Discover How Uplers Helped Catherine Hamlin Foundation Achieve Increase in Spend and Revenue Using Campaign Strategies

About Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is an independent charity established in Australia to raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. They thrive with just one vision to eradicate obstetric fistula, forever. Founded over 60 years ago by Dr. Catherine and Dr. Reg Hamlin, to date, they have restored the dignity of over 60,000 women.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia focuses on the treatment of obstetric fistulas; rehabilitation to mend the scars – both emotional and physical of childbirth injuries and finally on prevention, through an active program of training and deploying midwives to rural areas.

Their Objective

Hamlin Foundation approached Uplers with a clear objective to achieve while managing the campaigns.
  • Increase the spend from the granted amount by Google every month.

  • Increase revenue from the Donations & Hamlin shop.

The Challenges

Uplers primarily faced the following challenges with the account:

  • The first and foremost challenge was to increase the amount spent. Initially, when Uplers onboarded Hamlin, they just had a spend of around $500-$1000 per month.
  • There was a need to increase relevant traffic.
  • Also, there was a difficulty in increasing the media spend every month. The grant policy restricted the bidding limit of $2 per keyword.
  • It was observed at multiple times that the ads used to get disapproved because of the products going out of stock.
  • There was a decline in CTR. As per the grant account policies, Uplers had to maintain a CTR of above 5%.

Uplers’ Strategy

Uplers recommended several campaign strategies to achieve business objectives. These strategies included:

  • More usage of broad terms to increase traffic.

  • Keeping a regular check on the products being introduced on the website, in order to be relevant to the audience, to increase traffic & spend.

  • Continuous refreshing of ads to create brand awareness for the events taking place in Hamlin, thus improving the revenue.

  • Ran several Display Campaigns in Google Paid Account for GDN benefits.

  • For some essential events like Mother’s Day, Tax Appeal, Christmas Appeal, shifting the keywords asking for bids more than $2 from Grant Account to the Paid Account, to improve its visibility.

  • Regular restructuring of campaigns in order to keep it properly themed & intensify campaigns in order to increase shop revenue & donations.


Uplers implemented it’s campaign strategies and helped the Hamlin Foundation achieve its desired objectives.
Since 2018, the optimizations and changes made in the campaign structure and targeting over the course resulted in an increase in the spend. From a spend of approximately $1,000/month, Uplers drove the account to the average monthly spend of $5,500. Also, until 2020 the account has shown the best spend.
Below is the bi-yearly performance from Jul’18 to Jan’20:
Since 2018, the optimizations and changes made in the campaign structure and targeting over the course resulted in an increase in the users, i.e., traffic and conversions. Also, Jan’20 to Jun’20 has been the best in terms of clicks & conversions.
Have a look at the graph below:
Hamlin Foundation observed a notable increase in the spend and revenue using multiple campaign strategies implemented by Team Uplers.