These two words have been in the news all around us so much that it seems both are dependent. The data on Layoffs shows that most industries have been hit with a similar wave.

The layoffs are prominent not in just one domain but almost covering all the sectors, and the weird part, it's mostly those companies that seemed to thrive during the Covid lockdowns.

Tech layoffs by industry since COVID-19

layoff stats

Maybe this is one of the times where it looks like a negative downturn for the companies or could be a time of correction in the inflated costs, and salaries making it look like a recession but hopefully pans out with a couple of months of slowdown.

These are new economic situations completely when you take into consideration all of the technological changes in the last 20 years, and we all need a better strategy to work through this!

So what should be the plan here?

Well, strategizing for the upcoming year to make the most of your talents and ways to extend your runways is a great way to prepare for the upcoming uncertainty.

How Uplers can help?


A consultancy call with our VP of Client Success Kevin Oscow who has been keen on helping customers like yours with the possible strategy.