Python Developer Salary Guide for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

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  • November 11, 2022
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Python Developer Salary Guide for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Deciding on the right Python developer salary first requires complete knowledge of how to look for the right candidates, what is the current demand and payout, and what factors affect the Python salary in the USA.

Think Python is not in demand anymore? The following statistics will make you think again:

  • According to recent research, Python is the fourth-most used programming language globally in 2022.
  • Another 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey claims that Python is the most wanted technology in 2022.
  • Additionally, data further claims that Python was the most in-demand skill for data scientists in 2021.
Most In-Demand Programming Languages
Towards data science

Python adoption is on the rise and will continue to grow, thanks to the increased use of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis (DA) by organizations and the topics have become the part of most crucial Python interview questions.

It’s only natural for recruiters and hiring managers to get curious about the salary for Python developers.

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about the Python developer salary–from the Python backend developer salary and Python AI developer salary to Python developer salaries based on experience, type of hiring, programming language, and more.

Most Used Programming Languages Among Developers

Let’s get to it right away.

Why Compare Python Developer Salaries?

When it comes to assessing the Python jobs salary of developers, there are multiple factors to consider. Let’s understand what these are:

Increasing Demand

Established giants in various industries actively use Python. For instance, Netflix uses Python throughout its content lifecycle, which includes deciding which content to fund. Furthermore, Python is recognized as an official language at Google today, along with C++ and Java.

With Python becoming the favorite coding language for firms the world over, comparing the Python salary becomes crucial so that your organization can get the best talent at a competitive rate. In fact, Python ranked first among the top 25 most in-demand data science skills in 2021.

Core Abilities

A Python developer’s salary is also dependent on their level of expertise and core skills possessed (think: knowledge of relevant frameworks, AI, and Machine Learning, ORM and Python libraries, front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and more). 

Area of Development

A Python developer’s salary will also vary depending on the type of development they engage in. For example, a backend Python developer salary will differ from a full-stack Python salary.

Soft Skills

Soft skills include the ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively, handle projects on time, and so on. Depending on the soft skills they demonstrate, the salary ranges might differ.

Other important and basic parameters that you may need to consider while reviewing the Python developer’s salary include the location of the talent, company size, cost of living, and more.

Without knowing the major Python developer skills as well as comparing the Python salaries, you will not be able to create a compelling offer and might lose out on high-quality prospective candidates in the process.

These skills may also be listed in the Python developer resume and can be tested live in the interview as well.

Python Salary: As Per the Experience

As mentioned earlier, the Python programmer’s salary is dependent on the level of experience they demonstrate.

Python Developer Salary as per Experience

As recruiters and hiring managers, you should have a ballpark figure of what to expect for a Python developer average salary at the entry-level, junior level, and senior level.

1. Entry-Level Python Developer Jobs Salary

Let’s start by looking at Python developer entry-level salary. As expected, a Python developer’s entry-level salary is less than the junior and senior levels.

According to Glassdoor, a beginner Python developer salary can range between $74K to $118K, depending on the experience level. The starting amount for an entry-level Python salary in US is $60K. 

The average Jr. Python developer job salary is $92,983 per yr. As per Indeed, the entry-level Python developer’s salary in Canada is $92,700 per year.

In addition to Python skills, the candidates must possess additional skills such as problem-solving, excellent communication, and the ability to use Python applications in sync with other software architectures.

2. Jr Python Developer Salary

According to Glassdoor, a junior Python developer salary, with 4 to 6 years of experience, starts at $72K and can go up to $170K. The average jr. Python salary is $109,426 per year. The Python developer’s junior salary may increase if the candidate demonstrates the following additional skills:

  • Specializing in an area where Python is most commonly used, such as data analytics, data engineering, machine learning, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of other tools and systems such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apple OS X, big data analytics tools, server-side languages such as HTML and CSS, and so on. According to the numbers, AWS and PyTorch are among the fastest-growing skills:

3. Senior Level

The same Glassdoor estimate predicts that a senior Python developer’s salary with 7+ years of experience is around $117,707 per year. The starting range is $77K and can go up to $183K. At this point, hiring managers must look at senior-level developers who can do more than just develop algorithms/architectures using Python. They must:

  • Demonstrate domain expertise
  • Have earned a degree in the relevant field

Python Salary: As Per the Type of Hiring

Now that you have a good understanding of the Python salary with respect to the experience level, let’s deep-dive to understand how the salary varies depending on the Python developers for hire type:

1. Python Developer Freelance Salary

As per ZipRecruiter, a Python developer’s freelance salary per year starts at $52,666. On robust freelance platforms such as Upwork, the median hourly rate for Python developers lies between $20 to $40. When looking at freelance Python developers, factor in the project’s scope, the number of developers needed, the timeline, and the focused expertise. 

2. Python Developer Remote Salary

A Python developer’s remote salary lies in the range of $78,198 to $105,195+. Here’s how the salary compares for remote Python developers based on experience:

3. In-Office Python Salary

A full-time Python salary on average is $108,248 per year, according to Indeed, whereas as per PayScale, the average salary for a Python Developer is $79395. Some companies like Google pay as much as $1,00,558 per year, according to Glassdoor.

What is the Average Salary of a Python Developer in the US?

The Average Python developer’s salary in the USA is around $108,248 per year.

Python developer salary USA

  • Python developer salary in the USA: According to data, here are the top-5 paying regions in the US for Python developers:
Region Python Developer Salary
1. Alabama$1,90,000
2. Massachusetts$1,40,000
3. New York$1,40,000
4. California$1,36,285
5. Kansas$1,31,625

And here’s the average salary of a Python developer in the US according to four leading recruitment platforms:

Platform Average Salary of Python Developer

in the US

  • Junior Python developers: $74,417 per year
  • Mid-level Python developer: $108,355 per year
  • Senior Python developers: $128,278 per year
  • Junior Python developer: $64,000 per year
  • Mid-level Python developer: $105,000 per year
  • Senior Python developers: $130,268 per year
  • Junior Python developer: $66,000 per year
  • Mid-level Python developer: $80,000 per year
  • Senior Python developer: $128,723 per year
  • Junior Python developer: $48,500 per year
  • Mid-level Python developer: $111,000 per year
  • Senior Python developer: $130,268 per year and more

In terms of understanding the average Python salary in the US per month, data indicates that the average Python salary in the USA:

  • Python salary per year is: $121,803
  • Python salary per month is: $12K
  • Python salary per hour: $62.46

Average Python Developer Salary in India

According to Glassdoor estimates, the average salary of Python developers in India is around ₹4,50,000 per year. Additionally, it is important to note that the average Python developer’s salary in India will vary on four key parameters, namely: 

1. Level of experience

Based on the level of experience, a Python programmer salary differs. The average full-time Python developer’s salary is around ₹4,50,000 a year. According to PayScale, here’s the average salary based on level of experience:

  • Python Salary Entry Level (with less than 1-year experience):  ₹497,213 on an average
  • Junior Python Salary (with 1-4 years of experience): ₹586,444 on an average
  • Mid-career Software Developer (with 5-9 years of experience):₹986,791 on an average
  • Senior Python Salary (with 10-19 years of experience):  ₹1,448,276 on an average

2. Location

Here’s the average city-wise Python salary as per AmbitionBox:

LocationHighest Salary
Bangalore₹800,000 per year
Chennai₹7,70,000 per year
Mumbai₹900,000 per year
Delhi₹800,000 per year
Hyderabad₹7,90,000 per year

3. Job role

A freelance Python salary on an average is ₹3,37,121 according to The job role can also entail additional responsibilities such as that of a Python Web Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.

4. Skillset

According to PayScale, here are the top 10 skills that can affect a Python salary:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Agile Software Development
  • Test Automation
  • OpenStack
  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • Windows Programming / API
  • Data Warehouse
  • Ruby
  • Product Development
  • Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Language

Average Python Salary in Other Countries

When it comes to analyzing the average Python developer salary in US per month, you need to take into account key factors such as the cost of living, the number of available Python developers within the country/state/city, etc.

For example, the entry level Python salary in Canada is $58,654 whereas the entry level Python salary in USA can be anywhere between $79,804 to $102,769. If the local talent is low in intensity, the average Python developer salary US will be higher. Let’s now look at the average salary of Python developer in US and other countries, according to Glassdoor:

  • The average salary for Python developer in US: $1,00,087 per year
  • The average salary for Python developer in Canada: $58,654 per year
  • The average salary for Python developer in Germany: €58,663 per year (or $57,235 USD per year)
  • The average salary for Python developer in Australia: A$1,11,254 per year (or $69,950 USD per year)
  • The average salary for Python developer in United  Kingdom: £60,422 per year (or $67,981 USD per year)
  • The average salary for Python developer in Russia: RUB 1,73,709 per month (or $2,792.1048 USD per month)

Python Salary Compared to Other Programming Languages

A certified Python developer salary will also vary if they specialize in other languages.

Average annual salary of developers

Common factors to look out for when assessing the candidate’s salary include the speed-to-competence of the specific language in question, how commonly the candidate uses it, and the level of expertise as well as skills demonstrated in the nuanced applications.

Here are the recommended salaries according to Glassdoor for the popular programming languages in addition to a working knowledge of Python:

  1. Rust Developer Salary: $115,646 per year
  2. WordPress Developer Salary: $73,130 per year
  3. Java/JavaScript Developer Salary: $99,827 per year
  4. HTML Developer Salary: $80,611 per year
  5. Ruby Developer Salary: $100,290 per year
  6. PHP Developer Salary: $95,061 per year
  7. C Developer Salary: $107,590 per year
  8. Python SQL Developer Salary: $97,638 per year
  9. Python Web Developer Salary: $82,676 per year
  10. Python Machine Learning Developer Salary: $116,718 per year

The takeaway: Depending on your organization’s requirements, having a candidate with additional coding expertise in a related programming language can turn out to be a game-changer. So, when hiring, make sure to understand your project and organizational goals.


Q1: Why hire professional Python developers?

A: Python is the bedrock of most websites and software apps. This programming language also comes in handy during data analysis. For developers, Python is easy to code, is a scalable alternative, and provides a variety of libraries as well as designs.

If your organization deals with Data Science and Machine Learning, hiring Python developers makes business sense, as these developers can effectively extract meaningful and actionable insights from large data sets.

Q2: Is Python development in demand in the USA?

A: Yes, Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the US. It is the most-wanted technology, according to the recent Stack Overflow survey. Another survey by the CodingNomads has named Python as the most in-demand programming language in the US and Europe:

Programming languages in demand
Coding Nomads

This is why the average salary for a Python developer in the US is $108,248 per year–one of the highest worldwide.

Q3: What factors affect the salary of a Python developer?

A: The average salary of a Python developer is affected by numerous factors such as experience level. For example, a Python developer’s junior salary will differ from a Python developer’s senior salary.

It is also dependent on the number of mastered frameworks, the region/location, the tech stack (think: Python back-end developer salary, Python front-end developer, full-stack Python developer, etc.), industry type (such as Marketing, Education, Healthcare, etc.), team lead experience, and so on.

Q4: From where can we hire Python developers?

A: You can hire Python developers from various online recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow, Upwork, etc. Alternatively, you can hire from India’s largest talent network with pre-vetted 50,000+ professionals on Uplers.  

Q5: What is the right salary to hire a remote Python developer from India?

A: The average salary of a remote Python developer is $48,918 per year. However, Uplers offers Top Python Developers starting from $3000 a month.

Final Thoughts

There you go. Having been introduced way back in 1989, Python continues to dominate the programming language world. Its limitless capabilities for concise programming, easy-to-use code, and an uncluttered and user-friendly program design, make it a hit among developers and data-heavy enterprises alike.

With a good understanding of the average salary for Python developers, you can easily do your homework and create the best offer that the top talent might find difficult to refuse. If you are looking to hire certified Python developers, consider Uplers–India’s largest top-talent network.

You can hire from a pre-vetted talent pool of certified developers with years of hands-on experience across industries and use cases. Let us work together to get you your star Python Programmer within your budget and without compromising on the talent quality.

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