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About Incubeta

Incubeta is a renowned advertising agency that operates globally with headquarters in London, UK (HQ). They are a highly-competitive agency specializing in developing digital strategies and creating innovative marketing campaigns to help organizations grow and achieve their goals. Incubeta understands the rapidly changing advertising landscape and is committed to developing innovative campaigns to help businesses succeed in today's dynamic marketplace. They use data-driven insights and analytics to identify target audiences and create targeted messaging that resonates with customers.

Incubeta is also adept at executing campaigns across various digital channels, including social media, email marketing, display advertising, and search engine marketing. They need a team of experts with the skills and experience necessary to craft engaging content that captures customers' attention and drives conversions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering measurable results, they are a trusted partner for businesses looking to succeed in the digital age.

Incubeta faces challenges in identifying and hiring candidates with the required technical expertise to meet their specific hiring needs. Managing and accounting for the extended notice periods during the hiring process pose potential delays in resource onboarding, hindering organizational growth. These issues have highlighted the need for a more efficient and effective talent acquisition strategy to ensure the agency's continued success.

Challenges encountered

  • Skilled individuals unavailable locally
  • Specific technical skill scarcity availability
  • The remote higher concern is the availability in their time zone
  • Longer Notice periods lead to higher time per hire
  • Long-drawn onboarding time
  • Adaptability and understanding the culture
Identifying quality talent
Streamlining talent acquisition is essential for Incubeta's success.

Solutions offered by Uplers to Bridge the Talent Gap

Uplers has exhibited a remarkable ability to quickly comprehend the unique hiring challenges and resource requirements faced by Incubeta, consistently presenting tailored solutions that draw from past experiences to enhance each new engagement. The resources deployed by Uplers have effectively become an extension of the Incubeta team, seamlessly integrating with ongoing projects and making valuable contributions to the agency's overall success.

6 skilled professionals were hired in three specialized fields

Analyzing the Talent requirements

The hiring cycle was reduced by 33.33% as the resources were hired in 15 days.

They saved $7456 when they hired from Uplers

Finding the right candidates and shortlisting them
Interviewing and Onboarding of selected Talents

Quality of work product is excellent for the talents employed from Uplers

The team is culturally aligned with Incubeta and excels in communication, demonstrating adaptability and flexibility in meeting project needs.

Finding the right candidates and shortlisting them

Incubeta has been grappling with the hiring challenges. They grasped the importance of hiring the right talent with the technical expertise necessary to drive organizational growth. To achieve this, they seek expert assistance in sourcing candidates with the desired skill set and experience. Upler’s pre-vetted talent pool solved the issue related to the skill set and expertise desired.

Incubeta encountered the challenge pertaining to extended notice periods, which in turn negatively impacts the onboarding process for new hires. As a result, they are committed to optimizing their hiring process to minimize the impact of such notice periods. By streamlining its hiring process, Incubeta aims to reduce the time it takes to onboard new resources while ensuring they have the necessary skills and experience to contribute to the organization's growth. This involves utilizing best practices in recruitment and selection, including targeted job postings, thorough candidate screening, and effective interview techniques.

Incubeta were also grappling with upskilling and readying a candidate by alining them to the organisation goals and objectives. Finding talent who understand a global culture is quite difficult and it is one of the persistent issues. Overall,Incubeta's commitment to expert assistance in sourcing talent and optimizing their hiring process demonstrates their dedication to achieving organizational growth through a talented and skilled workforce.

Uplers consistently delivers high-quality work products and is renowned for their reliability, work ethic, and dedication to the job.


Streamlined Hiring and Top-Tier Talent

The hiring partnership between Incubeta and Uplers came to fruition due to a streamlined hiring strategy, sourcing top-tier candidates, and improved resource onboarding. Uplers' high-quality work and cultural fit have strengthened the partnership, resulting in continued success for both organizations.


Looking Ahead: Future of Incubeta x Uplers

  • Incubeta’s client success stories do show the increased productivity experienced during the entire process
  • Expansion plans of the company did come into fruition due to ease of talent availability made by Uplers
  • The pre-vetted Talents have visibilly reduced their screening procedure and checks related to very specific skill set was to be conducted by Incubeta. Uplers certified Talent is enough for them to carry on with their hiring needs
  • Uplers has a policy of assigning an account manager and Buddy for the talent on-boarded by the client to ensure seamless communication and smooth sailing future activities
Uplers talents work smoothly as an extension of our in-house team. They are technically sound, culturally fit, and great adapters!