacity to work as part of a team. The best developers are those who understand the entire project, their role in it, and the role everyone else plays.
  • A problem-solving mindset goes a long way in separating a basic developer from one who is perfect for your needs. Such developers will not only solve issues but will also be able to anticipate them even before they arise.
  • If your project is a specialized one or belongs to a specialized sector, it would be wise to see if the developer already has experience in that field. This will  go a long way in inspiring confidence.

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The Advantages of Offshoring

With the popularity of ReactJS, as well as the high demand for developers, many companies have opted for a result-oriented solution. They offshore the work to skilled and specialized agencies.

The benefits of this are many.

  • Cost-effectiveness – When you outsource, investments in individual developer salaries in terms of keeping up with the latest technology and in providing office facilities are minimized.
  • Global skill sets – You get access to experience and expertise that is not limited to geography. Other aspects, such as adhering to deadlines as well as maintaining security, are also taken care of.
  • Greater focus – While the agency is efficiently taking care of your development goals, you can go ahead and focus on your core activities and meet business goals.
  • Timely delivery – With specialized agencies dedicated to your tasks, you can expect speedy execution and strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Scalability – Should you need to scale up your project, the offshore agency will always be able to add more resources to keep up with requirements. Otherwise, you may find that you have to suddenly invest more to match requirements.

According to a global outsourcing survey, cost-effectiveness is the primary reason for outsourcing.

The Advantages of Offshoring

Other reasons are to enable focus on core business and deal with capacity issues.

Service quality and access to intellectual capital also were important considerations.

  • It’s no wonder then that the global market for outsourcing is worth $85.6 billion and counting.
  • Of the businesses that use outsourcing, 65% say they would increase their outsourcing efforts in the future.
  • 78% of respondents say they feel positive about their outsourcing relationship with other companies.

India has been an industry leader in outsourcing, boasting a large number of skilled English-speaking workers at an affordable cost. According to 2017 outsourcing statistics, India is at the top, with an index of 7.07.

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